Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Friend I've Mentioned Is My "Spiritual Mom" Has COVID

 I've mentioned her many times before as my spiritual Mom.  She's an evangelical and we don't always agree, but this is the lady I stayed with during the recession, who has been more of a mother to me than my own.  

She was diagnosed yesterday, and thus far, unlike my stepfather-in-law, she appears to have the mild phenotype - she says it just feels like a cold, and she is at home and quarantining.  My phone is constantly with me just in case there's a downturn. 

As mentioned above, she is evangelical - and it had become clear that recently, she became confused by politics.  We didn't discuss it too much, and I didn't push to find out, but I'm fairly certain that though she washed her hands regularly and cleaned surfaces and socially distanced (somewhat), she didn't wear a mask much :(

Regardless, what's done is done and it doesn't matter now.

Prayers up, please, people? 

PS - Just texted her, she's doing okay for now.  I had just sent her some of the mini artificial pumpkins in my mantel photo and she was going to buy the bigger gourds at the farmer's market, but those will have to wait. 

I told her that when she's through it, I'm buying her a T-shirt to wear to that farmer's market, that says, "I survived COVID" with a giant rainbow on it as a reminder of God's promise never to try to destroy mankind again, and a picture of ant lol

Why an ant?  

Because it popped up in my emoji choices and I was reminded that a tiny ant can bear at least 3 times their weight :)

Meanwhile, she's relaxing outside, says she's "working on her  COVID tan" with it being a bit warmer today lol. 

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