Friday, June 14, 2024

Biden, Proving He's Still The Whitest White Guy In America

So President Biden hosted an early Juneteenth concert on the White House South Lawn, and this clip of him went viral.

Kirk Franklin - a popular Christian gospel singer, was performing "I Don't Want To Love Nobody But You" - meaning God, mind you - all you Trumpers who stake your flag claim in Christianity and say  we Democrats are godless.

A Christian gospel singer performed on the White House lawn - end of!

Everyone was dancing - Kamala and Doug, Billy Porter, the Floyd family - but Biden just stood there smiling like a typical white guy.

He reminds me of nearly every white guy I knew in college, standing with his beer against the wall while everyone else danced, except at 81

You see?  We Democrats can tease about Biden ourselves, because we know he's not perfect - it's called having a sense of humor.  

You should try it, Trumpers!

I'll give him somewhat of a pass for that, though, for age -  and I doubt our other geriatric candidate, Trump, would dance either. In fact, I doubt he'd even hold a concert or show up, and definitely wouldn't dance either, especially not with George Floyd's family.

If Trump did dance, I'm 100% sure it'd be the white man's overbite ...

The fact that Kirk Franklin performed reminded me of his song "Smile," which I haven't thought about in a long time, the video always making me laugh. It's a recreation of a scene from Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America," the church-basement fundraiser scene. 

If you've never been to one of these Baptist church-basement fundraisers, especially in the South -  white, black or mixed, doesn't matter, they're all the same - you're missing out.

They're always entertaining, just not usually in the way they're supposed to be πŸ˜‚

My husband has had a rough week, this week, so I played this song, this morning, and sang and danced like a member of the Temptations, demonstrably acting out the lyrics, until he smiled, then finally laughed.

Ah, mission accomplished! πŸ˜‚

Kirk Franklin - "(I Know God is Working So I) Smile"


I dedicate this song to recession
Depression and unemployment
This song's for you ...

Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine
Nothing but clouds, and it's dark in my heart
And it feels like a cold night

Today's a new day, where are my blue skies
Where is the love and the joy that you promised me
Tell me it's alright

I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain
Fell from heaven like a shower

I smile, even though I hurt see I smile
I know God is working so I smile
Even though I've been here for a while
I smile, smile
It's so hard to look up when you been down
Sure would hate to see you give up now
You look so much better when you smile, so smile

Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine
Nothing but clouds and it's dark in my heart
And it feels like a cold night

Today's a new day, tell me where are my blue skies
Where is the love and the joy that you promised me
Tell me it's alright

I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain
Fell from heaven like a shower now

I smile, even though I hurt see I smile
I know God is working so I smile
Even though I've been here for a while
I smile, smile
It's so hard to look up when you been down
Sure would hate to see you give up now
You look so much better when you smile
Smile for me
Can you just smile for me
Smile for me
Can you just smile for me

Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
(And while you're praying)
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
(Look in the mirror)
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
(Always remember)
You look so much better when you smile, come on

I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain
Fell from heaven like a shower now
I smile, even though I hurt see I smile
I know God is working so I smile
Even though I've been here for a while
I smile, smile
It's so hard to look up when you been down
Sure would hate to see you give up now
You look so much better when you smile, so smile
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you
Oh oh oh you look so much better when you

See I just want don't you to be happy
'Cause then you have to have something you haven't been
I want you to have joy ... 'cause can't nobody take that away from you
I see you smile

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Jimmy Kimmel Confirms Dr. Phil Said The Opposite on His Show

 Two posts below, I had said that despite Dr. Phil fawning all over Trump in his interview with him, I was certain that he previously insinuated that Trump was a narcissist on a late-night talk show.  

In fact, I told Mark and my little sister privately that I was pretty sure it was Jimmy Kimmel.

Here is Jimmy Kimmel confirming it, last night ... 

And here's a clip of Dr. Phil on his show.

I think there's a more recent one that I can't find, and note I said he  "insinuated" it - he never actually says he's a narcissist, he just offers the diagnostic criteria for a narcissist and says that there's a "short list" of "personality disorders" that come to mind for Trump ...

So what gives?

We know he's a quack, but why is he suddenly so rah rah about Trump and enabling him after saying that?

Or is he, like Jimmy Kimmel half-jokingly stated - just messing with Trump? 

That would be a very, very effed up thing for any psychologist to do to anyone, licensed or not, even Trump - because it helps no one and the first rule of counseling is "do no harm," just like medical doctors.

And the public wouldn't know the difference, which is what's important here. 

Or is he just saying whatever to whomever to try to stay relevant and famous?

Regardless, super irresponsible!

Good news, though -  my memory is intact, my insight and judgment  are intact - Dr. Phil DID insinuate this previously on JK's show, a few times!

Hooray, I'm not crazy! 

(Well, I'm a little crazy, having been professionally diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, but at least I'm not THAT crazy, anyway πŸ˜‚)

However, I am worried about Dr. Phil's memory, insight and judgment now.

Physician, heal thyself!

Monday, June 10, 2024

The Caitlin Clark Controversy

*Edited - videos added.  

So we have an interesting dilemma on our hands.

(Not really, it's just interesting to me, the boxes and labels people try to pigeonhole other people in, especially during these times.)

On one hand, some of my fellow Democrats - particularly other women - are saying she only gets this much attention because she's white and pretty.

On the other hand, we have Republicans saying to stop that race-card talk.

Caitlin herself says nothing - she just does her job and plays basketball. 😊

(In fact, we don't even know where Caitlin stands politically because she doesn't say. )

Then the decision was made to keep her off the Olympic team.

Though politics could play a role, it's also possible that it may not actually be as much of a snub as it appears and it might not have  anything to do with her race OR the controversy.

Because all of the US Women's Olympic team players are already actively playing members of the WNBA - but Caitlin was just drafted.

Some may not be aware, but professional basketball players were not allowed on the US Olympic Team until 1992 - since then,  it has actually become somewhat unusual for a college basketball player to be on the US Olympic Team versus professional basketball players.

Regardless, Caitlin herself isn't letting it bother her, so why are we?

She's just focusing on starting her first year of professional basketball, which she will now get paid to do  - because it's not going to be easy for her, her first year, it never is - it's next-level basketball with all the greats.

But you know what I think about all of this noise?

I agree with Charles Barkley. 

