Saturday, April 29, 2023

An Inconvenient Truth ...


*Edited -  for typos and 2 other noteworthy reasons:

1)  The original screen shot of the Quora post didn't include the author's name - didn't realize I had somehow cropped that out when trying to fit the whole thing in the screen shot, it was NOT intentional.  I've redone the screen shot to include it :)
Having said that, as I had time to research him a little more, not sure I care for everything he says, but as I've said before, if I "canceled" every author that said or did something in their personal life I didn't like, then I'd have nothing left to read lol.
It's a percentage thing, I guess, or a majority thing - if the majority of the stuff you say or do doesn't make me want to hurl, I'll still read you lol. And even then, occasionally, a pearl can be gleaned still - even a broken clock is right twice a day :)
2)  The doorbell cam video, despite being featured in several crazy doorbell-cam compilation videos with backstories included - IS a parody -  originally done by a voice actress in order to promote herself!  
I wondered about that, especially because it's an apartment rather than a house, as I'd mentioned - but the compilation video I first saw it in included backstories, sometimes with real mug shot photos - but they obviously got this one wayyyy wrong lol.  

Sorry about that!

See, that's what I get for typing something quickly without researching content more first (and why I don't post as much here, less time) - but  I should know better - sorry about that!

In my one small defense, real life events sometimes seem like  SNL parodies, these days, don't they?  

Especially with today's politics, but I digress.

(Not to mention, I've actually met people like that lady, which apparently other people have too, which is why it's funny lol.)

Onto the original post ... 


So while my husband is out buying hiking boots for our walk later today (and weekend trip next weekend), I was doing a bit of online reading and decided to write a little blurb.

FYI, I used to go on these shoe trips with him, but then realized this take hours with him, because he's super picky! lol.  (To be fair, he kind of has to be, because he has had foot problems since childhood.)  

In fact, I don't even try to buy him shoes (or pants) anymore. Don't get me wrong, he likes my taste and everything else I buy him - shirts, sweaters, hats - just not pants and shoes, he has specific qualities on those for comfort, so I finally just gave up on those lol.

So anyway, I signed up for Quora to respond to something like eight years ago, judging by my profile picture? lol

That was before I finally understood that people were just posting contentious things to get attention and don't really want to hear what you have to say unless it agrees with them ;)

These days, I don't comment much of anywhere unless it's positive, because I figure other people already have putting out negative into the world covered lol.  

Mostly, I comment now only to say something positive, unless they've said something especially egregious (and I can tell they're serious, not just to be a calamity-creating troll) - then I might say something, because freedom of speech should go both ways.  

Because again, most people don't want to hear what you have to say unless you agree with them - and usually if they DO want to hear what I have to say, it's likely because they already know me in real life,  so they can read here and/or call/text/email me lol

(And again - the only reason I don't have my comments open is NOT because people might disagree with me, I can handle that - but  it's because of a persistent harassment problem - there's a difference between simple disagreement in freedom of speech  VS persistent harassment, yes?) 

On that note, though I rarely read these Quora emails, when they come to this old email, sometimes I do - mostly if they're about which celebrities are the biggest tippers or the nicest in person or something.

This one, though not expressly political, it still struck a cord as a simple truth in general, but especially about modern politics  - and apparently I'm not alone - 20K people upvoted it.

It's actually about HOAs, but delves into authoritarianism in general, and it's, well, brilliant :)

Now, first to the original, more specific point about just HOAs - personally, my only experience with an HOA is my stepmother, who once lamented, living in Florida, that the HOA people would come out and literally measure her hibiscus for regulatory height, and worse, the grass, to see if you were even a half-inch higher than regulation, and if so, you were fined!

They would come unannounced, not greet you or anything or even wave, just show up on your lawn with a ruler - totally creepy, and it was driving my stepmom crazy!

We used to call them the HOA Nazis lol.  

We must all assimilate, resistance is futile! lol

But then again, is anyone at all surprised that the HOAs in Florida are especially Nazi? lol

Sigh - wealthy white people who don't have enough to do or worry about, I guess, and often don't realize what real problems are!

Shortly after that, by coincidence, I watched a video with a montage of 30 crazy doorbell cam videos on YouTube. 

Most of them were genuinely scary, like attempted break-ins or drugged out people - but this was both creepy-crazy and hilarious, and I was later able to find just the clip of this kookaburra woman. 

I thought at first it was a parody, but as we know by the current state of politics, sometimes real life is its own parody.

*PS - It IS actually a parody, I just discovered, as mentioned above - but funny because we've all met people like this, unfortunately.


So this conservative-dressed lady -  clearly from the Great Lakes area, judging by her accent - with football helmet hair, in a cardigan - repeatedly began knocking on her neighbors' door - "Helloooo?  Knockity knock knock knock" - like,  trying to be nice, but also obviously in distress about the lawn - not a mowing problem, which would make sense somewhat - but the fact that they were not growing the same type of grass everyone else in the neighborhood did? 

Okay, so ... first of all, they clearly live in an apartment, so how much control would they have over the grass anyway?

Regardless, if the grass was never mowed or something, that's one thing, but that's not the issue - she just wanted them to use the same grass seed she did - she even brought a bag of her own grass seed! LOL

Then when she says she hasn't been sleeping because of the grass  type -  and then singing ... I nearly soiled myself laughing! 

(And you can hear the owners laughing, too LOL)

Remember, it's NOT even an HOA neighborhood!

