Friday, October 2, 2020

Miss Brookie's Surgery

 So our Sheltie, Brookie, had surgery yesterday, to remove three tumors, all of which looked benign (although we're awaiting pathology).  

We thought one big one was a lipoma, but it got infected and swelled up to about the size of a softball and had to be drained, and then we decided to take them all out. 

We put this inflatable ring around her, instead of the cone of shame, because previously, she found various ways to get out of it. 

The only problem was, when we inflated it, we apparently didn't put the pin in well enough, because it deflated in the night and she tore out some stitches?

So after a quick trip for re-stitches, it's back to the inflatable neck ring AND an old tank top of my daughter's/mine.

You can see how thrilled she is to wear it ...

I know, she looks kinda sad at the moment, but she's actually mad at us both, that we took her back to the vet, to redo the stitches :/ 

LOL, actually, she's looking at me like, "Will you please get up out' ma face?"

Aw, poor baby.

However, she's now giving me reluctant kisses since I took the photo. Hope she understand we're trying to help her. I think she does, but she STILL tries to run and hide in the corner and pull it all off lol.Okay, but I've told her that she looks fabulous, and very patriotic, this election year, in her red, white, and blue stars tank ;)

Seriously, she already has more energy, the biggest tumor was about the size of a softball (including its pocket of infection) at its largest, poor baby.

But she's home and being pampered now, on her favorite blanky :)


PS -  Well, she just saw a squirrel, on our deck (not Ms. Gibbley, who visited earlier this morning for her daily nut breakfast, for herself and the babies she had a couple of months ago), and so it's on ... at least for the moment, she's forgotten all about her get-up and being mad at us ;)


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