Friday, October 16, 2020

This Just in From my Brother-in-Law in L.A.: GOP Ordered by California AG to Cease Setting Up Fake Ballot Boxes ...

Here's the link ... and he, and his friends, have seen these fake absentee ballot boxes the California GOP put up, himself/themselves.

He added that they are ignoring this order from the Cali AG - and that their likely actual goal with the fake ballot boxes is likely to just burn those votes at their midnight KKK bonfire rally! 


Here's the thing - my brother-in-law is a very successful senior financial advisor for a very large, "universally" known company in L.A., and is officially still a registered Republican and still adheres to the original party platform  - but didn't vote for/can't stand Trump and what he's done to the party and the conservative platform -  particularly in terms of ethics, racism, federal government abuse of power when they're supposed to be against it, cronyism, the spread of Russian-style dysinformation, and denying science.  

So much so, that he's toying with the idea of officially changing his party affiliation to Democrat, he's so done with modern Trump and Trump Republicans.

Now, if that doesn't tell you something about the lack of ethics, dishonesty, and corruption of Trump and neoconservatives, I don't know what will. 


If the absentee ballots you are sent don't tell you exactly where the official, authorized ballot boxes actually are, your local and state government website will - please make sure you are dropping your boxes at an authorized location. 

If you are gullible and stupid enough to put your absentee ballot in any old box marked "ballot box," just because because Trump-style Republicans tell you it's official -  you're stupid and gullible enough to believe I'm Mother Theresa reincarnated.

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