Tuesday, October 13, 2020

PS - Nope, X-Ray Revealed It Was a Fracture ...

They just called me - it's definitely a fracture - specifically, a cuboid avulsion fracture.    

Being a medical transcriptionist, I knew the injury was to the cuboid area, but hoped for a ligament sprain rather than a true bone fracture. Nope!

Like I said, I'm pretty good with pain, so I'm walking around in it like nothing happened (like an idiot when I shouldn't be), albeit slower.  But you know, there's stuff you've gotta do, still.

I thought it couldn't be broken, because the pain wasn't too severe and I could walk - but then again, I did hear what I thought was a crack, versus a pop, when I fell.

Is that not the dumbest way to break your foot you've ever heard? 

I wish I could say that it was because I was running a 10K, or even my cycling, but no - my foot was asleep and I tried to walk and fell lol.

Sigh - well, learn from me - never try to walk when you're foot's completely asleep - not the pins and needles kind of asleep, but completely lost feeling, asleep - AND I need to stop sitting on my leg/foot lol.

And the thing is, this is an usual bone to break, it's fairly uncommon - so we're going to check for osteoporosis, because often foot fractures are the first sign osteoporosis, but this is often in the absence of injury completely.  

(FYI, osteoporosis is more common in women during and after menopause, especially small-framed white women, so I'm on the lookout for that, currently being in menopause - with the risk going up as I get older. 

Ah, getting older and menopause, as IF realizing that not only are you losing your youthful appearance, vitality, and child-bearing ability, but you're losing most of your pre-menopause health protection bone wise, immunity wise, and cardiovascular wise, for extra fun - so much to look forward to!  

Well, I love you anyway, God.  However, sometimes, it doesn't seem you love us women back, but I'm still in hopes you do lol.  

In fact,  I'm thinking you DO value us for more than just child-bearing and appearance, or you wouldn't have given us brains and voices as well - so it's only wrongful human perspective that limits us /makes us feel we are losing value as women after a certain age ;) 

However, until I talk to the ortho and find out, I'll just chalk this up to being most likely due to the foot being asleep, folding in when I tried to walk, and I fell on it.  Leave it to me to have a weird injury! lol. 

Thus, referred to Orthopedics now, no cycling for a while - Argh!

However, the good news is, it's my left foot, when I use my right for my foot pedal for work.  Gotta be grateful for what you can, in this day and age, right?  :)

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