I mean, the girl scored the most points ever - male OR female, black OR white - in NCAA Division I College Basketball history!

Unfortunately, it may be true that she's considered more marketable because she's white and pretty - but she really is THAT good, too!

Is she a saint?

No, she can be just as scrappy and trash-talking as any other basketball player, male or female.

Should she, or any other player, apologize after they do so?

Only if they injure someone else - otherwise, that's basketball - and this is the sport they signed up for, male or female - if you can't hack the scrappy stuff, don't play.

If you want to talk about race coming into it, take a look at THIS ...

Yes, Chennedy Carter shoulder-shoved Caitlin to the floor after a play (watch the right-hand side of your screen) ... BUT ...

Caitlin actually did worse to another player, in another game  - a two-handed shove to the floor  (also at the right-hand side of your screen ) ... 

 ... and yet despite both women being fouled appropriately for their similar behaviors in separate incidents, people still demanded a public apology only from Chennedy. 

The difference in public reaction thus proves the existence of both our white fragility and our racial bias. 

However, note that Caitlin herself isn't crying and whining about it, demanding an apology like a Karen - she said none was required.

That is because she knows she's done the same and this is basketball. 

Now, I'm not condoning violence at all - I'm saying we live in a culture where more aggressive men are steered toward sports to "channel" their aggression, and we assume that there aren't any  aggressive women, that aggression in women is pathologic.

Yes, more testosterone stimulates aggression - but women have testosterone, too, at varying levels.

Plus temperament and personality can come into play with aggression.

What "channel" do women have for their aggression?

Well, it should be sports, too.

On the court, where it should be, and then leave it there. 

If it was off the court, then we'd have a problem - but that's what sports are for, channeling energy and aggression - male OR female.

In fact, I'd rather see that on the court with women, too, rather than the usual passive-aggressive girl-world way of  "smile in your face, but pour something in your coffee later,"  which more aggressive  types of women do because they know they have nowhere to be aggressive that's socially acceptable πŸ˜‚

Not me, I couldn't play basketball if my life depended on it, I'd likely cry or soil myself every time someone fouled me, and I'm not aggressive unless you're in my face, and not just momentarily, but for way too long. πŸ˜Š

But some women, like Caitlin, will blow your mind!

And hey, have we ever seen this much interest in women's basketball?

No, we have not - so let's not pick it apart and ruin it by dissecting it too much and quabbling with each other, like men expect?

Yes, we have gender and race inequality in America, both of those things are true - but one step at a time?

In fact, I snicker to myself that so many white male Republicans have suddenly taken an interest in women's basketball because of the race politics. πŸ˜‚

So a bunch of men that think women should "know their place" and that their only purpose and talent in life is to stay at home, have babies, and take care of them,  are suddenly all rah rah over Caitlin Clark playing basketball!?! πŸ˜‚

Good - yes, please - watch her games, see what women of all races can do versus what you believe, even if you're doing it for political reasons.

Because then maybe someday, when we're past all this, we will all be able to appreciate talent for talent sake, rather than focusing on gender OR skin color.

And now to my more fervent fellow feminists - now, would ya look at that?

A pretty girl has sports talent AND a brain, can you believe it?

Why should we have to choose between our looks and a brain or sports  - can't we care about all of that? 

Women come in all different shapes and sizes with different gifts, just like men - we don't need to help misogynists out by pigeonholing ourselves, too, now, do we?

Our culture tends to believe if a girl is pretty, she's not smart or can't play sports and vice versa.

And if you all have a disagreement, direct communication with each other to work it out privately first, at least try, but otherwise, let's support each other, ladies - we need all the support we can get!

And y'all realize all of this controversy sounds to men like jealousy and petty nonsense, right?

In fact, some are saying this is why women shouldn't play, they ruin the game with petty nonsense.

Don't help them out!

And to both political sides -  assuming she must be gay because she's a tough female athlete?

We don't know whether she's gay or straight -  she's never been linked to anyone, male or female - and frankly, it's none of our business and doesn't matter.

Thus, I don't know much about her, but I think I dig this girl - not only because she's likely a better 3-point shooter than any college basketball player ever, male or female - but because she just does her job and leaves people guessing, making fools of themselves trying to shove her in any neatly-labeled little box 🀭

Now if she comes out later with a bunch of MAGA BS, I'll eat every word I just said, but for now, kudos to her for leaving us guessing and not allowing us to pigeonhole her.  πŸ˜‚

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Bad Medicine: The Quackery of Dr. Phil

So I watched the Dr. Phil/Trump interview last night.  All I can say is both of them sounded like lunatics.

I already thought Dr. Phil was a quack - who doesn't have a license to practice psychology, by the way - but now we have proof. 

I have to say I didn't watch the full interview because when he said he called Biden to tell him to "stop this nonsense" against Trump, told Trump that he was "thick-skinned" and "unaffected by criticism," I turned it off.

Because first of all, it doesn't take a psychologist to be able to see that Trump doesn't take criticism well.

Secondly, what arrogance, to call the White House, like "I'm Dr. Phil, you should listen to me, I'm a talk show TV doctor, even though I don't actually have a license to practice."

Thirdly and most importantly, Biden has zero control over what the courts do, especially the state courts and is NOT weaponizing the DOJ.

If Biden and the Democrats controlled the courts and the DOJ, and these cases were politically motivated, don't you think they'd stop the prosecution against Biden's own son, Hunter, right now??? 

Or what about the DOJ and FBI currently prosecuting Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, from New Jersey, for improper foreign gifts or obstruction of justice, hmm?

Don't you think Biden and Democrats would stop that one, too?

And lastly, once again, the jury was approved by Trump's lawyers, and his lawyers did a terrible job at defending him.

I find this so odd because I just saw Dr. Phil on a late-night talk show about a year ago, and he was insinuating Trump was a narcissist, and I was like "Well, at least he got one thing right."

So what's with the 180?

And he's usually so controlled-calm with his quackery, but he sounded like a full-on lunatic himself!

And he now who delusionally believes he convinced Trump not to take revenge on his enemies, despite the fact that Trump clearly was not having it.

So now he's enabling a narcissist, in some kind of effed up folie a deux - wonderful!

I do worry about idiots that don't understand that Dr. Phil isn't actually licensed to practice psychology and is a quack, putting his stamp of faux psychological approval on Trump, but what can I do about that?


