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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

So Amy McGrath Just Won The Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate in KY, Facing Off With Mitch McConnell in November

... and as I said in this post -  I would've been happy with either Amy McGrath or Charles Booker :)

I think either McGrath or Booker would do a great job, and somebody, anybody, KO Moscow Mitch McConnell - please.

Having said that, though Booker won Lexington and Louisville, I personally voted for Amy - NOT because I actually preferred Amy to Charles - but because I was thinking long game - meaning I thought she had a better chance at winning against McConnell, in this state.

Also, I felt she had more national/international education and experience, to include a Master's in foreign policy, and a marine  advisor to the Pentagon and U.S. Rep Susan Davis, along with her fighter-pilot military experience. 

Having said that, I was a bit disappointed in Charles Booker portraying Amy McGrath as "Pro-Trump," when that's just not true - far from it.   We shouldn't be playing Trump's word-twisting/falsehood games to win elections :/

What he used for the basis of this claim was:

1) She said that she would vote for any law she felt was best for this country over politics. 
When asked if that included laws instigated by Trump, and she said she would evaluate them and if she felt they were, then she said, "Yes."

2) She once insinuated McConnell stopped prescription-drug legislation that Trump had initially endorsed that she said might've helped the opioid crisis.  
Her intent was to instigate questions to McConnell on why he helped block that bill, but it ended up being used against her by Booker to mean "Pro-Trump," which was NOT her intent or meaning.

Neither mean that she is "pro-Trump."

What it DOES mean is that her strategy is the same as Democrat Governor Andy Beshear's strategy was, which was: Never let the word "Trump" come out of your mouth. Address policies, not people - other than your direct opponent.

It's just super smart - and exactly how Democrat Andy Beshear won, in this red state ;)

To those who respond by saying of Booker's mischaracterization of to say "Well, that's politics" - wrong, it doesn't have to be. 

We shouldn't have to stoop to playing Trump's word-twisting and spewing falsehoods game and personal attacks to win -  Andy Beshear already proved it can be done.

And to her credit, Amy never said one negative word about Booker in return, just her actual opponent McConnell - and she still won the Dem primary :)

However, again - I DO expect to see great things from Charles Booker someday in the future - I just think he needs to get more experience under his belt and on his resume, as well as not stoop to Trump's word-twisting/falsehoods to win - and when he does, he will be an unstoppable force :)

Carl Reiner :(

Emperor of Hollywood Comedy, Carl Reiner, died of natural causes, last night, at the age of 98.  If it was comedy in Hollywood, in the last 70 years, Carl Reiner usually had something to do with it.

I remember when his documentary came out in 2017 (which I still haven't seen), asking other 90-year-olds about the secret of their longevity:  "If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast" lol.

No breakfast this morning, Mr. Reiner, it seems - who will Mel Brooks have deli-sandwich dinners with now (sometimes turning Jerry Seinfeld into an errand boy, off to get them)?  :(

Thank you for all that you did for the world of comedy, and for your final words on Twitter ...


Then the world awoke at 7:30 a.m. today with the sad news of your passing.

Rest in peace, buddy.  Ya 'dun' good, as we say in the South :)

Russian Bounties: "Trump Didn't Find the Multiple Intel Reports Credible"

So, first Trump says he was never briefed about them, now he says multiple intel reports of Russian -pay-for-kill bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan "weren't credible."

Oh really?

And you thought things like Pizzagate and Joe Scarborough murdering a political aid instead of dying of undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy were credible enough to tweet about? 

LOL.  Oh, Lordy, my sides hurt.

I think the reports need to be investigated - which will now be difficult to do, considering it's public knowledge - but don't make me say "I told you so" again about Trump.

Because I said in October 2016 that I had it on very good authority - an atypical phone call from someone we rarely heard from -  warning us not to vote for Trump (we wouldn't have anyways), because Trump DID collude with Russia on the election.  The call sent chills down my spine.

I said this back then, and kept saying it, despite what happened legally and congressionally over it due to politicization of it - because we trust this person's intel. 

Plus look how Trump continues to prove it by being too soft on Putin and turning the other way on his travesties and terrorism.

I already get an "I told you so" about the level of racism still in America, and that he was fanning those flames, despite being accused of "hating my own race" for saying it in 2016 and that it was my PTSD that kept me from seeing Trump clearly - but I refused to back down. 

PTSD doesn't typically make you delusional - it makes hypervigilant/hyperaware - you often notice things others overlook. 

Though being able to say "I told you so" is validating and proof I'm not as "crazy" as some people wish I was (only the gaslighting sort, of course) - when it comes to things like this, I really hate it when I'm right :(

Because if true, not only does my heart break for those soldiers, but this is war-starting stuff, folks - but I'm in hopes of stronger sanctions instead. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

The Trump Administration Just Asked The Supreme Court to End the ACA/Obamacare Entirely ...

... in the middle of a health pandemic.

This would end healthcare coverage immediately for 22 million people - mostly the middle, working, and poor classes.

