Wednesday, April 21, 2021

PS - Alan Dershowitz Has Made a Career Out of Defending the Clearly Guilty: Just a Small Sample of His Clients ...

I don't know why people keep quoting Alan Dershowitz - he has either been on the actual legal team or as a legal advisor to the following people: 

Jeffrey Epstein

Harvey Weinstein

O.J. Simpson

Claus Von Bulow 

Donald Trump

I don't care what his politics "supposedly" are - the man takes pride in trying to find loopholes in the law/ways of beating the justice system to allow clearly guilty people back into society without consequence. 

How could anyone with a moral center even listen to what this sociopath says and ever quote the man?


PS - Additionally, for any of my fellow self-purported Christians who've refused to support equal justice under the law for George Floyd, I've added a very special scripture verse to the post below, just for you (Matthew 7:21-23) - the words of Christ himself :)

It's a warning from Christ himself about what will happen to people just like you - people within the church who work iniquity/selfishness/evil in Christ's name.

You may want to take a look at that verse before continuing down this dark-hearted road you're on ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

GUILTY! Yesssss, Hallelujah! :)

(Edited - content added)

Derek Chauvin was just found guilty of all three charges - second and third-degree murder of George Floyd, as well as manslaughter !!!

Equal justice under the law - finally!!!

We now have a precedent - and it's about dang time for a guilty verdict, in these types of cases - especially this one - because there is simply no way, watching that video, you could find Chauvin anything BUT guilty.

Floyd did nothing but attempt to use a counterfeit $20 bill, did not resist arrest, and yet Chauvin used unnecessary force by kneeing his neck, showing zero empathy though Floyd pleaded he couldn't breathe and dragged his lifeless body away. 

Even most cops thought Chauvin was guilty of murder. 

In fact, the only people who didn't, who aren't his lawyers, are very clearly racists/white supremacists, who've been trying to use something, anything, to prove Floyd "deserved" it, when there is nothing.

I'm sorry, white supremacists - any prior drug use didn't matter, even prior crimes don't matter - all that mattered is what happened that day.

George Floyd simply tried to use a $20 counterfeit bill and all camera angles show he did not resist arrest (he slipped off the curb), and yet found himself mercilessly kneed in the neck until his breath left him - period.

He did not deserve to be to die, nor even be treated in that manner - he deserved the due process of law that was promised in our constitution - and you know it!

And anyone claiming otherwise?

You should be ashamed of yourselves - as a white person, as an American claiming to support our constitution, as a self-purported Christian, and simply as a human being!

In fact, especially if you also claim to be Christian, allow me quote the words of Christ, "Woe to you, ye brood of vipers" -  I regard you as thieves in my father's house, false prophets, and/or the wolves in sheep's clothing within the church itself that Christ warned us about.

What do you imagine Christ will say to you, when you try to list off your good deeds in the afterlife?

Think again - because Christ warns exactly what will happen to people like you within the church, who do evil in Christ's name, in Matthew 7:22-23 ...


22 Many will say to me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works?" 
23 And then will I profess unto them, "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

Your dark intent, hearts, and souls absolutely disgust my soul, just as these same things disgusted Christ.

But, I digress -  let's focus on the positive - we finally have a precedent set for equal justice under the law, not only with regards to race, but on police brutality!!!

Woooooo hoooooooo!

Rest in peace, now, George Floyd - we finally did it, this time - we got you.  We got you!!! xo

Monday, April 19, 2021

Six More Mass Shootings Over The Weekend, and All the Ingredients Found in Mass-Shooter/Bomber Soup

There have been six more mass shootings this weekend, since my original post after the Fed Ex shooting in Indianapolis - Texas, Wisconsin, Chicago, Ohio, Nebraska, and Louisiana.

I find it very telling (and hilarious) that the same people who claim that the news is fake/twists/omits facts (when it doesn't support their narrative), and complain about "wokism," never even mention mass shootings (nor the increase in them) at all - UNLESS - the shooter is a person of color, Muslim, or Democrat! LOL.

It's so uncommon, they're like, "Aha! Hooray, we finally caught one in the act, see? SEE?  I told you so!" - and then salivate over it, trying to use these rare examples as "proof" to support their irrational-fear-fueled racist theories LOL - hilarious!