Just waiting (and praying) for the scales to fall off eyes so that people can see Trump is NOT, in fact, made of gold; he's a con man and criminal and has always been, and definitely not our new Messiah.

I can't believe this was aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network - you should be ashamed of yourselves, TBN!

If God and the Jesus I've read truly approve Trump as their guy, then I would lose my religion and renounce Christianity, I'm not kidding! 

Thanks, Dr. Phil, for trying to gaslight America!

Dude - that emperor is buck naked -  and if you think he's wearing gold robes, then physician, heal thyself! 

I really hope this is the end of your fraudulent con-man career - I can see what you two have in common!

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Postscript to a Post About My Trip To Chichen Itza ...

Some of you may remember a post I wrote on my trip to Chichen Itza in the Quintana Roo, Mexico in 2002?

For those who haven't, it's HERE.

You can read the full story in that post, but briefly, this is an updated postscript to that post.

We had hired an authentic Mayan guide (Spanish name "Abel"  - can't remember his Mayan name, difficult for me to pronounce) to give us a private tour. He was an archaeology student at the Universidad AutΓ³noma de YucatΓ‘n in Merida.

During our tour, we watched many people spill their beer, nachos, and potato chip bags all over El Castillo/Temple of Kukulcan, while climbing up and down it, not bothering to clean up after themselves.

I watched Abel's face fall and apologized on their behalf, as most of them were American.

He informed us that the temple used to be painted red, green, and gold, but years of neglect by the Mexican government before it became a public park, combined with then allowing the public to tromp all over and through it, wore it down to unadorned stone.

He also informed us that San Gervasio, the catholic church just outside of Chichen Itza, was built with stolen stones from Chichen Itza, and he vowed to never step inside.

I apologized for this travesty as well. I'm not Catholic, but we Christians in general have behaved badly with other cultures and faiths in general, in our conquest and demand that everyone follow our faith.

We hit it off fairly well, Abel and I, and he told me that I was different than most Americans, respectful, and asked why I wanted to come to Chichen Itza.

I told him that I had read about it years ago and became fascinated - not with the alien conspiracy stuff, of course, but its other mysteries, among them being the identity of "The Bearded Man," for whom a temple was created - Mayans had no facial hair, so who was this person  - an unrecorded missionary or Viking?  (Abel believes it was an unrecorded Viking - for why, read the post.)

Or why their architecture was so similar to South Asian/Indian architecture, as well as why they depicted elephants with trunks in their artwork, despite them not being indigenous to Mexico? 

Was it tales handed down from ancestors who had seen them in land-bridge theory? Or were they mastodons, which did exist much later in Mesoamerica than we previously thought?

And of course, to marvel at how a Precolumbian civilization, so isolated from the rest of the world, was able to be so advanced in astrology, mathematics, and engineering that the Spanish marveled when they arrived, and to this day, our astronomical observatories are shaped exactly like Mayan observatories, because it's the best way to view the stars from all angles at different times of the year?

I had told him that I had also always wanted to see the mighty red clay jaguar with jade eyes inside the temple as well, but I didn't want to offend him, plus I didn't want to contribute to its degradation.

However, he encouraged me to go, because I had such a love and respect for his people - plus he said it was being discussed that soon, they were going to close it off so that no one would climb it again.

Then he gave me his blessing, and our whole conversation is within that post, but the gist of it is, Abel literally said, "Go - Voya con Dios, your God and mine - go climb that temple and see our mighty jaguar that you have come all of this way to see and always wanted to see!"

"And you may be among the last to see it. I will not go with you, but you have my blessing, on behalf of my people.  In your case, showing us so much respect, we are happy to share it with you,  you're the right kind of people."  😊

In return, I told him that when at the top, after climbing the outside, I would kneel at their altar, but say a prayer of repentance to my God, asking for forgiveness for what for what we did to their people.

I also promised Abel that like him, I would never set foot in St. Gervasio, built with stolen stones from Chichen Itza.

And I did exactly that.  I don't think I mentioned kneeling at the altar in the post, but I did exactly that, not caring what anyone thought about it.

Anyway, the update - so I just now learned that they did indeed close El Castillo/Temple of Kukulcan to the public in 2006 - you are no longer allowed to climb the inside to see the jaguar, nor climb the outside to the altar.

Which means that in fact, Abel was right - I am among the last of the general public  to ever climb to the top, both inside and outside!

I don't consider myself a lucky person at all; in fact, quite the opposite.

But what a privilege, what a blessing, right? 

And I'm so grateful that I received an authentic Mayan's blessing to do so!

I don't have a picture of the jaguar (flash photography was not allowed inside the temple, plus there was literally a chain-link fence in front of it) -  but here I am, having just descended from the top, both hands raised in some combination of the triumph of having climbed it, gratitude, and pure joy πŸ˜Š

Friday, May 31, 2024

Don't Forget, Trumpers ....


This was a grand-jury trial - more importantly, the jurors were preapproved by Trump's lawyers

I'm not saying that juries never get it wrong - I'm just saying that the narrative being spun that all 12 jurors were all Democrats and/or the trial was "rigged" by Democrats doesn't hold, nor does blaming the judge - the jury decides guilt or innocence, not the judge - the judge only does the sentencing.

So if you believe Trump is innocent and you want to blame  someone for the verdict, blame his lawyers - they prepapproved the jury. 

They also did a terrible job defending him.  All they had were character assassinations, which may work on social media to sway public opinion, but not in a courtroom. 

And of course, Trump's inability to stop publicly attacking the judge, the witnesses, the jurors, didn't help his case. 

Otherwise, that's all I have to say about that, because this will probably fall on deaf ears.

Because after watching a Netflix show on  the Shekinah/7M cult called "Dancing For the Devil," I realized it's not just a joke anymore - Trump supporters really do have a cult mentality, they check every box.

Thus, they will continue to believe in Trump and give him money and support, despite evidence, despite proof, despite everyone else being able to see the problem, and we know that pushing people in denial only makes them angry.

With cult mentality, nothing you say makes any difference - they won't see it until they're ready to see it. 

Former actual cult members will tell you it's usually just one thing that finally does it, one line crossed that they saw for themselves and can't make excuses for anymore, and that 'one thing' is dependent upon each individual's values. Thus, some will never see it. 

Otherwise, for the sake of transparency, I had a post I had written about a week ago, but parked it in draft for the sake of a family member. 