See, this is why I'd unlikely ever live in a co-op or a community with an HOA (unless it's fairly lax) or anyplace too cookie-cutter rather than diverse - and also why I don't join private clubs or country clubs lol.   

Not because I plan on doing anything cuckoo with where I live, but because it's just so - elitist?

"Resistance is futile - assimilate!"

In fact, I'd be tempted to break one of the rules purposely, just to watch the neighborhood Nazis freak out, apparently not having any worse problems than that.

Now, our apartment community has rules, but they're fairly reasonable and only get enforced if someone is being unsafe or affecting their neighbors apartment adversely in some severe way ( especially intentionally or harassing them) -  and even then, only if it's chronic, not like one loud UK-win party or derby party that went too late or something, or one disagreement.

If anything, they are too lax sometimes, i.e, I do find it annoying that I can't park in front of my own apartment in the summer because  people that don't even live here (as evidenced by no sticker) are taking up all the parking spaces, so they can jump the fence for the pool.

However, management likes to investigate reasons why something happened first, like someone forgot their key card etc. or their cards have become demagnetized (which happens frequently), or they're family of people who live here.

To be honest, I'd actually rather they do that, investigate, and err on the side of being too lenient rather than too vigilant, if I had to choose, but they really could be better with their signage of where to park and consequences for people who don't live here taking up all our parking spaces, so they can use the pool. 

Mostly, though, they're just about doing what they can to prevent problems before they happen, rather than correct them later, i.e., they've just installed a 6 foot iron fence around the pool, rather than the 3-foot one, to prevent hopping and a call to the office first before entry if their key card doesn't work or is lost, etc.

Now -  to the bigger point made in the Quora post, I've had these observations myself about people, of course, especially in recent political times, as have many others - but nowhere have I seen them tied together so simply, but brilliantly, about the nature of people, regardless of political side, and this is this simple truth: 

Most people actually like dictatorships/authoritarianism and will  even vote for it, as long as the dictator agree with them! LOL

As for me, not a fan of authoritarianism, right or left - and for whatever reason, I can usually recognize it right away, from either political side (despite their best protests and self-deception otherwise).

Especially the extremes of fascism and/or theocracy VS. communism (the later of which in theory works, but in practice, has always historically ended up with a scary oligarchy that controls personal freedoms, too).

Because regardless of left or right, both extremes eventually lead to less rights, even death, for those who either disagree or are otherwise deemed unlike themselves - and the dictators always end up getting too power drunk and out of control.

The first two telltale signs of authoritarianism, IMO, are: 

1) There is no middle ground, no gray areas allowed - you  must tick every single box, you must assimilate - you're either for us or against us, either all in or all out  - and with government authoritarianism,   being "out" can be even punishable by death, eventually.  
2) They will always (falsely) claim that they are the ones being persecuted, despite being the majority, just because somebody stood up to them. 


I would like to shoot for good balance between regulation and allowance of personal freedoms (as long as they aren't harming others, physically or otherwise) based on common sense, rather based on than fear-mongering, vindictiveness, or power grab (or irrational fear of the loss thereof), but I guess that's too much to ask - these days you're either with or against, no in betweens.

Here's to hoping someday, we all evolve, yes? 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tox News - Erm, I Mean, Fox News - Settles with Dominion for $787.5 Million Over Election Fraud Claims ...


So I wondered if anyone else was disappointed that they didn't actually go to trial and just had to pay a fine?

And worse, that there was no part of the settlement in which Fox News had to retract their false claims of election fraud?

I see that I wasn't alone ... 


"Dammit!  I wanted to see Rupert Murdoch place his hand on a bible and burst into flames!"

Gotta love Stephen Colbert, one of my fantasy co-husbands (along with Sting, Pedro Pascal, Alexander Draymon, Michael B. Jordan, Steph Curry, and others lol).

He's a Christian liberal Democrat, like me  :)

(Yes, we do exist - Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat - but Jesus was a progressive liberal revolutionary, in his day :)

Also, at about 2:25, NBC News Jake Tapper trying to read the small statement Fox News DID release about it about their journalistic integrity and laughing mid-way through is priceless.

Then Fox News is back this morning as if nothing happened, and this is their big news today ...


What does the title of the front-page even mean?

You know what, as usual, I don't care - not gonna bother to read the actual article because it's just more false-claim, click-bait terrorization over nothing, so never mind lol.

(You would think Fox News viewers would hit some sort of threshold of allowing themselves to be terrorized all the time, but nope, not yet!)

This was not justice, this was a slap on the wrist of white collars again - and they'll do it again, wait and see. (Well, they do it every day lol.)


Monday, April 17, 2023

PS - My Husband's Encounter With Neighborhood "Trump Guy" After That Commercial


So after seeing that ridiculous commercial about the schools (see yesterday's post) because the governor's race is heating up, my husband was in no mood to talk politics with anyone.

However, he took our dog for a long walk, and of course, Trump Guy was out.  

"Oh, no" thinks my husband to himself.

We call him Trump Guy because he's about 75 years old, is always wearing a Trump hat, and always confronts you about his politics.

My husband still nodded when the guy waved from down the sidewalk, but quickly crossed the street to the other sidewalk.

So then, of course, so did Trump Guy. 

Mark let the dogs greet each other and the guy pet our dog and vice versa.

Then, of course, unfortunately - Trump Guy spoke.

Trump Guy:  "Can you believe these woke transgender people are invading our schools? I just saw a commercial ..." 