Not so hilarious is this mindset is very similar to that of Nazi propaganda - most of the time, they'd fabricate completely their propaganda about Jews, and then search the country to find one single Jewish person, in a sea of millions, who had ever done something dishonest in their life - as could be found in any race of people, mind you - then imagine they could use it as "proof" that ALL Jews were like that - and people believed it :/

And then when it's something they can't ignore anymore, like the capitol riot, and we do find out with picture/video evidence that it's right-wing white Christian males, they can't accept it/handle it, willfully choosing denial and belief over fact - so they try to claim it's Antifa, despite zero proof or evidence to support these claims - and despite the fact that former social-media posts by these people, going way back, prove their support right-wing politics and Trump lol

They're so terrified people of color are going to rise up against them in revenge and gain control (their own guilty consciences projected onto people of color, assuming they all have the same motivations as they do/would), for what they know we've done (and are still doing) -  despite the fact that statistically and historically, white males have been primarily responsible for mass-shooting/bombing types of violence.

Now, part of the problem with these stats has been agreeing on a definition of mass shootings - but seriously, when it comes to mass-shootings/bombings, do we really even need graph charts?

All one need do is take a random-sample taste test of how many times in this soup of U.S. mass shootings (or bombings) in the last 20 years have ended with the shooter or bomber being a white man, particularly in the last four years.

In this case, do we really even need to taste-test the entire bowl of Mass-Shooter/Bomber Shit Soup to know the entire bowl tastes foul, regardless of its racial ingredients?

Erm - this soup statistic is literally called "Mass-Shootings in America since 1982" - do you honestly believe if you removed just one ingredient like race or faith, it suddenly won't taste badly anymore? LOL

Multiple prior taste tests of Mass-Shooting/Bomber Shit Soup have revealed mostly white - but not all-white - ingredients.

So what does that prove - that either white men or black men are more violent than the other? 

Nonsense -  these statistics prove nothing of the kind.  

All these statistics prove is the amount of times a particular type of violent crime/terrorist act - and there are many types of violent crimes - was committed by people according to race.

Additionally, the statistic also proves there are individuals in every racial group who are at least capable of doing the same.

And yet racists keep hoping that if they dip their spoon in just the right place in the bowl, and bring up the one ingredient that they fear/hate, they imagine they can somehow use it to prove the only reason a soup literally called "Mass-Shootings Since 1982" tastes foul LOL. 

My point is, at this point, does it even matter what any of the racial ingredients of this nasty soup are? 

At what point do we just start saying, "No - we don't want any more Mass-Shooter/Bomber Shit Soup, thanks - regardless of its racial or faith ingredients" - and actually do something about ensuring we stop getting served this soup repeatedly?

Thus, trying to make "violent-tendencies" and "terroristic projections" overall from these statistics, based on race, is a huge leap in logic either way, and in the end, doesn't really help solve the problem. 

Which is precisely why white supremacists never mention these stats and facts, nor do they ever mention these mass shootings/bombings at all, unless it's the uncommon event that it's by a person of color - because they know this already, and that it doesn't support their race theories on violence ;)

At this point, race, faith, or gender doesn't even matter - something needs to be done about repeatedly getting served Mass-Shooter/Bomber soup, here in America.

Thus, I maintain what I said in my original post - that regardless of race, faith, gender, or political preference - though I do not support total gun removal, we must start seriously considering stricter gun control, particularly on semi-automatic assault rifles (which IMO, no civilian has justification for owning). 

Ingenuity's First Flight, Transmitting First Image ...


Ingenuity, the small helicopter which accompanied the Mars rover, Perseverance, took its first flight today, transmitting back a black-and-white picture of its shadow on the surface of Mars back to NASA today, just after 7 a.m ...  

Ingenuity's engineers in the control room at NASA cheered, of course - some of the engineers Zooming in from home.  

Good job, ladies and gentlemen - pretty cool stuff :)

Btw, I say ladies and gentlemen, because although the two older white men attending the meeting via Zoom are managing the project, and the chief engineer of the Ingenuity team is a young white male -  I count at least three female engineers on the young engineering team  - one of whom is a black woman, mind you :)

Look at that, Katherine Johnson - hope you're looking down and smiling, from wherever you are :)

Despite Trump and his racist supporters' trying to take us all backwards into the dark ages of ignorance, anti-science, and irrational fear, there's now a black female engineer in NASA's control room, right out in front of God and everybody - ha!