PS - No, it was not me that left an anonymous comment elsewhere.  I haven't commented anywhere lately, but especially not that site, not in years, and I don't leave anonymous comments.

Though I do love that verse, and have quoted it before -  "For what doth is profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul" (Mark 8:36) - that was NOT me, though I'm glad to hear that someone else gets it.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trump's "Unified Reich" Video Pulled from Truth Social

 Of course Fox News and other right-wing press didn't mention this, but everyone else is - and by "everyone else," I don't mean just liberal press and late-night talk show hosts -  I mean publications that don't typically make politics their focus, like Rolling Stone, all Jewish-organization press, and even some local news outlets, who normally restrict their political news to election results or campaign visits. 

So Trump's Truth Social account posted a video that said that Trump's victory would bring a "unified Reich." 

The video was pulled after public backlash and Trump's campaign  camp later said that a staffer posted it while he was in court and didn't see the "Reich" language.

Mmm hmm.

I believe that it was a staff member on this one, that's true - because he really was in court. 

However, everyone who has ever testified about anything with Trump says that he is a micromanager - nothing is said, posted, done, or paid, without his approval and consent.

And even if that were 100% true, that tells you how lacking in detail-orientation, fact-checking, and critical-thinking skills his camp actually is before they push stuff. 

On the other hand, I have always thought if we ever did have another Hitler on our hands, they would be sneakier with the white supremacist language, dancing around the same language that Hitler used so as to not draw comparisons. 

So did they really make a mistake or just get caught?

There has been no president during my lifetime that people revere like a deity as much as Trump - as they did with Hitler.

MAGATs - at what point of dastardliness are you finally going to  wake up and realize that Trump is not your Messiah?

Hopefully soon, before it's too late. 

(Though I know some that wouldn't care about this, either, they'd cheer this on, too.)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Giant Inflatable Rubber Duckie Rolls Across the Road ...

 ... during a storm in Frankenmuth, Michigan (Mark says it's also known as Christmas Town).

@accuweather Duck on the loose in Michigan πŸ₯⁣ πŸŽ₯: @Gresties ⁣ #wind #michigan #windy #storm #duck #funny #unusual #weather #accuweather ♬ original sound - AccuWeatherπŸ˜‚


Like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, only a giant inflatable Rubber Duckie.


PS - What It's Like to Have a Colonoscopy with Polyps Removed

So over the past couple of days, I've talked to quite a few people  over 45 who are afraid of getting a colonoscopy, and who have asked me what it's like to have a colonoscopy, as well as polyps removed. 

Honestly, it's not as bad as you think.

The worst part is the prep, but even that is 10x better than it was than when I had one 25 years ago.  

You used to have to drink like a 2-gallon jug of Colyte and the cleansing was all day, and it was brutal.

Now, if you don't do the pills, its two vials of Suprep (which tastes like cough syrup) and water.

So you do clear liquids only the day before and one vial a few hours before bed the night before your procedure, and then you do  second vial on the morning of.

(I would recommend with clear liquids doing a half-a-cup of soup  broth every hour to keep you satiated.  Don't wait until you get hungry to do it, go ahead keep the soup flowing to prevent hunger.)

As for the procedure itself, you're asleep, which is also better than 25 years ago.  Back then, I woke up several times, but they now use propofol (injected into your IV) and you won't wake until in recovery.  

And let me tell you something - that will the best nap of your life!  

Seriously, you'll be a bit groggy for an hour or so, but will awake more refreshed than you have maybe even in years. 

Although my mom has had a colonoscopy previously, she didn't have polyps removed, so she asked me how I felt now, and I said, "Like someone went up my bum and clipped stuff out." πŸ˜‚

Actually, that's not bad either - and especially if you have more than one polyp removed and depending on where they are, you may have a bit of cramping, bloating, and slight bleeding.

(I had 3 - two in the transverse colon, one in the sigmoid colon.  They were 2-3 mm in size.  I originally wrote "cm" in the post below, but meant "mm," and I've edited it.)

Men,  if you've ever wondered what a period feels like to have, this is similar - although I've had worse menstrual cramps, believe me!

The polyp-removal sites can take up to a week to fully heal, but usually within 24-48 hours, you're fine.  In fact, though it hasn't been 24 hours, I'm going back to work in about 10 minutes, because like I said, I've had worse menstrual cramps!

It's not a super fun party, but if you have a family history of colon cancer and/or experience a change in bowel habits, such that a FIT test (Cologuard) won't suffice, then DO IT!!!

In some cases, this could save your life - polyps after a certain size can be precancerous or cancerous, and removing these solves the problem.

Even if a cancerous polyp or actual tumor was detected (as was the unfortunate gentleman in recovery next to me), if cancerous and caught early enough, colon cancer is one of the few cancers we can actually cure at a 91% rate, typically with tumor removal surgery alone and no chemo/immunotherapy (if stage I)!

So think of it this way - a little discomfort now can save you a world of pain later, and could even save your life!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Colonoscopy Results

 Had the colonoscopy today, and the results were:

1)  3 sessile polyps, 2-3 mm (likely benign, removed).  


2)  2 areas of diverticulosis (considered "mild.")


3)  The doc said my colon was "tortuous" (yes, it is πŸ˜‚) 
No, "tortuous" not "torturous." In medical terminology,  "tortuous" means "(full of) bends/twists/turns."  Doc said it was likely due to chronic IBS-D (diarrhea).   


4)  Though one polyp was in the sigmoid colon, and diverticulosis can cause pelvic pain and constipation, neither can explain prior level of constipation - however - he did say that Sjogren's syndrome can play a role as it affects bowel motility, and another possibility is the IBS-D that I had previously could have switched to IBS-C (constipation), post menopause.

I just have to come back in 5 years for maintenance/removal.

But at least it's not colon cancer - whew! 

FYI, Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder where your body attacks its own mucosa, and it is closely associated with joint  inflammation/swelling as well. 

It typically and mostly affects the eyes and mouth (or at least initial presentation), and often remains there, but it can also affect other mucosa such the GI system, lungs, and kidneys, and in very rare cases, the heart. 

Often initial immunology/rheumatology labs are negative; in fact, people diagnosed with Sjogren's only have positive labs 25% of the time upon initial presentation (but may be positive later, as the disease progresses).  The most definitive test for Sjogren's is a salivary-gland biopsy, but even this is positive only 50% of the time with early Sjogren's.  