Mark:  "Sir, I really don't want to talk politics with you, okay?  Yes, I saw that commercial and I work for Fayette County Public Schools - I can assure you, what's shown in that commercial is NOT going on - NO ONE is literally  teaching on gender identity  -  NO ONE. 
"It's an absurd lie, to scare you into voting for her." 


Trump Guy:  "Well, I just don't understand all this transgender stuff, they need to be kept separate from children and people are training them to be that way?" 


Mark: "No, sir - I think we need to let other people be who they already are, as long as they're not hurting anyone else - but no one is actually "teaching" them to be that way - ESPECIALLY not in the schools here, I can assure you." 


Trump Guy:  "Okay, let's talk about crime then.  My nephew is a retired police officer and he said the problem is all them uppity black boys."  


Mark:  "Boys?  Sir,  you need to stop right there - that's enough.  We don't call them "boys" anymore.  They're the same as you and me." 
"And you're scared of crime - me too, but you know what I'm scared of?  Being shot at the movies or the grocery -  and Southern white men like you, and your hero, Trump, violently invading the capitol under the delusion the election was rigged, just to get power back, and paying people off to keep people from knowing the  billion-dollar crimes and frauds you commit." 


Trump Guy"What? I've called them boys all my life, no one said a word until Obama.  That's not Southern, people feel the same way I feel everywhere, not just the south."  


Mark: "I can assure you, not to the degree that you good ole' boys do in the South." 
"You spoiled Southern white "boys" - you're just mad because you don't get to abuse people anymore without consequence." 
"Now, I'm going to walk away now, and you're not going to follow, and next time I see you in the neighborhood, we wave and that's it, okay?  No more politics, because we don't agree." 
"Maybe get out from your armchair a little more and enjoy beautiful days like this one, more -  maybe talk to these people you're afraid of, find out how people really are for yourself, versus stuff you saw on the internet or TV that's not even true or a rare instance, freaking yourself out with it. Have a good afternoon." 


Trump Guy:  "Well ... all right, then."


I don't think I'd have anything to add to what he said except this, my  whole family being from Kentucky, had I been there:

"Sir?  I know your momma raised you better than to accost strangers on the street about your politics, now, didn't she?"

Now - I DID tell my husband to be careful, I DO worry with how passive-aggressive Kentuckians are, like this guy'll sic his racist ex-cop nephew on him or something,  but probably not lol.

I'm actually super proud of my husband for showing restraint and the things he said - GO MARK!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

The New Kelly Craft for Governor Commercial *Sigh*


Now, after just writing a post about where I said I don't like to target women because there's enough of that going on, I swear to goodness, saw this commercial for Kelly Craft for Governor and I can't help myself.


What the ???


So ... I'm not laughing with her, I'm laughing at her, this is such absurd nonsense - this is NOT going on anywhere in Kentucky! 

Bitch is out of her corn-fed, bourbon-lovin' mind! LOL

So as you may know, my husband  is a data analyst  at the administrative offices of Fayette County Public Schools, the second largest public school district in the State of Kentucky; thus, we can assure you with 100% certainty, that there are no "parachutees" into the state, and that  actual teaching on gender identity/pronouns is NOT going on, here!

Also, as a result of his job, we not only know many administrators and teachers through his work, but we live right next door to, or in the same building with, or in the same apartment community as ,many staff and teachers and either speak with or hang out regularly.

Of course, none of this is going on in our public schools, anywhere - this is just more false-accusation fear-mongering propaganda by Trump-style Republicans to get votes, without either an ounce of proof or shame.

Also, notice she also doesn't explain what CRT (critical race theory) even is, she just goes right into gender identity, as if they're the same thing, when race and gender identity are two separate things!

CRT, on the other hand, IS being discussed and debated at high-school level grades - just like many other social THEORIES -  as it has been for decades.

Clearly, it's not just an insult to all public school teachers and staff, but to all Kentuckians, whom she apparently believes are all gullible hillbillies and will fall for this shit, because she can't possibly believe it herself - and as far as I know, she's never once visited our schools!

Thus, I, like so many others, apparently, wrote a comment under this video because this is just fear-mongering based on zero evidence (because it's not happening, anywhere) about our public schools without an ounce of shame.

I realize she's trying to be funny, but the only thing funny about this is that people really think this stuff is going on in our schools.

"Attacking our schools?"

No - the only person attacking our schools is Kelly, herself, without an ounce of data or evidence, because it's a completely fabricated, fear-mongering lie to scare people into voting for her - as per usual, for Trump Republicans.

Talk about "immoral!"

Now, I know you all truly believe you are at war with us liberals, and thus all is fair to you, but someday, we hope you'll finally realize the only thing you've been at war with is your own paranoia, because these things are not happening, at least not on a broad scale, and the only reason any isolated events make the news is because they are outliers from the norm!

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Lauren Bimbort - Erm, I Mean, Boerbert - I Can't Even ...

Okay, so I really don't like it when people zero in on especially targeting just women, when men are largely still in charge of this country, but Lauren Boebert - I mean, let's face it, not only is she annoyingly loud, she's just really, well ... stupid?

Now, I might often say that certain ideas or stupid or certain things said are stupid -  but I rarely say that anyone is stupid.

Because we all say stupid things once in a while, and we all have areas of education that need work, and there are many forms of intelligence - we are better at some things than other things.

But if you are in a position of leadership that requires a certain amount of basic knowledge that you just don't have, you genuinely don't even understand it, but think you do - repeatedly-  and will not listen to anyone who does know - that's not ignorance, that's stupidity - and worse, it's reckless stupidity, because now you've led others down the stupid road with you lol.