Gone are the days of yore, when you had to run to use a segregated bathroom all the way across NASA's complex in Texas, when NASA hid the race and genders of all of mathematicians and engineers contributing to space projects like Apollo.

Thank you - both for your work and for putting up with all the naysaying, the ignorance, the irrational fear, and the hatred, simply based on the color of your skin and your gender ... 

Video of the cheer moment isn't yet available on YouTube, but you can see the moment here, through this link :)

Saturday, April 17, 2021

A Final Farewell to Prince Philip

 (PS added) 

The Queen shared this never-before-seen beautiful photo of the two of them at Balmoral  ... love this photo ...

Yes, they're all there, including Harry (though the Queen apparently requested a cousin walk between Harry and William?) ...

This funeral procession immediately bringing to mind another funeral procession, not quite 24 years ago - one in which though not required, Prince Philip walked along behind Diana's casket along with the boys, simply to bolster Harry, who wasn't sure if he'd be able to do it without breaking - a story verified to be true, by both Prince Harry and Prince Philip.

In fact, in this photo, you can see Prince Philip looking over to check on Harry as they walked, with Harry's face slightly turned to him in awareness of him looking at him  ... 


Though there is much in European-based cultures that needs re-evaluation and overhaul, some things should remain, and this is one of them - I absolutely love this British tradition of the royal family walking on foot behind the casket to show respect :)

I understand security concerns, and the fact that today, most cemeteries are far from churches doesn't help - but Britain has  still managed to somehow maintain this European tradition successfully, which we Americans have lost -  with the exception of New Orleans, who also walk directly behind the casket in first and second lines -  albeit a bit differently, with half the walk being in mourning and funeral dirge, and the other half being celebration of life in heaven :). 

On a related note, the NYT reported a British complaint backlash from the BBC giving "blanket coverage" of the death and funeral of Philip, to the extent that they had to establish a complaint website due to the deluge of complaints.

Nonsense - BBC is public-owned British television, and Philip's death was a national/international news event - I say, let it be.

In fact, I'm watching it on BBC America right now - thus, I stand with the BBC in their continuing "blanket" coverage of Philip's life and death.

They can get back to who went to war with whom and which political party lied about what, another day - I say at present, we take a pause and take time to honor the life and death of a flawed, but inherently decent, man  - a celebrated military and national leader, father, grandfather, and great grandfather   :) 

PS - As they walk from the cathedral, the Queen looks very pale and every-so-slightly unsteady, as she walks out, am I wrong?  

Not unwell, just slightly shaken - funerals are so surreal, you've barely had time to process what has happened.

Poor, poor lady -  this one must be difficult to keep stoic and a stiff upper lip for - they're burying her long-life partner today, her true love - just seeing her alone at this sort of thing is heart-breaking in and of itself :(

She looks so uncharacteristically tiny and frail, sitting there all alone, doesn't she? :(

Also, at present, as I write this, Harry and William are walking side by side from the chapel and talking in a very natural, friendly way, as they always have - good to see :) 

To her credit, Kate fell back, to allow William and Harry more space to talk - good on ya, Kate :)

Atta boys, proud of you - keep talking,  keep trying to work it out -  you two have been through so much together that no one else ins this world has experienced or will understand - you need each other, in this world, you know that. 

Nothing that has been done can be undone - but in this case, nothing that has been done is too far beyond reparation, either  :)

(I'll post a photo of it when one is posted) 

Update - here they are :) 

PPS - Also touching was Princess Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall, holding hands while walking, as they left the chapel - rarely seen with royals, but Princess Zara has always been a different breed,  in the best of ways :)

(I'll post a picture of this later, too, once available.)

In fact, my husband, Mark, has met Princess Anne, Mark Phillips, and (Princess) Zara at Three-Day-Eventing equestrian events several times, and has always remarked that though he wasn't particularly impressed with Princess Anne or Mark Phillips (he especially wasn't overly fond of Mark Phillips, though they were still able to find common ground with horses)  -  he found their daughter, Zara, to be very personable, warm, and friendly, putting everyone at ease around her with a warm, kind smile and an unexpected-but-effective, ice-breaking joke - the same way in which her grandfather, Prince Philip, was said to have done :) 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Acting Like Proud Parents or Nosy Neighbors? LOL


So I've mentioned my neighbor before - well, I've mentioned a few of them, we love our neighbors, we're very lucky lol - but this is the neighbor that was a wounded vet in Afghanistan, Mountain Combat Division, who has lost hearing in one ear (along with other injuries) and struggles with trauma.

