Monday, October 19, 2020

PS - What's With All the Jim Carrey Hate? Geeeeeez. Lighten Up, Fellow Liberals?

People are panning Jim Carrey's Joe Biden on SNL to the point of demanding his replacement. 

Okay, I sorta get it - Carrey's high-strung energy and recycled Ace-Venture face doesn't exactly match Biden's temperament - but c'mon, it's not that bad lol.

I'm not a Jim Carrey super fan, he sometimes annoys me, too - but come on, give the guy a break - he came out of acting retirement - specifically help entertain America during a pandemic -  after finally accepting and completing treatment for being bipolar, alcohol and drugs.

I don't blame him if he retired again immediately and started living off the grid in Alaska somewhere lol - you guys are brutal, geez.

Last night was actually the first time he finally made me LOL as Biden since he took the role over from Woody Harrelson - who, mind you, you also hated - and before him, you hated Jason Sudeikis - but now you're demanding him back? lol.

(And sorry, I personally thought the Bob Ross tree thing was hilarious.) 

Is it a dead-on impersonation of Biden?

No - but neither is Alec Baldwin's Trump.

It's not supposed to be a dead-on impersonation - it's supposed to be an OTT, absurd caricature, parodying their personality quirks out to the point of the absurd for a laugh - and last night was the first time I even cracked a smile at his "rendition" of Biden.

The truth is, Biden doesn't give as much material to make fun of, like Trump does - you have to create the funny.  

"Jim Carrey's Biden was 'offensive'?"

Oh, get outta here with that lol.

Lighten up, fellow Liberals - see, this is why they call us snowflakes.

Boundaries, people - we like Biden - but Biden isn't really your dad or your grandpa - he's a public figure and politician and therefore fair game.

It wasn't cruel, it wasn't disrespectful, disparaging, or harmful to Biden's image in any way - it's taking his nice-guy image to an extreme for laughs - period.

And mind you, you've hated everyone that's played Biden to date, including Jason Sudeikis, whom you now want back - get a grip - this isn't McDonalds and you can't place special orders.

Yes, they've struggled and made some odd choices this season I've noted myself.

But then I thought, "Hellllooo - we are in the middle of a pandemic, but they're still trying to find a way to entertain us with fresh stuff, despite having a limited "menu" due to social distancing, daily testing, etc."

Yes, they write/perform this stuff fast - they've got one week, each week, to both write the skits and rehearse, now even less rehearsal time due social distancing  - but that doesn't make them our personal Mc-SNL, making our special orders. 

At least a new show instead of reruns, like everyone else is doing, dang. 

 So let's all just settle down - you're still getting your happy meal, just downsized.

And what would be even remotely funny about anyone doing dead-on impersonation of Joe Biden, anyway?

Otherwise, if you really want something to bitch about on SNL, then watch Bill Burr's completely tone-deaf monologue from last week again, which most of the same people bitching about Jim Carrey curiously sat silent about?

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