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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Uh Oh, The Dog Ate Tucker Carlson's Homework ;)


Once again, just like the first post on this matter, let's use our critical thinking skills on this accusation made, in the absence of proof thus far.

Now, if you were Fox News' Tucker Carlson -  and you truly did have "damning evidence" on Hunter Biden/Joe Biden - why would you risk sending those sensitive documents via a normal shipping service to California?

And if you were stupid enough or cheap enough to do so, wouldn't you at least make copies of the documents first? 

Helllloooo - there's a reason why the courts, lawyers, and legitimate press use their own internally employed "runners" and couriers, contracted secure private couriers, and/or law enforcement, to deliver more sensitive legal documents, instead of FedEx, UPS, or DHL - which I'm sure Fox News has the money to do, too - but didn't?

So this incident makes Tucker Carlson either the dumbest 'journalist' in America or the most dishonest  - so why would anyone listen to him, now? lol

In fact, why "report" this incident at all, when you know it's a story you can't prove, at least until you know more or have something to show as proof?

(Because that's par for the course for Fox News does, just sayin' - they're not even pretending to be a news source anymore, they're a campaign racket.)

It "got lost in the mail?"

Maybe, it could happen - especially if you're dumb enough to send sensitive documents via the normal route of your average courier service.

However, "reporting" this without any proof whatsoever this even happened makes him sounds more like a 5th grader claiming the dog ate his homework lol.

And yet people will automatically believe it anyway, that someone from the Biden campaign stole these documents from a shipping service that he shouldn't have been using anyway - without making any copies of it first, mind you - just because he says so, and just because they want to.

By the way, the legally-blind owner of the computer shop could not confirm whether or not it was Hunter Biden that dropped off the laptop

The same people who believe these things without proof yet, mind you, are same people who refuse to believe Trump withheld aid from the Ukraine as intimidation for them to find dirt on Biden - though we have OMB evidence it was "inexplicably" held up by the president and a phone call - or that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and hacked the DNC, though security officials confirmed it - and that mock us for "Russian conspiracy hoaxes" - lol - it's hilarious.

I still read both liberal and conservative press to make sure I'm not missing anything (although admittedly just skim Fox News, chuckling to myself).

And conservative press, we're still trying to listen to you, just in case there's something about Biden we need to know and you ever say anything with the proof to back it up - but you simply don't, anymore - in fact, that's all you do these days -  make crazy accusations without proof.  

Sure, it works on people who are either incapable of critical thinking or their ability to critically think has been temporarily disabled in favor of emotion-based belief  - but is this really the legacy you want to leave?

About four years ago, I had a conversation with a family member who said, "Trump supporters have pretty low IQs and aren't very smart/educated."  

I replied that although that's somewhat true demographically, there are also some very intelligent people who support him.  IMO, this is because either they they're cons themselves or these are people who let their belief and bias "trump" their intelligence on a regular basis - in fact, I think the latter is the biggest reason people still support Trump.

I warned her this can actually happen to anyone, if we let our beliefs outweigh our intellect - in fact, we do this on a regular basis, as human beings - from romantic interests, to members of our family, real estate, a job, a celebrity, and yes, even the President of the United States - we see what we want and we believe what we want to believe.

Thus, IMO, it's always important to be open to new ideas and truth, but to keep our beliefs and bias balanced and in check with actual fact and science - and if one becomes too much at odds with the other, if there's too much evidence to the contrary - time to re-evaluate.

Thus, it's important to for us to sometimes do re-evaluation of our perspective, to balance belief with intellect, to keep them in check, even if it's scary - and reminded her (four years ago) that it was going to become more important than ever to check fact against belief, including group belief.

You can do it - challenging your long-held belief system only makes the resulting belief system tested and true and even stronger - I promise :)

Otherwise, until there's proof, I'm just going to chalk this up to more tabloid lies :)

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