Thursday, October 22, 2020

5 Years, 5 Debates, Clearly Heavy Coaching, and Possibly Several Sedatives Later, Trump Almost Behaved Rationally for Nearly 2 Hours!


Yes, it was civil and both men should be commended for having an actual debate - but then again, the man on that stage tonight was not the real Trump that we've seen every day for the last 4 years, even at the last debate - it was clear he was heavily coached. And possibly sedated? ;) lol. 

Too bad for him, we all saw all his debates prior and town halls, his rally speeches and his Twitter feed - he's not fooling anybody lol.

Otherwise, he still talked out of his backside - lie after lie after lie - continuing to spit out proof-less conspiracy-theory and false accusations - word-twists/words taken out of context - just more subdued.

In contrast, Biden spoke in facts that can easily be proven - including that Trump was just proven to have a secret Chinese bank account - which Trump admitted he had himself.  

Also, I disagree that Kristen Welker did a good job..

In fact, I think the only thing she did right was allow Biden to respond to some of the false accusations Trump made.

Otherwise, she still allowed Trump to control the debate.

Specifically, she made Biden answer every question Trump asked Biden, but never once made Trump answer Biden's questions, nor even her own question - i.e. "What is your plan to to address Russian, Iranian, and Chinese interference in American elections?"

Biden, on the other hand, said that he would tell Putin/Russia, China, and Iran that because our top national security advisors had informed the American public that these countries had interfered in this election, there will be severe consequences for interfering with "America's sovereignty," that he would join the Paris accord and hold China to what they agreed to do regarding environmental emissions, and to hold them to their agreements regarding disallowing North Korea to move nuclear armaments closer to their borders and impose further sanctions on North Korea for further developing nuclear armaments.

What was Trump's answer to what he would do about Russian, Iranian, and China's interference in our elections?

Does anyone know?

No, because he never answered. 

He simply rambled on about Biden receiving money from Russia and China (which there's no proof of because it never happened), despite the proof that Trump himself does hold an interest-bearing bank account in China lol. 

On a positive note, Biden was able to get across his policies clearly, with the exception of the last weird oil industry remark.

He also was able to correct Trump on what he actually said versus what Trump said he said, quite a few times - and when Trump kept plucking proof-less accusations out of the air, Biden said, "My tax returns for the last 20 years are an open book, go look at them. You can see I took no money from Russia or anybody else.  And where are yours?  You owe so much money to foreign countries ..."  

The problem with being innocent of false accusations is that there's no proof of your innocence :/

There's actually no proof of your guilt, either - there's no proof either way. 

Thus, it comes down to he said/he said and who you believe - and belief, of course is based on biased opinion/emotion - not fact or proof.

I mean, I could say that I saw a ghost today, but there's no proof that ghosts exist or don't exist - doesn't mean they don't, doesn't mean they do - or even that I'm telling the truth, is there? 

(BTW, no I did NOT see a ghost today, I completely made that up.  See? lol)

In fact -  does anyone know what any of Trump's policies actually are on national security/foreign intervention in our elections?  A replacement healthcare plan for Obamacare?  Racial Injustice? Environmental emissions?  "Dreamer" immigration/citizenship?


No -  because he spends all of his time deflecting off of answering questions, asking his own conspiracy-theory questions to Biden, and bashing Biden, as well as trying to convince you that that he's done more than everybody else on these issues, without given clear or true examples.

In fact, I'm surprised Trump didn't come out publicly and condemn Iran for their interference - but he didn't - and he had the perfect opportunity to do so.

And to top it all off, not only did she hold Biden accountable to answer Trump's questions and her own questions without holding Trump accountable, but she let Trump talk way over his two minutes and interrupt both her and Biden repeatedly.  I mean, was the mute button ever used?

Sure, it was needed less - but he still did it - and she let him.

It seems to me she was more concerned with people calling her a Democrat (she's independent) than she was giving a truly fair and objective debate.

Ah, well, people have already made up their mind anyway, and if anyone was fooled by Trump's non-typical demeanor tonight, then God help you, I don't know what to say lol.

IMO, this "version" of Trump was deceptive and it may work - because though Biden's performance was strong, IMO, he actually almost did better when Trump was coming at him at the last debate.

IMO, disappointing all around.

Otherwise, I have a friend with COVID to worry more about ...

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