Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Link to Check the Status of Your Absentee Ballot in Kentucky

If you voted via absentee ballot in Kentucky, here is the link to the official ky.gov website where you can check the status of your ballot.  

As you can see by my screen shot, ours was received and processed within 2 days of dropping it off in one of the official ballot boxes   :)

*Keep in mind, you can't see if your voting results were counted correctly - only if your ballot was received.  

Also, I'm assuming "received" also means "accepted" (rather than "rejected"), but I'm not certain of this.

Although it is too late to apply for an absentee ballot, it is not too late to mail them if you've received them, and you can do this in two ways - either by using regular mail, or via one of the official ballot boxes.

If you live in Lexington/Fayette County, the locations of these official ballot boxes can be found at the Fayette County Clerk's website (see link).

We chose one of the official ballot boxes rather than sending our ballots by regular mail - due to what should now be obvious attempts voter suppression and intimidation employed by Trump and team.

Specifically, changes to the US Postal Service system - employed by his buddy, Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy -  which resulted in removing  mailboxes, mail-sorting machines,  and other mail-processing systems all over  the U.S. - to include here in Kentucky.

This situation, of course, has never been corrected, at least here in Kentucky, despite DeJoy's promises to Congress that he would, during a Congressional hearing on the matter :/

Thus, we chose the official ballot boxes instead of regular mail - and as you can see, ours was received immediately :)

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