AND - there's no replacement plan.

Why, you might ask?

Well, they're giving some excuse about those with "temporary" insurance paying more out of pocket, which actually doesn't affect a lot of people. 

The main issue with Obamacare, which was the tax liability for not having insurance, was ended by Congress already, so what's the problem? 

I suspect these are the REAL reasons: 

1.  The insurance companies are taking a profit hit due to COVID - which they would be doing anyway, with or without Obamacare - in fact, healthcare costs and out-of-pocket costs for plan members would likely be almost double without Obamacare.
Meanwhile, Texas - famous for being Trump supporting and in denial about COVID-19 -  has now paused its reopening  due to a resurge of COVID-19 cases, per the Republican Governor. 
It's pretty clear that Trump is in deep denial about the resurgence of COVID cases, considering he just blatantly lied to America on Twitter, saying COVID cases are way down and the lowest mortality in the world LOL.
Now, as yourselves - why would the Trump-supporting Republican governor of Texas lie about that?  
Answer:  He wouldn't. 
2. It has Obama's name on it. Even though most people can't even remember why they (were manipulated to) hate Obama, they support it simply based on that alone. In essence, it's a last stitch panic effort for popularity with Republicans, that will likely backfire, as over time, especially during COVID, more and more non-shareholder Republicans have become glad we have it.

I didn't know you could just ask the Supreme Court to rule on/overturn something, can you? 

I ... guess we'll find out. 


We love money too much.

(And you know what Jesus, Paul, and everyone else in the New Testament said about THAT, Fellow Christians.)

Again, I have been poor and I have lost or nearly lost the people I love due to health issues - and if I have to choose between money or health - I choose health.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

No, Nobody Wants to Tear Down Statues of Jesus ...

Trump said yesterday that BLM protesters are "looking to tear down statues of Jesus Christ," - which is, of course, complete BS.

Nothing to see, here, just another blatant propaganda lie to motivate you to hate the left and black people lol.  

Many Democrats and/or black people are actually devout Christians, of course, but Trump would have you believe otherwise to manipulate you to hate and fear black people and Dems. 

The BLM protesters have torn down non-union, confederate statues as symbols of slavery and racial hatred; this week, slave-owning presidents - particularly Andrew Jackson (who was a real douche in general) - period.   

The one exception is one particular statue of Lincoln, which depicts a freed slave beneath him, whom he appears to be petting, like a dog ... 

... I, too, have found this statue in Washington D.C. disturbing, because despite freeing the slaves, it still reeks of white supremacy. 

US. Representative Eleanor Holmes has introduced a bill to have it removed to a museum rather than torn down.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

My Vote in Today's Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate (To Run Against Mitch McConnell) ...

So the race is on for the Democratic primary to face off against U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky's senate election in November, now with an 11th-hour candidate, Charles Booker, receiving support to rival Amy's base, receiving endorsements from Bernie Sanders, AOC,  former Senate candidate Alison Lundergran Grimes, and the Lexington Herald-Leader.

It was a tough call for me to choose between Amy and Charles (and basically, I'd be happy with either - somebody, anybody, just take down Chief Swamp Turtle, Moscow/Cocaine Mitch McConnell lol).

I mean, enough already - for the love of God and all that is holy, would somebody please finally end his elitist, corrupt, corporate-favoring choke hold on the U.S. Congress for the last 30+ years? 

However, in the end, we mailed in our ballots for Amy McGrath - let me explain why.

My actual views are likely somewhere between Amy (moderate) and Charles (solid left) - or actually, I should say it depends on the issue.

It boiled down to who actually has the best chance of winning in the State of Kentucky against Mitch McConnell, IMO - as well as who has the most experience in national-level campaigns and national-level politics.

In other words, Amy's military background and socially liberal/financially conservative stances are more likely to be viewed favorably in Kentucky - and thus she has the best chance of winning against McConnell, IMO.

Having said that, I DO think Charles Booker is phenomenal, and I will be following his career and expecting big things from him - it's just that he's a freshmen state representative, and though I realize Kentucky politics is probably one of the best training grounds for national-level dirty politics there is, I just think he needs more experience to be able to navigate Washington, hopefully next round. 

As I said, I'm somewhere between Amy and Charles on the issues (or at least it depends on the issue.)

Though I don't have time to list them all or do them justice, here's where they stand on the bigger ones (at least in Kentucky) in a nutshell: 



Amy:                           Fixing what's wrong with the current ACA. 
                                    Semi-regulated prescription drug  and
                                    healthcare costs. 

Charles:                      Medicare for All.  Fully regulated healthcare 
                                   system, to include full coverage of 
                                   prescription drug costs.


Amy and Charles:      Immigration reform, to include more secure 
                                   border policy, but also ending inhumane 
                                   treatment of border offenders and 
                                   more streamlined, quicker pathways to 

Justice Reform:

Amy:                          Stepped plan towards total reform.

