Monday, October 5, 2020

So ... Is It Time to "Baker Act" Trump? ;)

* Edited, PS added

Okay, I'm just kidding - sort of - but wouldn't it be something if he had to Baker Act the President of the United States? lol

Okay, D.C. doesn't have a Baker Act -  but they DO have something similar.  

A "Baker Act" was the first of it's kind after Reagan deinstitutionalized patients and slashed funding for psychiatric care, at the federal level, in 1981, 1984, and 1985  - meaning by law, you could no longer commit someone long-term for mental illness and there was less money for treatment -  UNLESS - they are criminally insane (meaning they have been legally determined to have committed a violent crime).

As a result, thousands of severely mentally ill patients were literally released into the streets, with no one to care for them.

Thus,  the states themselves began passing laws for at least temporarily "committing" someone for treatment, if they are deemed a danger to themselves or others. 

The original "Baker Act" is a Florida law and was the first of its kind - and other states and D.C. now have similar -  in which a judge renders a person as demonstrating poor judgment to the degree it is deemed to be a danger to themselves and others, as well as the inability to recognize the need for their own treatment. Thus, a judge court orders the person to be admitted, evaluated, and receive treatment for at least 72 hours.

(The state law is also sometimes referred to as a "501 order" or "72-hour hold law.")

Also, since people with drug and alcohol problems are not (yet) considered "mentally ill" by legal definitions, there are also "Marchman Acts" that can do the same for the chemically addicted in some states.

Depending on what you believe, Walter Reed physicians reported two blood oxygen level drops, but the White House is claiming that's not true, and a "miracle drug recovery" (just as I predicted they would, two posts below).

And then somehow, Trump convinced (or military ordered?) his doctors at Walter Reed Military Hospital to let him leave quarantine to take a ride with the Secret Service so as not to appear weak and wave to people.

Now, I'm NOT saying this actually happened - I'm just saying, as POTUS, as Commander in Chief, he does have the constitutional authority to order the military doctors at Walter Reed to say and do whatever he tells them to - and they wouldn't just be fired, but actually court-marshaled, for defying a direct order given by the CIC ;)

As for the reason for these contradictions, I couldn't say it any better than than Dr. James V. Phillips - who although admittedly is NOT  on Trump's medical team -  he IS an Attending Emergency Physician at Walter Reed Hospital, as well as Chief of Disaster Emergency Medicine at GWU's Medical School.

Dr. Phillips has also gone on record via phone, speculating on speculated whether or not Trump "pulled rank" as Commander in Chief and ordered the military physicians to allow the "parade" for them to allow this special break of quarantine, putting both hospital staff and secret service in harm's way. 

Clearly, Dr. Phillips is hopping mad -  and I don't blame him lol.

Because even if you feel better, because of Remdesivir or whatever - that does NOT mean you're no longer contagious!

Trump, come on, man - if Boris Johnson could do it for a few days, not only on behalf of his own health, but more importantly, on behalf of the health and safety of of his people - so can you - man up!

It's not having COVID that makes you weak - it's your desperate need to not act sick, so you can be adored and re-elected, despite medical advice and the danger exposing other people to the virus , that makes you appear weak.

Don't MAKE us Baker Act you! lol

(Actually, IMO, perhaps we all would've been better off if we had done so a long time ago lol ;)


PS -  Ironically, my joke is a timely one, since I have some curious hits to my blog from certain family members, the past few days, so allow me to add this ...

This was one of the first things I learned, in my education in social work, back in the early 90s.

Which is why, when my older sister spread a lie that I "wanted to have my mother (my grandmother's only child) committed," when she was trying to convince my family to agree to cutting me out of my grandmother's will and estate entirely, all I had to say and do was:

A)  Sign myself off of any rights to my grandmother's estate to prove I didn't want a thing - only to care for her until the moment she passed, as she had cared for me - just to take the pressure off everyone - especially my grandmother dying of cancer.

B) Simply say, "Erm - that's not even legally possible to "commit" someone long term, according to federal law, since Reagan - which you all would know, if you had an education in Social Work and bothered to research it - nor do I even think Mom NEEDS to be committed."  
"Nice try, scaring her into your getting sole and full control of the actual estate with lies.  We already agreed you should be executor of the will, but that was enough for you.  Regardless, that's a propaganda fail - and there's not going to be any "war." 
"Because I don't care about family control or the money or her possessions, and who gets what - it's all just stuff - when the best memories I have of her are in my mind and heart and no one can take that away, not even you."
"That's why we all agreed on you, as executor -  because YOU are the only one that does care about all the "stuff" and possessions - and to prove it, I'm signing myself off any rights to it." 
"Take it, K - take it allllllll - I hope it's of great comfort to you, but I doubt it will be, in the end.  Let's see how these paranoid lies, scare tactics, guilt-trips, gaslighting, and bullying work out for you in the long run."   


"All I ask is this - that you leave my daughter in it. Please.  Please, K.  I know you hate me, you've hated me since the day I was born, and especially since I was in that movie.  Whatever you believe my sins, real or imagined - please don't punish my daughter for it.  Please, I'm begging you."

(Click - she hung up).

However, I was told that my sister DID have my daughter removed, in the end :(

She accomplished this by scaring my dying grandmother by saying, "If M's in it, than Chrystal can get it still, though she signed off. And if Chrystal gets it, her ex-husband can get it, which is why I wanted her off the will to begin with, so J couldn't get it."

And I know this because my grandmother called and told me so herself. 

The thought of my ex-husband getting it - which was not even legally possible - is what K told my grandmother, and what scared my grandmother into changing the will - because my grandmother was terrified of my ex-husband (as was I) - as she witnessed firsthand all the calls, the threats, his harassing the neighbors for information on me (who called to let us know), and him actually showing up and trying to barge in hospice on her, before she had the nurse call security. 

