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Friday, November 30, 2018

Attempted Facebook Hack ...

Mark received an email morning that someone tried to enter his Facebook account, which is weird, because we both deactivated in July 2017.  Weirder, because on checking my page, he noticed my account was active -which is especially weird, because I logged in a couple of weeks ago because I was getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, but I deactivated again immediately, even got the deactivation notice.  

It wasn't me, I know his FB password and it wouldn't be an attempt, I would get in lol - but I haven't.

It's probably just a random hack attempt, but just in case it's not - I will not hesitate to contact law enforcement - especially if it is the same person (and friends) - and you realize this would be considered documentation of escalated stalking and probable jail time, this time. Just an FYI.