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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Debate Moderator/Fox News Sunday Anchor, Chris Wallace: "Forget the Politics ... Wear the Damn Mask" - Also Says Trump Camp Violated Cleveland Clinic Mask Policy at Debate

(*edited - 3rd video link fixed)

I told Mark as soon as I heard that now, the crazy conspiracy was going to be that Trump was intentionally infected at the debate - and boom, here we go with the Twitter conspiracy nuts LOL 

So ... I guess it doesn't matter that Trump tested positive just 3 days after the debate - when current scientific studies say there is at least a 5 to 14-day incubation period for COVID-19 - which of course would mean they were likely infected earlier?  

Or that Hope Hicks was actually symptomatic and tested positive first - only 2 days after the debate?

In fact, when my stepfather-in-law was hospitalized for a week, released just one week ago - they had him trace everywhere he had been from the last 5 to 14 days - NOT within the last 3 days before his symptoms.

Nope, it HAS to be "somebody targeted Trump at the debate."  LOL

Well - since Trump became President, we've all learned that emotion, wild speculation without proof, and irrational belief are valued more than science, in Trump's America - plus it's a lot more fun just to scapegoat and blame a liberal, right?

Okay, but again - for anyone who actually does want to still use their brain for logic and sound rationale, rather than emotional paranoia and irrational belief - this fact still remains ...

Even if it were true that Trump was intentionally infected - had Trump et al followed socially distancing and mask-wearing guidelines appropriately, according to current scientific studies, they might've reduced the risk to prevent their own infections.

In fact, Fox News' Chris Wallace told Fox and Friends that Cleveland Clinic required was for everyone but the socially distanced speakers (Wallace, Trump, and Biden) - and though the Trump family et al wore masks as they walked into the building, they removed them when they sat down - and waved off Cleveland Clinic staff when approached about violating Cleveland Clinic rules.

Again - if you're unfamiliar with Chris Wallace, he is the son of the now deceased, legendary journalist and 60 Minutes Chief Anchor, Mike Wallace - and a lifelong conservative Republican.

Wallace was formerly a political segment anchor with NBC News and ABC news, but jumped over to Fox News in 2003.

Though we Democrats often disagree with Wallace's political perspective on things, we respect his integrity - despite his political perspective - as well as because he is an old-school, dignified Republican and decent human being. 

In fact, he is literally the only person left at Fox News we respect -
and he is highly regarded by both political sides for his journalistic integrity.

Which is why Chris Wallace is the only person at Fox News who can get away with this level of criticism of Trump (but we wonder how much longer he will be at Fox News, too ;)

Chris Wallace also later said, in that clip, to Fox News viewers: "Forget the Politics, this is a public health issue ... wear the damn mask, follow the science!"

(Apparently, I am not the only one losing my religion and cursing more, as a result of all the BS - my apologies for doing so - but this stuff could even drive you to drink LOL.)

Wallace also states, in the above clip, that his doctor told him that he needed to wait at least 5 days before being tested - again, current studies suggest the virus takes at least 5 to 14 days to incubate.

Lastly, in another clip, Wallace has the following to say about Trump's new COVID advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas:  

"Folks, I'm just trying to give you the truth. Dr. Scott Atlas is not an epidemiologist, he is not an infectious disease specialist, he has no training in this area at all. There are a number of top people on the president's coronavirus task force who have grave concerns about Scott Atlas and his scientific bona fides."

Nevertheless, crazy conspiracies persist - anything, ANYTHING but admit that Trump was wrong and downplaying the virus for fears it would negatively impact his election chances.

FYI, what are we Democrats speculating about?

You mean in addition to the likelihood that Trump and Melania might've prevented being infected had they followed mask and social-distancing restrictions?

Well, again - and we openly admit our speculation is opinion - however, that speculation is at least based on scientific evidence and studies thus far on COVID, CDC guidelines, and most of Trump's own COVID task force (Fauci, Birx) guidelines.

Also, we speculate the following - which is based solely on what we're told thus far about Trump's symptoms, as well as Trump's track record thus far.

We are told the Trump has mild symptoms thus far, right?

Thus, *IF* if it turns out that he does have the more mild phenotype of COVID and recovers, based on his track record of denying science and the severity of COVID for fear out of impacting his chances of re-election negatively, he will do 1 of 2 things after recovery:

1) Say, "Oh, it wasn't that bad - get out there and vote for me!"


2) Tout the Regeneron antibody cocktail (Remdesivir) as a "miracle cure" -
even though Remdesivir is NOT a "cure" - at most, Remdesivir shortens the life of the virus much like Tamiflu, if you catch it early enough.

We hope our speculative opinion is wrong.

However,  considering the scientific studies on the mild phenotype of COVID versus severe -  as well as Trump's track record of throwing the truth, science, and the public health and safety  under the bus in favor of his own re-election thus far -  it's not like we just pulled that out of thin air, and  perhaps you might see why we speculated it? ;)


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