Thus, the diagnosis is usually made by a rheumatologist, essentially after a constellation of positive objective signs and symptoms (swollen neck glands, dry eyes, dry mouth, visible joint swelling.)

As for Sjogren's syndrome and me, we're not sure yet, currently being worked up. 

I had extremely dry eyes for 5 years and had been taking eyedrops, as well as Raynaud's phenomenon for 10 years, as well as sudden joint pain flares. 

But it wasn't until last year, after tongue soreness, a chronic sore throat, and a swollen neck gland for 3 months, that an ENT did a nasolaryngoscopy and a CT scan.  

Despite first-line lab tests for Sjogren's, she said that she still strongly suspected Sjogren's.  I was advised that the next steps would be a rheumatologist and a salivary-gland biopsy.

However, after antihistamines, the gland swelling went away, and I figured I'd wait until a major flare to get the biopsy, because it's not fun, they're not cheap, and are only definitive 50% of the time in early Sjogren's anyway.  

Thus, I may go ahead and get that referral to a rheumatologist, if the  problem persists, but for right now, I'm just celebrating that it's not colon cancer! 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

WaPo Article: "Children Who Remember Past Lives?" ...


*PS added with Mark's input.

Sometimes, when there's nothing on TV and we're bored, my husband and I will watch like ... crazy doorbell cam videos, or listen to to spooky "creepy pasta" stories on YouTube.  I don't know, we just like to scare the crap out of ourselves for fun, I guess? πŸ˜‚

Anyway, after watching one tonight, I saw a "suggested" video about children who remember their past lives.  

I didn't watch it, because I generally don't believe in this sort of thing, but this reminded me of an article I read in the Washington Post a week or so ago.

I couldn't believe this subject was being taken so seriously by the WP!

Now, let me first start by saying that although I love the idea of souls getting recycled in second chances - and I respect that many religions believe in reincarnation - I think that when adults especially talk this way, about past-life regression and remembering their past lives, they're full of caca!  πŸ˜‚

Because no one is ever just like Joe Schmo the vacuum cleaner salesman or Jane Doe the milkmaid, in their past lives, no - they're always some famous historical figure like Cleopatra or Genghis Khan or something! πŸ˜‚

Of course, I can't say this is BS with 100% certainty, because I can't prove it.  But I think even if that were true, you likely wouldn't remember it -  would you?  

I mean, that would defeat the whole point of being given a clean slate to try again, right? 

Plus, most people that believe this stuff also believe that you actually chose your new parents/new life.

Although I love the idea of children dying in childhood getting a new life, I also think - if that's true, then WTF was I thinking, willfully choosing the family I was born into?  πŸ˜‚

So nope - not a believer - although I can't rule anything out because I don't know and who says I'm right?

However, when it comes to children, I admit, I have seen a couple of those videos in times past, with very young children giving detailed information they shouldn't know at such young ages and they are intriguing  - one was actually featured on the respected news program, 60 Minutes, a few years ago.

Though spooky, I still wasn't convinced - I thought the child probably once said something odd or spooky while using their imagination, as young children often do, and the parents - who were already likely inclined to believe in this sort of thing - filled in the gaps.

However, in the article in the Washington Post,  I learned that the University of Virginia has a whole department to investigate this in children called "DOPS" or "Department of Perceptual Studies -  can you believe it? 

In fact, here is the head of DOPS at UVA, Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Jim Tucker, giving a presentation on "confirmed" cases.

Apparently, children between the ages of 2 and 5 are the most legit, and it mostly fades with time.

Well, children at this age do say some spooky-ass stuff, sometimes - but like I said, I think that mostly the parents try to make it make sense, make it fit, i.e., the child says they see someone you can't and the mom likes to believe it's her dead mother or something, right?

Other times, it's imaginary friends.  Or weird pictures they drew.

Even babies do some weird stuff sometimes.

For example, when my daughter was an infant, just like other babies, she used to look up at nothing on the ceiling and smile and babble to it, as if there was someone or something there.  In fact, most babies tend to do this.

I would say "What you smiling it, Bubby? You see something up there?"

My grandmother would say "She's talking to the angels!"

I'd say "You talking to little baby angels, up there, some baby cherubs?  Hi, baby angels, thank you!"

It's a lovely thought, but I didn't believe it. I just thought I should cover my bases πŸ˜‚

Now, the little boy in the video who believed he had been a pilot in WWII in a Corsair, flying in the South Pacific was intriguing.  

The details he gave, such as it being a Corsair, were impossible for a child under 5 to know - and they did indeed match up with a real person, after Dr. Tucker investigated it. 

This specific person had not been discussed in any news story or documentary, just generally as far as war events.

Weird, right? 

And here's another one, with British actor-comedian, John Cleese, interviewing Dr. Tucker.  (Yes, that John Cleese, from Monty Python fame.  I'm not sure why he's interviewing Dr. Tucker, but he is nonetheless. )

Apparently, while many cases have been attributed to exactly what I said - parents beliefs influencing the child - there supposedly are cases that are both uncanny with details about a non-famous deceased person that the child believes is themselves in a former life, which are unexplained. 

Again - though still not convinced, it's intriguing. 

However, I will say this, too - all of this reminded me of a dream I had in my early 20s that I hadn't thought about in a very long time - in fact, I'd never told my husband, Mark, about it because it's been so long. .

It was very vivid, very detailed - it seemed so real.

The weirdest part about it is I have never had a dream, before or since, where I was literally someone else entirely (at least not that I remember).  

Also, there was no one and nothing in the dream from my current life or whom I'd ever met.  

You know how usually, there's at least one person or one location in dreams that are familiar?

Not this time - there was literally nothing and no one familiar to me - completely different person, completely different life, in a time period before I was  born..

Now, before I tell the actual dream, I need to state that despite being a movie buff, for some reason, I've avoided Vietnam War movies at all costs.   

I've watched war movies about all other wars (especially since my husband was an Army ranger) - just not Vietnam movies. If he turns anything about Vietnam on, I leave the room.  I never thought there was anything to it other than the sheer lack of necessity for this war.

But there really wasn't any particular reason, at least that went through my head - I just didn't want to.

In fact, to this day, though a film buff and once dabbled with the idea of being a screenwriter - I have never seen Apocalypse Now, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill or even Born of the Fourth of July, any other Vietnam-War or post-Vietnam-War themed movies.  

