Thursday, October 8, 2020

COVID Meds Trump Received Were Tested Using ELECTIVELY ABORTED FETAL TISSUE ...

Conservative Catholics? 

Trump evangelicals?

Got anything to say about this?

Your boy took COVID medications that are tested for receptivity by using electively aborted fetal kidney tissue.

(The link is to CBS News - but you're welcome to use the source of your choice - except as per usual, Fox News hasn't mentioned it yet.)

The president received Regeneron's "antibody cocktail," as well as the antiviral medication, Remdesivir - despite both medications being tested for receptivity by using electively aborted human fetal tissue.

To be clear - the medications themselves do NOT contain human fetal tissue - but the drugs ARE developed by first testing them using electively aborted fetal tissue. 

Just the other day, Trump oddly touted the drugs, as well as getting COVID in general, as "blessings from God."

To be fair -  I didn't know the drugs were tested in this manner - so it's possible he didn't either - but it's not likely.

That is because just last year, his own administration said they would no longer support public funding for science that used human fetal tissue

So ... you're telling me that someone in his administration just suddenly stopped tracking that?

Do you think he have taken them, even if he did know, to save himself?

We'll likely never know.

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