Okay, so I'm not faulting her for having to drop out of high school due to having a baby, stuff happens, life happens - nor even that she waited to finally get her GED (high-school equivalent exam) until just before her run the 2020 election at age 34 -  none of even that necessarily means she's stupid, life happens.

I'm not even faulting her, or anyone, for ignorance on certain topics, or perhaps just needing a refresher on things learned long ago.

But if you haven't the basic knowledge required for the job, and you don't bother to learn it - OR - you DO have that information, but you lack the reading comprehension skills or retention skills to even understand it - or you still don't get it even after it's been explained to you, repeatedly?

Well, then actually being stupid is a strong possibility lol. 

No, it's the stupid stuff that repeatedly comes out of her loud mouth that leads me to believe that she, as a person, is stupid - I'm not even sure how she was even able to finally pass the GED!

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, myself, but ... dang.

Because as a result of this interview with Charlie Kirk below, I'm really thinking that we need to institute an exam for basic knowledge of both our Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence as a requirement before our elected officials take office that they MUST pass -  especially those that claim to love America, because she makes it clear she doesn't have a clue.

Okay, so the beginning is Charlie Kirk and Lauren watching and reaction to a video clip of Joe Scarborough and Minka Brezinski Scarborough on "Morning Joe," discussing freedom and the second amendment.

FYI, Joe Scarborough is an attorney, a former U.S. Representative for Pensacola, Florida (where I lived for a few years in the early 2000s), a current morning show host,  and a former Republican until Trump (now independent).

Joe Scarborough (via video clip): "They talk about a freedom that they've made up in their own twisted heads because they've been ... they've been whipped into a paranoid frenzy by the NRA for 25 years. You know, now they're claiming the Second Amendment protects things it just don't protect. 

Charlie Kirk asks her for a reaction to the clip:  

Lauren Boebert:  "Wow. Right, this 'made-up freedom.'  Uh, I don't think that defending one's life is a made-up freedom. It's right there in the preamble, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or personal property, whichever rendition you want to go by."




So .... I'm pretty sure she just proved Joe's point that Trumpers are just making stuff up in their own twisted heads as a definition of freedom, because there are so many inaccuracies in that one statement, I don't know even know where to start!

And if these 5 inaccuracies don't immediately jump out at you as being incorrect, then I don't know what to tell you - and it's not  a mater of "interpretation" - these are 5 documented, easily verified facts, if you simply read the documents!.

Please, allow me to point them out, can I, huh, can I?

Thank you!

#1 - The preamble you're referencing (adding words in) is NOT the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, it's the opening words to the Declaration of Independence -  which isn't typically referred to as "The Preamble. 
We typically only use term "The Preamble" to mean the preamble to the constitution itself - NOT the Declaration of Independence.
Do you even know that these are two separate documents , written almost three years apart, and what the difference between them is?!?


#2 The Declaration of Independence is a completely separate document from our constitution written and signed almost three years before the Constitution of the United States of America (because we fought and won our independence in between, hellloooooo?) 


The sole intent of the DOI was to do exactly what its title implies - declare our independence from the exploitation/tyranny by any country or government (at that time, Great Britain) - especially any government that considers just one person's opinions as the sovereign rule of  law  - and it essentially officially started the Revolutionary War.


#3  Regardless, neither "defending one's life" or "personal property" (especially with a firearm) are NOT written in either document! 
The only reference to that can be found even remotely related to what you're saying is found is the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and all it says is: 


 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Nothing about defending yourself or personal property, simply the right to bear arms, in  the context of an official militia to "protect the free state" - period!


Laws which protect defense of personal property, i.e. "Castle law," etc. are NOT in the constitution - they are left according to the state, and each case is weighed in accordance with what is considered acceptable self-defense and what is not. 



The part that you are referencing about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is from the beginning of  the Declaration of Independence, which says that we are "Endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." 



Nothing whatsoever about defense of anything!  


#4 - Perhaps you mixed the DOC together with the preamble to the actual Constitution of the United States of America, which says only this:


"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States"


And yet still, the only thing there about defense is that we are to provide for the common defense (as in a military) to secure the blessings of liberty (freedom). 
(As an aside, it also says to promote for the general welfare, mind you, which you modern Republicans especially suck at doing as far as providing healthcare, consumer protection, etc.) 


Nowhere, in either document's preamble, does it say that you have the right to "defend" yourself or your "personal property" with a gun - that can only be found in the second amendment (see above) - as Joe said - and by saying otherwise, you're proving his point!


#5  Lastly,  she says "whatever rendition you want to use."




Bitch, there's only ONE "rendition" of either document! LOL
And though we may consider these documents sacred, you DO know this isn't the actual bible with its 90,000 different interpretations, right? 
Speaking of sacred, you DO know that neither document was actually written by God, nor are there even claims that they're evenly divinely inspired by God, right?  
(As an aside, I'm fairly certain that God would not consider people of color as slaves "freedom" by definition, nor would he consider slaves to account for only 3/5s of a population area's vote, without actually letting them vote!!!). 
Regardless there has always and only been one Declaration of Independence and on Constitution of the United States of America,  signed by all officials present. 

With all our current flaws, these are two facts that we Americans are immensely proud of: 

1) We were the first country to allow by federal law freedom of varying religious beliefs without persecution. 