Thus, the only Vietnam-War movies I have ever seen are "Good Morning, Vietnam" because Robin Williams was in it and brought humor, as well as Jacob's Ladder, which isn't so much about the Vietnam War, but the after effects of LSD testing on soldiers, which I didn't really want to see, but my boyfriend at the time did..

So all of those movies had come out in the 80s, and even GMV and JL were in the late 80s, and it was now the early 90s.

All of this to say, the dream wasn't because I had just watched a Vietnam War movie or news story, no one in my house had watched a Vietnam War movie, and no one had been discussing it.

Anyway, in the dream, I was a male journalist/clerk for the U.S. Army in Vietnam.  I may have been a photojournalist, because I had a camera on my desk, too, I'm not sure. That may have just been a hobby.

I even knew my full name, for years after this dream, but I can't remember it now.  

I want to say something like "Jacob" and "Henry"  in some order, but I'm not sure -  because that doesn't sound right, though, I can't really remember.  I used to know it in full, for years after the dream, but it's been years since I even thought about it.

Also, I think I was Jewish?

And I also knew the date. I used to know the exact date and time, but all I remember now is that it was April 1968.

I remember that I was drafted, but I was very anti-war and somewhat pissed that I had to tell certain stories in certain ways to keep morale, rather than the truth of what was really going on there, and not being allowed to talk about that with anyone. 

Anyway, I was in a tent, talking to my CO, just shooting the shit - when wham, a blast went off when he was literally mid-sentence. 

When I regained consciousness, there was nothing left of what had been there before - no tent, no CO, no nothing - and I couldn't hear anything, just loud ringing in my ears and a throbbing headache.


I scanned around the camp, and there was nothing left.  I could see the hills, the trees, the smoke - and bodies and body parts everywhere.  

I recognized that there was blood all over me, but I couldn't feel anything except a throbbing headache, so I couldn't decide if it was mine or someone else's.

As my hearing came back, I could hear a cart coming over the hill and I noticed it was full of dead bodies.  

From the other direction, a group of men were shouting in Vietnamese and I realized that it was Viet Cong.  They were maybe half a mile away, but I could see them bayonetting the bodies, to make sure they were dead. 

So I made the split-second decision to run to the cart full of dead bodies.  I took out the cigarettes I somehow still had in my shirt pocket that somehow survived, pantomiming asking if I could get inside the cart, and he took the cigarettes and nodded.

Then I hopped on the cart and proceeded to bury myself beneath the dead bodies, pretending to be dead myself, to escape notice by the Viet Cong.

I laid in the cart, not making a sound, trying not to think about the dead men covering me.  

I could hear the cart wheels squeak.  I kept completely still, with my eyes shut as if I were dead, just in case - but I did open them a couple of times as we went along, and I could see with one eye, the trees and sky above me.

Finally, the cart stopped, and the Vietnamese man banged on the cart.  I sat up, and he pointed in a certain direction through the trees  and motioned for me to go that way.

I got up - and ran that direction, through the trees, as fast as I could.

After a running for what seemed like hours, I stumbled into a Med Unit camp and collapsed.  

The next thing I remember was that I awoke in a cot in a med tent.  I could hear the whir of a little fan they had in the room.  

And the doctor speaking to me, asking me if I could tell him my name and  the date. 

Then he told me that I had a head injury, that part of my brain was exposed from the blast, but I was really lucky to be alive.  He told me I had a brain infection that they were trying to get under control, but they weren't able to do surgery, they didn't have what they needed, right now.

I asked for a mirror to see my head, I don't know why.  I think because all I knew is that my head had been throbbing, but had no idea the injury was that bad and wanted to see it.  I asked for my glasses, which had been in my jacket pocket with the cigarettes, now on the tray beside me.

They were little round John Lennon glasses.  

Then I saw myself - also early 20s, very thin, with light blue-green eyes and dark hair, just like I have now - but my hair was short and naturally curly.  

I had a big gauze wrap around my head, so I couldn't see the head injury.

After that, I was in and out of consciousness, burning up with fever, then shaking with chills, nurses doing their best to help me.

Then, one morning, with the doctor talking to the nurses around me, everything suddenly went gray, and then black - and then bright white.

At that point, I realized - I died.

And then I woke up from the dream, in a cold sweat.

Now, I figured I must've heard something, somewhere, just before this dream.  Maybe a news story about Vietnam had been on in the other room that I didn't realize my subconscious heard?

Maybe something on the radio?

There had to be something that triggered this dream, right?  

Then again, like I said, I have never before or since, had a dream where I wasn't myself, and had no people or locations from my current life, so it makes you wonder. 

Oh, and by the way?

I was born in December of 1968 - eight months after the events in the dream happened.

Spooky, right? 


PS - My husband's input to this, who was an Army Ranger (not in Vietnam)  ...

So Mark is Catholic and thus doesn't believe in reincarnation, but has a theory - he wonders if when I was a very young child, perhaps I heard the news stories and they were buried in my subconscious?

Ya know, he may be right -  that's a very real possibility. 

He also said the movie Full Metal Jacket - which again, I've never seen - is from the perspective of an Army journalist, so perhaps I heard about it?  However, he said, the story itself is completely different.

HOWEVER -  he said though that may explain it, he does find the level of accurate detail uncanny.

He was also struck that the dream played out like a memory, in order of events, rather than the way dreams often do, where you're dreaming about one thing and then switches to something else.  

It really did play out like a true memory, a full story with a beginning and an end, and nothing dream-weird, it all made sense (as much as you can of war).

And the fact that I was a completely different person - he said he's never in his life had a dream like that, where he was literally someone else.

Regardless, among the details he said were 100% accurate were:

1)  Though not in Vietnam, as an Army Ranger, he was in close proximity to several blasts - and your ears do indeed ring and you are essentially deaf for minutes to hours afterwards.  
2)  Viet Cong did indeed bayonet slain soldiers to make sure they were dead, using the Chinese-made SKS rifles. 
3)  Local villagers were indeed paid to collect the dead in the fields, carting them away, on both sides. 
4) Some soldiers did indeed hide among these body carts to avoid capture. 
5) These carts were often stopped and inspected by Viet Cong to ensure there were no live soldiers hiding. 
6)  Cigarettes were used as currency, both among soldiers and locals. 
7)  Medical staff in Vietnam did indeed chronically run short on medical supplies, even worse than in Korea. 