HOWEVER - an entirely different story was told by my older sister to the rest of the family -  which is that it was me that wanted sole control and "wanted to have my mother committed" - essentially terrorizing them on board.

Thus, as I said, when I learned this, to take the pressure off of my grandmother in the middle, sick as she was - I signed myself out of any rights to the estate entirely, in 2007.

(BTW, it was just three weeks later, DV helped finalize my divorce from my ex-husband, where he went on record, stating before a judge, that he would never contact me again, and was warned that if he did now, he would receive punishment of law.)

Additionally, despite signing off on the will - I had to move out of the house, after my sister threatened she'd have the sheriff remove me - claiming I could "change my mind and use living in the home to obtain access to the estate," if I didn't.

So I moved out - again, both because I was concerned my ex-husband was near and fears he wouldn't stop PLUS trying to prove to the family that K was lying, I wasn't after anything of hers, and I wasn't living there now because of my own finances. 

At the time, it's true, I wasn't in good shape financially, during my divorce, admittedly - but I'd also quit my job, when my grandmother went into hospice - after my older sister said she'd help support us while I provided the physical care and she took care of the legal stuff - which of course, she revoked two weeks later, and I was too stupid to realize this was actually part of her plan, to present me and things in a different light than they actually were :(

And would you believe that since then, after threatening me to leave the home and my signing off on the will - they now telling people I "abandoned" my grandmother, and that I threatened her with staying, claiming I'd also abandon my daughter if she didn't? lol

Or that even within the last year (though my grandmother died 12 years ago) - both my older sister and mother have called, texted, or mailed me stuff, trying various ways to bully/terrorize/guilt-trip/gaslight me into helping them pay taxes on the estate - can you believe the lack of remorse and conscience, here?

See how a master manipulator/pathological liar/greedy, selfish thief works, folks, and the dysfunctional family system and scapegoating at work? 

It's all about projection, deflection, and gaslighting, by the sickest members, onto the most powerless  (and often the healthiest), whether they speak up against the power abuse or not.

Because in fact, HERE is what I actually suggested to my grandmother - and what her original will said - after she came to me for advice on the will, concerned my mother would go on a spending spree again, when off her bipolar meds: 

I suggested that my older sister should be executor, instead of my mom, as far as making decisions about actual the will, because I had concerns about my mother's judgment sometimes, being bipolar.

However, I suggested to make my mother adjunctive Medical Power of Attorney, as a former registered nurse, so she wouldn't feel entirely shut out - UNLESS - her judgement was objectively deemed not to be sound (i.e., when off her meds).

HOWEVER - as far as the actual estate property and any money resulting thereof - I suggested that my mother, all 4 grandchildren (including my brother-in-law), and one great-grandchild (my daughter) have equal shares in the actual estate.

That way, no one beneficiary could use the estate money - or obtain loans based upon it - without expressly written consent by the other 5 beneficiaries (including my daughter at age 18).

That WAS my grandmother's original will - and if anyone would even bother to check, you'd see that - rather than listen to any more of K's lies -  you could verify that for yourselves.

I thought it was a very fair and balanced plan for everyone -  and I do still do - especially considering what I've been told has happened, by more than one reliable source, which I predicted would happen if it wasn't this way, didn't I?  ;)

However, as we've seen with Trump, when people are scared, emotional, in survival mode, and believe resources are scarce - as my family was during my grandmother's death - they will believe propaganda beyond reason.

Thus, my older sister took full advantage of it to gain control not only of will decisions, but the estate, property, and any financial decisions solely for herself.

I have faith the truth will eventually come out in both situations - though it may take a long time, and in fact, maybe even after I'm gone. 

But it will - let's all try to have a little more faith, folks :)

Because though it's true that some people see what they want to see, and will continue to believe lies/deny truth until the day they die, we can't control that - and are only responsible for ourselves.

And not everyone is fooled; in fact, most Americans aren't, now - because lies can't last forever :)

Lastly, To Certain Family Members, 

I don't know why you're here, suddenly, so many times -  but again, this is why I recently changed my phone number.

And I also know that at this point, you have to keep making up new lies to justify yourselves and save face, because the alternative is just too scary and threatening to your fragile psyche - that what you did to me, over things that you know aren't true - twisting, falsely accusing, abject lying, and projecting your own motivations onto me - is NOT justified.

However, I cannot and will not enable and protect you from the consequences of your own actions any longer.

Thus, as I said right before I changed my phone number - please find a new family scapegoat to blame, guilt-trip and gaslight - because Mark and I are NOT going be bullied or guilt-tripped into helping you pay estate taxes or helping provide care for Mom in her old age - especially after what K and Mom have now both done.

K wanted it all, went to unconscionable levels to get it? 

She's got it -  PLUS TAX  :)

Careful what you wish for - you might get it - and you have no one to blame - but yourselves. 

Thus, in the words of Joseph - whose family beat him, threw him in a pit, left him for dead and lied to his father about it - over his portion of inheritance and closeness with their father (in this case, our grandmother) - I now say to you the same words Joseph said ...

It took 20 years for the truth to come out for Joseph, so I've at least got 8 more years to go ; :) 

(Just kidding - Joseph was lucky - sometimes the truth doesn't come out for even better people, until after they're dead, their lifetimes, so I don't even expect, hope, or pray for it anymore - there's prayer already up from years ago, God will reveal truth in his own timeframe :) 

And like Joseph, I still love you all and still pray for you, despite what you did to me -  but I will NOT be your family whipping post and scapegoat anymore, and I will not participate in this family dysfunction and toxicity anymore, I'm sorry. 

~ Chrystal

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