But let's talk about the positive - he also holds two master's degrees in business and finance, and is just a very smart, sweet, caring young man :)

He also had a precious, sweet, gentle-giant bull mastiff, who passed away about two years ago, and hasn't been able to bring himself to get another dog :(

Additionally, he's also a very politically active/vocal Democrat, as is nearly everyone in our building (with the exception of two anti-Trump Republicans).

This may surprise you -  to learn that many active or ready combat soldiers either are, or at least have become, Democrats, during the age of Trump (at least the smart, independent-thinking ones who refuse to drink all the Trump Kool-Aid).

This is because, as both he and my husband (who used to be a Republican) explain it, not only due to the fact that their brothers-in-arms, that they relied on successfully to have their backs during combat (and vice versa), were of all races and faiths, and Trump vilified them -  but because they felt they were always on standby with Trump, ready to be called in and ordered to do very self-serving, power-hungry, rash things by Trump at whim, simply for his own power and benefit -  possibly against the same people they'd sworn to protect and defend, their own people -  during constitutionally-protected protests :/

I always look out for him (as we do all our neighbors and vice versa), and I check on him and bring him Thanksgiving dinner during COVID and Christmas treats, etc. :)

Anyway, my husband informed the other day that he thinks he has a girlfriend!

This made me so happy, I nearly did a cartwheel! lol. 

Well, this morning, we saw them walking to their cars, and my husband's like, "Hey P!  Hi ...!" clearly wanting to be introduced, but P just waves.  

I'm on the balcony (still smoking, though trying to quit), looking at Mark like ... ??? ... seriously, did you just get all up in their business? lol

Then, Mark yells up at me, from his car, "Hey, there's his little girlfriend, I was talking about! Did you see her? Aren't they cute?"

I widened my eyes in mock disapproval, and put my finger to my lips like, "shhh." LOL

OMG, thank God they'd already got in their cars and I hope their windows weren't down. 

My husband - who had no children before we married and is new to this sort of thing - then called me; "Why did you shush me? lol"

I said, "Mark, yes, it's VERY cute, and YOU'RE very cute, for getting excited for your young fellow veteran, but here's a parenting tip - we have to play it cool, we can't act all  proud parent lol.

"Meaning you can't be all yelling up at me from your car, on the balcony, like, 'Ohhhh, aren't they cute?' so that they, and the entire neighborhood, can hear, we'll embarrass them lol"

"Plus we don't know how far along they are and don't want to rush them, we might scare her off lol.  Let's give them their privacy until he's ready to introduce/announce lol."

"He's a very private person anyway, security and feeling safe are clearly very important to him, after what he experienced as a vet, we want to respect that, right?"

Sigh, P - if you're reading this, which I highly doubt, we're sorry - I hope we didn't embarrass you, we're just very happy for you and wish you the best of luck :)

Another Mass Shooting ... :(

... in Indianapolis, four hours away :(

We are at an all-time high for these shootings, the past few years, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I don't believe in "taking anyone's guns away" - but we definitely need to do something.

By the way, "taking our guns away" was never said or even implied by Obama, nor has it ever been on the Dem agenda, except by a couple of more radical, outlier Dems, who few take seriously.

That's yet another GOP propaganda-machine lie, in order to manipulate votes for themselves; blatant propaganda lies which have now become out of control, but they want to protect as "freedom speech." ;)

Now - what I am for is stronger gun control, including a ban of semi-automatic assault rifles ONLY, in civilian hands - because there is no justifiable reason any civilian needs one, to hunt or for anything else.

Even if there was some "hostile government takeover," if you really believe that you, and even a small ragtag group of civilians with assault rifles, would win against the U.S. military, then you're as arrogant and delusional as General Custer was, and we all know how that turned out lol.  

(Though even in that situation - though Custer vaingloriously and foolishly rushed in, knowingly outnumbered, and lost the battle -  in the end, unfortunately, the U.S. military as a whole still won the overall war against Native Americans :( )

I also support more restrictions for other types of guns, simply making it more difficult to get them, an age requirement of at least age 21  (better would be 26, when the human brain is fully developed), and better and longer  gun training for both cops and civilians.

Sorry, but this needs to stop or at least be curbed, at this point - it's happening too many times :(