I swear to you, the only thing I knew of these things was that cigarettes and liquor were used as currency with other soldiers and locals, only because that's common during wartime.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Note To Self - 10 Things I DON'T Hate About Me

If I'm honest, I wrote so much here today, not just because of Louisville news garnering national attention, nor even the disheartening news of finding the body of Shani Louk, though those things are important - but it's because I'm trying to distract myself from drowning under the weight of self-damnation today.

I realized several mistakes I made, today, and then beyond my embarrassment (which is kind of a chronic state for me anyway), beyond my anxiety, I then began going down an old familiar path of telling myself of how much I suck at life in general, and going over the long laundry list of things at which I suck. 

However, because others depend on me, I realized long ago that I need to cut short this line of thinking, which only leads to a downward spiral into shame, depression and thus immobility, so that I can be present for the things I still need to do - so I developed a coping strategy that is simply distracting myself from these feelings, as well as channeling that anxiety into something else. 

But the truth is -  distraction doesn't work for too long, either - those old "you suck" thoughts tend to creep back in and get even louder until I deal with them. 

Now, cognitive behavioral therapy will tell you to argue with yourself on those self-damning thoughts, but I find it difficult to find a good argument against why I don't suck.

However, I spoke to my little sister a bit about this today, about how we both panic when we realize we effed up and become overwhelmed by it, and where this comes from in our family.

We didn't point fingers at a who, just a what - a family mentality that only some of us have become aware of (through therapy).

Although my little sister and I had different experiences, growing up, in both of our experiences, a common thread is there was at least one dysfunctional family member - or members, in my case, as the family scapegoat - who would not allow you to NOT feel like a total loser because you made a mistake or had a poor moment (despite  the fact they had a "poor moment" nearly every day and couldn't admit or apologize for a thing, if their life depended on it.)

In other words, it was never enough to say "You're right, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that" - they weren't satisfied until you were curled up in a fetal position on the floor, admitting what a horrible human being you were.

And God forbid you really didn't do whatever it was or there was a reason you took that path - or worse - that what you said/did was in self-defense from them.

So you realized, over time, it would go better for you, them, and the whole family if you just convinced yourself everything is all your fault and you're just crap.

This is despite the fact that rarely is anything ever just one person's fault in groups, it's usually a group dynamic or mentality - but dysfunctional families like to believe there is. 

And oddly enough, scapegoats of groups are actually usually the most powerless and most vulnerable of the group -  but try telling that to dysfunctional families/groups that need to believe otherwise.

Because if they didn't have a scapegoat, they'd have to take a look at themselves, which is way too scary for such personalities, right? 

So if I tried to do the healthy thing instead of graveling for their forgiveness on the floor for hours, and instead said something like ...  

"Okay, I did this, I apologized profusely, and yet that's not enough.  It's not even about this one issue anymore.  Now, you're just running down a laundry list of how much I suck in general."

 "Yes, I effed up - but I'm not always an eff-up. You forget, I did THIS well" -

... these certain members would not allow it.  

They'd find a way to tear that one thing down, too, why it wasn't really a positive, because again, these particular family members aren't satisfied until you admit you're a horrible, selfish loser overall - and, of course, that your behavior existed in a vacuum -  no one else did/said anything just before that, particularly not themselves. 

So we talked about that old family dynamic, and our old responses to it - how those MUST be removed from new non-familial situations first, before reacting -  lest we carry in things stuck to the bottom of our shoes, into situations where they don't belong, like dog poo (which I also did today). 

Now, sometimes, after coming from a family like ours, we genuinely do gravitate towards similar abusive personalities out of familiarity, or even just run into another personality like that in happenstance - BUT - we can't assume that everyone will be like that. Sometimes it takes time to find out.

Or as my little sister put it (paraphrasing):  

"Admit your mistake and apologize, yeah -  but this isn't brain surgery, it's not literally a matter of life and death, here, not the end of the world, so no need to fall upon your own sword like a sacrificial lamb in a situation that may not require it."

"I get it, you overreacted to a mistake and it's embarrassing, I've done it too, but that doesn't mean you suck overall. Not everyone is like our family. You don't know yet, wait and see, maybe it'll blow over.  Maybe they're like normal people who realize you had a poor moment, but that there's more to you than one mistake, one poor reaction moment. "

And then of course I argued with that, because it's more than one mistake I make, thus making my own tally of wrongs πŸ˜‚

Regardless, after this conversation with my little sister - thank you, R, love you - and after realizing that I was  trying to distract myself from self-damnation by channeling my anxiety into other things rather than deal with it - I decided I am going to write a list of some things that I think I can do well that I can refer to, regardless of what anyone else thinks, however short the list is 

Also, this list is not always/never, either/or - because no one is every always this or that, we all have poor moments and bad days. 

Regardless, I will refer to this list, going forward: 

1)  I am generally a naturally kind, thoughtful person, who gives others the same benefit of the doubt that I'd like  them to give me - even when others cannot, do not, and are not.  
(See, I want to argue with myself on this one already about times when I have let her rip on unkind people, but I'm resisting that urge!) 


2)  I am smart about certain things. 


3) I have a good sense of humor and can be funny. 


4)  On those rare times my anxiety doesn't overwhelm me, I can communicate well, particularly in writing.  


5)   I'm fair-minded and open-minded - I can usually see  where others are coming from/see many perspectives on issues, even if I don't agree  - so similarly to #4, when my anxiety doesn't short-circuit me, I can be very diplomatic, a good mediator, and actually diffuse angry people.


6)  Conversely, one of the benefits of having PTSD is that when there is an actual emergency, we can shut our anxieties and feelings off completely, go into autopilot - think faster and get shit done, when everyone else is panicking.  (Our brains learned to do this during original trauma).  
So though everyday life problems can make me shake, during an actual emergency, you'd want me, or somebody else with PTSD, on your side, because this is the only time we kick ass. 


7)  I can be good at comforting people when sad, hurting, sick, or embarrassed (just not myself).  


8)  I'm resourceful, I had to be - so I can quickly and logically solve problems (again, when my anxiety isn't in overdrive).


9)  Despite everything I've been through in life, I am not bitter - I still believe in kind people, as well as that kindness is the best response to cruelty - I refuse to catch their angry, bitter disease. 


