Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Only Thing Fishy About the Alleged Hunter Biden Laptop Situation Thus Far ...

Let's try a fun new game, this go 'round, America - it's called critical thinking!

Let's critically think through accusations made, while we're awaiting proof, before we automatically accept things as true - shall we?

Now - if you were Hunter Biden, son of former VP Joe Biden - and IF there truly was a sensitive email on your laptop - why would you ...

1)  Take it to an unsecured computer shop at all, when you have thousands of IT professionals at your disposal within your business and social networks?

2)  Never never pick it up?

I guess there's the possibility IF you had something sensitive, taking it to some random computer repair shop rather than someone you know, and never picked it up, you could then claim it wasn't yours - but that's still taking a huge gambling risk.

If there was a sensitive email on there, why not just destroy it, rather than take it to some unsecured computer repair shop and leave it, risking it to be found?

No one would be that stupid, would they?

Even if this didn't reek more and more of Russian dysinformation,   and a repeat of the Hillary deleted email situation that went nowhere, just before the 2016 election - and the source being crooked Rudy Giuliani - that aspect alone just doesn't make much sense.

And if you want to talk about proven corrupt kids, we could talk about conflict of interest actions, donation misappropriation, and tax benefits by Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. - and yet no one cares enough to prosecute "the chosen's children." 

In other news about Trump's attempts to disparage critics, he's convinced the DOJ to sue Google for a monopoly on search terms (even though you have a choice), Amazon, Facebook, and possibly Twitter (again, even though you have other choices) for violation of anti-trust laws.

What's next, they sue Apple for phones and Microsoft for PC software for "violating anti-trust laws?"

Anyone who's not Fox News and Breitbart for "violating anti-trust laws?"

Dohkay, like they care about monopolies and violation of anti-trust laws - I'm pretty sure the GOP invented the concept of a monopoly. 

Though Google does some creepy sh*t sometimes (i.e., they just discontinued The Nest security camera because of a microphone they didn't tell consumers about) - the reason I use their search feature is because it suggests an approximation of what you're looking for, which is critical in transcription, when someone doesn't speak clearly or has a thick accent - and the others simply don't have that feature.  

If the others stepped up their game and added that feature, then I'd use them.  

That's not a monopoly, it's product quality, ease of use, and personal choice despite having other products.  

And the fact is, I do read right-wing stuff and Trump's Twitter regardless, to see what the other side is saying, regardless of what Google does - and anyone with an IQ in the 3-digit range, doesn't regularly choose their belief/feelings over fact, and is a non-gullible, critical thinker, can easily see there's never any proof to 99% of the crazy accusations he/they throw out - and that every single investigation that Trump has used the DOJ and FBI to attack his personal critics and political opponents has thus far failed. 

I don't know about you, but I'm getting really tired of the textbook-definition-of-corruption that is Trump using the DOJ as his personal lawyers, and the FBI to go after his political opponents and critics -  tying up the court systems with what turned out to be nothing burgers every time, wasting our tax money for nothing more than political grandstanding.

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