2) The fact that we have always and only ever had ONE constitution, because our forefathers had enough foresight to allow provision for amendment to our original Constitution without changing the base document, rather than throwing it all out and starting over, like most other countries have, then failing to even write all national laws in one cohesive document later (like in the UK).

And those are just the first 5 things that immediately jumped out at me, personally, upon first listen, but the host of this video channel has even more I didn't!

I mean, seriously - just like Joe said, Trumpers are literally just making shit up completely that isn't even in there to accomplish their tyrannical goals - which, mind you, are in complete opposition to the values this country were built on - namely to protect the right to having varying forms of faith without fear of persecution or treat any one individual's words and proclamations as an all-powerful king!

I would feel sorry for them, for their ignorance and/or stupidity, if it weren't for the fact that they're actually in our Congress, not knowing these basic things, and if they weren't so dangerous!

Girl I can't  even ... I'm so embarrassed for you, because apparently you don't even have enough sense to even know you should be embarrassed!

I'm sure y'all have smarter women than this in the Republican Party still - or don't you?

Monday, April 10, 2023

Mass Shooting, Downtown Louisville - 5 Dead, 6 Injured So Far ...

This sh*t is OUT OF CONTROL!

It's becoming a once-a-week thing!

FYI,  Louisville is about an hour from us here in Lexington - we're central Kentucky, they're Northwestern Kentucky, on the Ohio River, just across from Indiana.

It's getting so that nowhere is safe - our children at school, the bank, the movie theater, concerts, the grocery ...

Did you know that per the New England Journal of Medicine, death by firearms recently became the number one cause of death for children under 18 in America?

Listen, Republicans -  if you truly are the "Party of Life"  - particularly the lives of children - then DO SOMETHING!!!

DO SOMETHING, CONGRESS - ya bunch of cowardly, overpaid NRA and corporate puppets!

(Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, my state's U.S. Senators, I'm especially talking to you!)

There comes a time when we need to use common sense and put our politics aside in favor of public health and safety - that is, if you have any moral compass left at all!


UPDATE The injured toll is now up to 8, and Governor Beshear's close friend was killed and another was hospitalized. 

In fact, he ran his 2015 (Democratic) campaign from the same building. 

Politically motivated or a coincidence???


Sunday, April 9, 2023

An Easter Message of Sorts ?


A copy of a text message sent to my little sister, except with corrected typos lol

She was not privy to many of the events I allude to, here, or at least she was told a different story - but I won't go into detail to combat those lies from others, I stopped doing that a long time ago  - I figure the truth will reveal itself in time ;)

She is leaving back for home, soon, after being the primary caretaker for my 79-year-old mom for the past few weeks, and I've backed her up with care as best I could, having been the primary caretaker for my grandmother, as well as my husband after his stroke - I know how hard it actually can be, not just physically, but emotionally, plus trying to work - and in my case, also taking care of a child as a single mom (my sisters have no children).

As I've also mentioned, we had a DNA-test revelation last September.

After a woman had taken a DNA test and found she was related to my family, but not her own family that raised her, her family hired a genealogist to reach out to us for help.

I was the only one who responded, so I took a DNA test  to help this 79-year-old woman solve her family mystery before she died.

The revelation - which I can openly say now because everyone knows now  - is that this woman and my mother were switched at birth -  at a hospital in Pennsylvania (where my grandparents lived briefly during WW2, so my grandfather could work at the shipping yards).

We discovered this because I was closely genetically related to this woman's family genetically, but the woman was not.

Also, I was NOT closely related to the family that raised my mother (the people I thought were my grandparents) -  but this woman was  closely related to them.

This blew everyone's mind, at first, hard to believe and accept - but I accepted it almost right away, because there's already been so much unbelievable crazy in my family, that I was like, "Well, why not - just some more crazy on the crazy family fire, par for the course" LOL

Nothing shocks me with my family anymore, there's no "dysfunctional pretending" left for me, with my family - I've had too much therapy! LOL

Plus it just made sense - my mom didn't look like anyone else in the family that raised her, she was different in so many ways, and as an only child, a very lonely childhood :(

But you wouldn't believe how much she looks like her biological family - one sister could even be her twin!

Though rare, you actually wouldn't believe how much this actually happened, especially during WW2, with short-staffed hospitals and babies were just beginning to be born at hospitals rather than home.  There's a whole community about it? 

But I also actually realized, very quickly, that nothing changes.  The people we thought were our grandparents were still our grandparents, etc. - just not biologically :)

However, as you may understand some might feel, this woman felt, well, robbed of her childhood, and wanted someone held accountable. 

I tried to reassure her that she may have dodged a bullet, actually lol.

But actually, both families ended up having their own traumas, but at least from my perspective, both families had things to be grateful for that the other one didn't have?

Regardless, she decided to begin talking to an attorney about suing the hospital over it, which I didn't approve of  - plus my mother wasn't ready to talk to them anyway, due to her upcoming surgeries,  she wanted to complete those first.

Then things got REAL weird.  IMO, it became unclear as to what people's motivations actually were and I decided I just wanted out, wanting no part of a lawsuit - as I detailed in November's post. 

My family, now that they know and have accepted this truth, mostly feel like, "Why did this have to happen, especially now?"

But they have no interest in a lawsuit either.

I address that, too, below.

I had already thanked my little sister profusely for her selflessness in helping our mother, and then I wrote the lengthy text below. 

And just adding now, I pray that if no one remembers nothing else about me or anything I've ever said but this, they'll remember this, if nothing else: 

Hey - I was watching a show that reminded me, so forgive the corny here lol.