10) If nothing else, I'm not fake - I'm pretty genuine. I will sing your praises all day, but if you do something I don't care for, you're probably going to hear about that, too, as gently as I can (usually). 


What you see is what you get, with me - for better or for worse  πŸ˜‚

So that's it.  

Yes, my list of flaws and mistakes is literally 5x as long, but I'm not going there right now, so can I just focus for two seconds on this list  of 10 things I DON'T hate about me?  

(And no - that question is NOT meant for certain abusive family members, former exes and/or former bosses.  In fact, y'all can STFU, still living rent free in my head  πŸ˜‚)

Now THIS Is Becoming Interesting: Louisville Metro PD Just Arrested the World's Top Men's Golfer, Scottie Scheffler

*PS added - yes, this has, in fact, turned into the socioeconomic/political nightmare that I knew it would, at least here in Kentucky.  

Trumpers are actually trying to blame Governor Beshear now!  πŸ˜‚

Well, that's the name of this Trump game:  When something bad happens - even if it's the consequences from your own actions -  blame a Democrat πŸ˜‚


Speaking of "tribal mentality" in the post below ... 

I actually started this post early this morning, but then had to work for a bit, then got the news we all were hoping wasn't the case about Shani (below post).

It's interesting because of the different ways people are responding to this news about Scottie - and thus, it is somewhat similar in subject matter to my post below about the assumptions we humans tend to make, based on our wrongful tribalism bias. 

Regardless, what we know thus far is that the world's top-ranked men's golfer, Scottie Scheffler, was arrested by Louisville Metro PD,  early this morning, after he attempted to drive around halted traffic - which was caused by a crash that killed a pedestrian - in order to get to Louisville's "Valhalla" Golf Club to play in the Men's PGA tournament.

We also know that he is charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals (from a cop directing traffic).

What I find interesting is the different ways this is being reported from different press, as well as social media

Some are being sympathetic to Scottie, calling it a "misunderstanding" on Scottie's part, implying that LMPD assaulted him, not the other way around.  (The Athletic and ESPN  - commentators and correspondents, I'm talking to you - not the articles themselves.)

In fact, Scottie himself is now saying it was a "huge misunderstanding" and he "didn't mean" to ignore the police.

So he didn't see the police standing in the middle of the middle of the road in reflective, bright yellow jackets, nor their police car lights on, at 6:30 a.m. ???

All righty. 

If that's the case, he was that focused on the tournament, then maybe he shouldn't have been driving himself there at all?

Others are making Scottie sound entitled (social media).

Still others - like our local newspaper, the Lexington Herald Leader, and the NYT - are just reporting the facts so far (despite crediting The Athletic for first reporting the story):  Scottie drove around stopped traffic and police cars in order to get to the tournament, was arrested for it, and thus the formal charges - period.

Now - what we DO have to keep in mind here is history - remember that LMPD got international attention for police brutality and attempted coverup over the Breonna Taylor shooting.

However, I must admit that I also have a bias that I need to remove first - perhaps even an irrational disdain - for the wolf packs that come in the form of overprivileged white male American golfers. πŸ˜‚

There are reasons for that which I won't go into now, but for now, but let's start with the fact that this Louisville golf club is called "Valhalla."

For those who aren't aware of Viking mythology, "Valhalla" is Viking heaven - and you can only get there after dying honorably in battle, with your sword still in your hand. 

Erm - golf isn't even a contact "battle" sport, you don't have to be physically fit to play it, and all you're doing is hitting tiny balls in small holes with little metal sticks?!? πŸ˜‚

But apparently, that gets you into Louisville's Valhalla - that and  the fact that you're rich enough to afford the exorbitant country club fees - a fortune that wasn't necessarily, or even usually, obtained through hard work rather than inheritance, especially here in Kentucky.

But I digress ...

So WAS Scottie behaving like an overprivileged entitled celebrity, driving past halted traffic after a fatal car accident and assaulting a police officer?

- OR -  

Was LMPD overly aggressive and assaulted him, as is their history?

As for the actual assault, who assaulted whom - we need the body cam for that.

Otherwise, for now, I'm going with likely a little bit of both are true here.

But I tell you what we are NOT going to do, is automatically assume that Scottie was an innocent little white celebrity,  just minding his own business, when cops attacked him for no reason.

Because did you all do the same for Breonna Taylor - who really was just innocent, minding her business in her own apartment - when LMPD raided her home and shot her in her bed sleeping, over a mistaken identity?

No, you did not - and WHY not?

Also, you know dang well that if this was anyone else who wasn't a rich, famous athlete, they definitely wouldn't be out just an hour later, just to play in a golf tournament - particularly if black.

And that is the problem in America - we assume that rich white male men are innocent and "misunderstood" the laws rather than broke them.

Thus, though I'm still gonna hold on who assaulted whom -  I'm NOT going to automatically assume innocence, either, just because he's a famous, rich, white golfer and we're dealing with the LMPD.

At the very least, Scottie needs to own his shit on what he DID do, regardless of whether he saw the cop or not - which is try to drive around halted traffic to get to his precious tournament, as if he, and where he is going - is more important than everyone else.

Well, he did finally get to Valhalla, but not through the honor of battle πŸ˜‚ - and I don't know how heavenish it's going to be for him today, after that, in addition to pouring rain.

How much better would this story have turned out if he had just respected the traffic halt due to a fatal car accident, instead of driving around it to get to that tournament?

Then, instead of an entitled a-hole, he'd be a selfless human being for having respected the fact that there had been a fatal accident and waited his turn, like everyone else - but he didn't. 


PS - Yep, this has turned into the socioeconomic/political nightmare that I predicted, especially here in Kentucky.

GOP golf fans are now trying to blame our (Democrat) governor, Andy Beshear for Scottie's "poor treatment."


What the heck did the governor have to do with any of this? 

That's hilarious - and sad.  

When anything bad happens, blame (scapegoat) a Democrat.

Oh, yeah  - Governor Beshear totally caused a fatal car accident to prevent Scottie Scheffler - who no one knew was a Republican until now (but we could've guessed) - to sabotage him in the tournament.

Y'all know that's ... completely insane, right?

No - again, if your boy had followed the rules, like everyone else, instead of trying to drive around police at the site of a fatal accident to get to a golf tournament, then none of this would've happened!