Just in case, going forward, we don't talk as much again, something I wanted to share - no worries, all good things :)

If there's just one life lesson I've learned that I can pass on from all of my mistakes, it's this one that I try to live by,  sometimes failing ( and feel free to throw my own words back at me when I forget lol)

So remember when I told you, and McK, too, previously, "never forget how you struggled" and "there's always somebody with worse?"


What I mean is, we have two choices - we can let that shit make us bitter, vindictive, and selfish - OR - we can acknowledge the struggle, but be grateful for what we DO have, have empathy for others struggling even if a different struggle, and most importantly ...

"BE the person that you wish had been there for you, when no one else was - be that person for someone else struggling. 

Some may take advantage of  it or twist it, or project their own agendas onto you, etc., sure - but that's on their soul, not yours, right?

And don't be a martyr, either - don't forget to be that person for yourself, too :)

Take that oxygen mask on the plane first, when you need it, so you can better help others :)

Also, you had said, everyone was saying, "Why did this have to happen?" (about the DNA reveal).


If you look at it in a different way, it's inspiring - it's proof the truth ALWAYS comes out - even if it's long after we're gone :)


Now, speaking of not knowing their motivations, you may be wondering what mine are, considering if what I say is true, really happened (about Granny's death and family reactions).

A long time ago, my (female) Episcopalian  priest said to me, during the worst of things in 2007 ...


"Your story reminds me of Joseph.  His family threw him in a pit, left him for dead, and lied about him - all  (out of their own unjustified paranoia) over birthright and inheritance."  

 "He was then sold into slavery, falsely accused of crimes he didn't commit - crimes he was in no powerful position to commit anyway."  

"It took 20 years to be vindicated and he was now in a more powerful position (the king's steward)."  

" A famine hit and his family needed help, and he helped them anyway, despite what they had done - from a distance, you get the sense of, because it wasn't safe because not all were sorry, some still justified themselves - but he had forgiven them, remembered the best times, and helped care for them."   

"That's you, Chrystal."    


(She also added "You have the heart of Joseph, Chrystal - I can see that, everybody else can see that - it's just a shame your family doesn't. Maybe that's the problem. Or maybe- they have an agenda and assume you do too, that your motives couldn't possibly be as as they seem, but they are, I've seen it"but of course I didn't include that in the text ;)


"So maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, it may be years - and truth can be very slow - but when the first signs of that day come, you will say as he did  ..."  

"Genesis 50:20: What was done to me was done for evil, but God intended for good, for the saving of many lives."



I'm not Joseph, of course, not as strong he was - but I've never forgotten her saying that to me either.

It sounded almost prophetic, though I'm not sure I believe in prophecies. lol.

What I DO know is that things don't always happen for a reason, we have free will - and that's what that verse means in Genesis - what we do to each other out of free will, God has nothing to do with - but it can be used for good and to help others struggling - IF - we allow it too."

Easter Sermon over!! LOL

J/K, not meant to be a sermon, I'm the last one to preach - just passing along something that's helped me and what motivates me (though it's a "do as a I say, not always as I do"thing?) lol

Love you R - here if you need me :)

Please tell McK I still love her to the moon and back, miss her every day, and am here when she's ready to talk - and I mean, really talk and get real.  I'm pretty sure I'll know when she is :)

Much love to all - gonna let this sit a while for all to read :)


PS - And to our new family, particularly Aunt G - yes, my mother received the letter you said you weren't going to send. 

Please be patient just a while longer - Mom will be ready to contact you when she's ready, and not a moment before, in her own timeframe - IF she is ever ready.

I thank you in advance - again - for your continued patience, please?

She really has had a tough year with two surgeries and complications from those surgeries.

Lastly, as excited as everyone is, please remember - unless you're mom or Rita - and I say this with love to all family - this isn't really about you.

Though you're affected by it and I'm sure you have your own feelings, this didn't happen to you -  this happened to Mom and Rita.

Not everybody handles things in the same way, in the same timeframe, or in the way you think they should. 

And pushing people, after they've already told you they're not ready, will not get you what you want any faster, if at all.

Let me assure you - it's an especially bad idea when it comes to my mother,  believe me lol ;)

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - June 30th - CAN'T WAIT!!!


OMG, OMG, OMG - I wish you could know how happy this makes me!!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited about this, it's irrational!  lol

Being a film fan, I have seen so many movies in my life at the theater I can't even count, but certain movies, you actually remember going and seeing them, who I was with, etc.

For me, they are:

1. Star Wars - Summer 1977, Cincinnati, OH - 7:30 showing, age 9 - My older sister, Kim, and our friend, Jackie.  Jackie and I embarrassed my sister by running back from the bathroom, zooming back down the aisle with our arms out like X-wing fighters LOL

2.  Raiders of The Lost Ark - Summer 1981, Lexington, KY, Saturday matinee showing -  age 11-1/2 - my friend Darlene, while visiting my grandparents farm for the summer.

3.  ET - Summer 1982, Lexington Kentucky, Saturday matinee showing  - age 12-1/2, same - with Darlene, visiting my grandparents' farm - we both cried like babies LOL

4.  Star Trek:  The Wrath of Khan -  Summer, 1982, Lexington, KY, Saturday matinee showing -  age 12-1/2 - my friend, Michelle,  came to visit after Darlene, while visiting my grandparents farm for the summer.

5.  Ghostbusters - Summer 1984, Cincinnati, OH, 7:30 showing - age 15-1/2 - my best friend, Heather

6.  Back to The Future - 1985, Cincinnati, OH, 7:30 showing - age 16-1/2 - my best friend, Heather.

I also remember "Benji," "The Love Bug" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang," when I must've been about 4 to 5, but only because it was at the drive in! LOL

Summer movie blockbusters was like an event, back then, and we sort of lost that luster - UNTIL - COVID came.

Now there's an excitement to going to the movies again, it's an event again!

In fact, this will be my very first trip to the theater since before COVID - I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

TangerEva Braun in Trouble: 34 Charges - ALL FELONIES!


We expected mostly misdemeanors, but because of the "catch and kill" business fraud strategy - which included shell companies to pay people off to hide negative information before an election (not just Stormy Daniels) - the crimes are ALL felonies.

Poor TangerEva Braun ...

Now that is one ugly queen!

(Not my photo)

So explanation - my husband and honorary son, B, and I made up drag names for Trump Republicans - and we decided TangerEva Braun was the best fit for Trump!


Kevin McCarthy is Kitty Viagra, mostly just because he looks like he needs it ... 

There are more, but that's all I have time for at the moment before work.

We're not dissing drag queens, btw - we're dissing Republicans obsessed with other people's gender and sex lives.

Woooo hoooo!  Let's hope the charges stick ... 

PS - For about a half a second,  yesterday, when they showed Trump's plane flying away from New York, I wondered if he was fleeing to Russia LOL

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Are You There God? It's Me, Chrystal: Trump, DeSantis ... and Judy Blume :)


So as mentioned, I said I probably wouldn't write again unless Trump was indicted.  Well, of course, he has been (yay!)

And he has released the song, "Justice for All" by The J6PC" on iTunes, which he debuted at his Waco,  Texas rally, of course the site of the infamous Waco Compound/ATF battle.

For those of you who don't know, "J6PC" stands for January 6th Prison Choir" - it's literally a recording of the convicted prisoners from the January 6th violent insurrection, singing the national anthem, with Trump's voice overlaid.

But you don't have to buy it - because I have it here for you, in all its ridiculous hypocrisy :)

Unless, of course, you WANT to buy it and support his legal fund.

(Told you that's what those Christmas trading cards he was peddling were about, didn't I? ;) 

And those of you still trying to convince us Antifa was responsible for Jan 6 - what say you now?  :)

Because Trump is openly celebrating and making money off January 6th!

So we're less shocked, these days, with his narcissistic audacity, and more LMAO at him, but should we be losing our ability to be shocked ?

But what IS hilarious is Fox News hosts now trying to act like they're just now shocked by him LOL!

And we still need to leave enough shock room for Ron DeSantis and his acolytes in Florida, who are leading the charge to ban books, and not just LGBTQ or race-related books - but Judy Blume for her discussion of menstruation, addressing the tendency of young girls to pass around misinformation about sex, getting this information from friends, sisters, etc in lieu of proper sex ed. 

As we know, the "sexual abstinence/purity/promise" public school programs in the 2000s failed miserably and resulted in the exact opposite of the intent (personal story about that below), but Republicans are now trying a different angle - in Florida, with House Bill 1069 - which limits sex education to 6th through 12th grades, including menstruation discussion.

And if you doubt me, below is a video clip of the Sponsor of HB 1069, Florida State Representative Stan McClain (R) being questioned about the menstruation aspect of this bill by Representative Ashley Gant (a former teacher) (D).

(***My apologies, the local news site sharing this video has made this video unable to be imbedded on other sites, so you'll need to follow the link to YouTube.)

It went like this:

Representative Gant (D): “So if little girls experience their menstrual cycle in 5th grade or 4th grade, will that prohibit conversations from them since they are in the grade lower than sixth grade?” .

Representative McClain (R): “It would."


Erm, as Representative Gant said,  these days, the age range for menstruation is 9 to 17, with most falling somewhere between 10 and 15 - this NHS site claiming as young as 8 - regardless, often at least a couple of years before 6th grade.

So I can imagine some poor 4th-grader going to the bathroom to find blood in their underwear, but being prohibited to discuss that with a teacher or anyone in the school, in a panic, not knowing this was normal :(

And just before this, Florida tried to pass a bill mandating that female athletes were menstruating to be on teams - when as I said here previously - and is also in the NHS link above - being underweight, strenuously athletic, or having a hormonal imbalance can all cause periods to be delayed, skipped, or even absent?

In fact, I, myself, didn't start menstruating until I was 16 (I was super skinny).

Which would mean that in Florida, I couldn't be on a sports team until then, until they took that piece out of the legislation!

Lucky for them, I'm not good at contact sports anyway lol. 

But if I was asked if I was menstruating on any form for sports, I would've told them "Not yet, but I'll keep this form as a sanitary napkin for when I do and give it back to you then, as proof" :)

Okay - how ignorant ARE you, modern Republicans, that nowadays, you don't know that the typical age range for young girls to start their period these days is 10 to 15, but can happen as young as 8 years old?

And how ignorant/ easily controlled do modern Republicans want US to be?

Do you WANT all girls to be ignorant, easily controlled and pregnant, having no clue how that happened or what? 

Thus, Judy /Blume is making the rounds at interviews for Variety and BBC, being very vocal about book-banning - and says that the first time she went through this, it was just various private lobbying groups - but now it's the actual government banning books - which is dangerous!


Go Judy Blume!

Now - above, I had spoken about the "Sexual Abstinence" crazy of the 2000s.

I rarely mentioned my daughter on here due to prior experience, but with this topic, I don't think she'd mind ;)

When she was in middle school, we lived in Northern Kentucky - which Lexingtonians here refer to as the Northern-Kentucky Nazis because they are very hard core right, arrogant, and merciless.

At that time, there was no more sex education in public schools - only sex abstinence classes - which, of course, I thought was absurd, but it was required. 

So not only was I solely responsible for educating my daughter on the pros and cons of sex, the consequences of sex (and not just the physical ones like pregnancy or STIs, but the emotional consequences) and to combat preteen misinformation about sex, but I now had to defend my daughter from the teacher herself, who was  demanding that she sign the "Promise" form or not pass the class.

Here's how THAT conversation went in 2008:

Sex Abstinence Teacher:  "Hello, Ms. Smith?  I'm _____.  I'm calling because I'm very concerned, your daughter is politely refusing to sign the Promise form, which promises not to engage in sex until she's married.  Not only is this a requirement for passing the class, but it's worrisome that she might be engaging in premarital sex soon.  


Me:  "Oh - was she rude to you ?" 


SA Teacher:  "No, no, she was very polite.  She just said, 'To be honest, I have a lot of questions still about sex and I don't see the difference between some guy pressuring me to have sex without all the information and the school pressuring me to sign this Promise form without all the information.'" 


Me:  (Trying to stifle a chuckle).  "Okay, well .... she does have a point, right? 


SA Teacher:  "I can see that, but-" 


Me:  "So have you asked her if she's sexually active?" 


SA Teacher:  "Well, no." 


Me:  "Then I'm not sure what makes you assume this means other than exactly what she said.  Just so you know, I have asked her and she's not.  She has a lot of questions first, as she said.  She doesn't feel all her questions are answered, she isn't ready." 


SA Teacher:  "Well, that's actually what she said as her reasoning for not signing the form,." 


Me: "Right, and so did you answer any of them for her?" 


SA Teacher:  "Well, no, that's not the focus of this class, that's not within my purview." 


Me: "So help me out, then, because I had actual sexual education, where we could openly ask questions about sex - so what IS the focus of this class and 'within your purview?'" 


SA Teacher: "To prevent children from having premarital sex." 


Me:  "Yeah, and how's that working out?" 


SA Teacher:  "We believe it's effective in prevention of premarital sex." 


Me:  "With all due respect to your beliefs, do you actually have scientific evidence that this class is effective in preventing premarital sex?" 


SA Teacher:  "Well, not on hand, but I could find that information for you." 


Me:  "Really?  That's interesting, because I haven't been able to find those studies proving that. I think we'd have to follow them long term to know, in fact, which is why I'm wondering why such a class would be implemented in public schools without proof of efficacy." 
"Additionally, I'm not promoting premarital sex, by any means, but I think it's unrealistic to expect them to wait until marriage, and potentially harmful, in that they could be legally locked in a bad marriage over sex. "


SA Teacher:  "I've seen the evidence.  I'll send them to you." 


Me:  "Great!  So I tell you what - you send me that evidence and I'll reconsider my stance, but without that information, I support my daughter's decision to not sign the Promise form -  not because she wants to engage in premarital sex, but because she's not ready - she doesn't want to make any decision about sex until she has all of her questions answered, and as you just said, you can't do that for her, you're limited."


"So here's a deal for you to consider.  If you are able to find  solid evidence that this class is effective in preventing premarital sex, then she signs the Promise form and passes the class. " 
"If you are unable to find that evidence, she doesn't sign the form and she passes the class anyway - do we have a deal?" 


SA Teacher:  "That's fair.  I'm sure I can find that information for you. 


Me:  "Great!  Thank you so much! "

Of course -  I never received any evidence from her that the class was effective in preventing premarital sex - because just as I'd said, there wasn't any  :)

Also, my daughter passed the class without signing the form, per our deal :)

And in fact, we now we know these classes failed miserably to prevent premarital sex, the programs were an epic fail, after long-term studies were done - and yet they won't stop trying to find new ways to restrict sex education and control our private sex lives.

And I'm also super happy to report that my daughter was one of the last people in that class to engage in sexual activity later :)

Point being, when public schools do not properly educate children on sex, it's left to the parents and authors like Judy Blume to step in and answer questions with scientific backup, as well as relationship  issues as best we can, to correct any misinformation other kids pass along to them and educate them.

As for my personal sex education, though very religious, my mom was a former nurse and DID have "the talk" with us, but it only went so far - it was basic physical/biological mechanics that ended with a "never before marriage" focus.

And if I asked any specific questions about sex, I was met with the dreaded "thin-lipped face." LOL

So all I can say is, Thank GOD for my middle-school sex-ed class,  Judy Blume, and "Are You There, God?  It's Me, Margaret."  - and I mean that, this Palm Sunday! :)

And lastly what I have to say is this ...

Republicans - would  PLEASE mind your business and stop trying to government mandate  our personal consensual sex lives - particularly the private sex/reproductive choices of women, clearly without having any biological knowledge at all yourselves as to how things work - and and stop trying to government mandate them?

Not only is your obsession with sex beyond creepy, but with all that's going on in the world, it's really the last thing you should be focused on.

And I'm pretty sure that neither God, nor Jesus, ever meant for us to stay so ignorant and in the dark  - nor obsess about consensual sex as much as we do -  when there's so much more harmful sin out there, that Jesus repeatedly preached against (greed, hypocrisy, judgement without mercy)!