Charles:                      Complete and immediate overhaul of justice


Amy:                        More tax dollars and better pay for public 
                                 schools.  More state and federal government 
                                 tax dollars to secondary/college tuitions, 
                                 making college more affordable.

Charles:                  More tax dollars and better pay towards public
                               schools, extra support for impoverished 
                               communities.  Free college tuition, paid for by 
                               federal government.

Minimum Wage:

Amy:                        $15.

Charles:                    Undefined "better living wage."

Gun Control: 

Amy:                         Licensed gun carrier and owner.  Supports
                                  new age restrictions, longer training, and 
                                  background checks.  Restrictions on military-
                                  grade automatic and semi-automatic rifles. 

Charles:                     Background checks.  Total ban on military 
                                  assault rifles in civilian hands, but does 
                                  support permit-less carry of handguns.

Campaign Contributions from Corporations and Unions:

Amy:                       Put "No," meaning she does not support 
                                corporate or union donations on her website, 
                                but has accepted donations from Google, Inc.  
                                Also received donations from major 

Charles:                  Put "No" on his website, refuses to take 
                               donations from any corporation or union, to 
                               include gun, coal, and oil 


Amy and Charles:     Pro-Choice.


Amy and Charles:     Fully supportive of LGBTQ marriage/anti-
                                  discrimination laws.

Climate Change Legislation: 

Amy:                         Stronger state and federal EPA regulation.

Charles:                     Stronger federal EPA regulation.


Yeah, so ... that's a sad little synopsis, I just made there, that doesn't do either of them justice, but that's the gist lol.

The main criticisms with Amy have been that she is still too financially conservative and too carefully chooses her words to avoid direct criticism of Trump, instead choosing to focus on congressional politicians, specifically targeting Mitch McConnell.

(However, remember, this is how Andy Beshear won the governorship - it works :)

Criticisms of Charles Booker have been that he is too "radical" liberal and that his healthcare for all is really code speak for Medicare for all/free healthcare and "better living wage" is ill-defined. 


Amy McGrath

- U.S. Naval Academy graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.
- A Lt. Colonel in the marines, she was the first female Marine pilot to fly an F/A-18 in combat, completing 85 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
- Decorated fighter pilot, received the following medals and awards: 

- Master's degree, Johns Hopkins in Foreign Security  Affairs/Policy.
- Defense and Foreign Affairs advisor to U.S. Representative Susan Davis, chair of the House Armed Forces Committee.
- Marine advisor at Marine Headquarters at the Pentagon, Marine liaison to the Department of State.
- Campaigned in 2018 against incumbent U.S. Representative, 6th district (including Lexington and Georgetown), Andy Barr - narrowly defeated. 

Charles Booker 

- University of Louisville, Bachelor's degree in Political Science. 
- University of Louisville, Juris Doctor (Law). 
- Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. 
- Attorney for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and Louisville FoodPort.
- Kentucky State House of Representative, 43 district (greater Louisville), elected in 2018.

Like I said, it's a tough call between these two, and I'd be happy with either.

Again - just somebody, anybody, replace Chief Swamp Turtle, Mitch McConnell? :)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

How to Watch Yellowstone if You Stream TV...

So, we stream and thus do not have cable/The Paramount Network, and Yellowstone is an exclusive deal with Paramount and won't be available on Netflix or Hulu anytime soon. 

You may have noticed that although there is a Paramount Network Channel on Roku/AppleTV/Amazon Fire TV/DirecTV Now,  etc.; unless it's part of your streaming-service subscription, you can only watch on-demand episodes of certain shows, and it takes a couple of weeks to months to see the latest episodes.

Thus, the way we watch is pay-per-episode/per season at Amazon Prime, available immediately after the episode premieres.

Also, there's a brand new option - Yellowstone and Paramount just partnered with NBC to also be on NBC's new "Peacock" channel - which will be available for streamers July 15th.

HOWEVER, there is one exception - if you have Ixfinity Streaming, you can watch it now FOR FREE on NBC's Peacock Channel. 

If not, NBC's Peacock Channel will otherwise be available on Roku/Apple/Amazon Fire streaming on July 15th, ranging from $4.99 to $10.99 per month for the channel, depending on your region. 

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to all the good dads who put up with things like ... whatever this is ...

... nowon an every-day basis, during COVID :) 

(Welcome to our world lol :)

PSDon't forget, Yellowstone premieres on Paramount tonight at 9 p.m. EST

Friday, June 19, 2020

One LMPD Office Has Been Fired for Shooting Breonna Taylor: Happy Juneteenth ... :)

There were 3 officers involved, and it's still being investigated - but Brett Hutchinson is the first officer fired.

As I mentioned in this post - though we are in Lexington, my neighbor downstairs is first cousins with Kenneth Walker - boyfriend of Breonna Taylor.   I haven't seen him yet today, but I'm sure he's smiling :)

#JusticeForBre  #Happy Juneteenth

Freedom of Speech and Justice Goes Both Ways, Trump: The Juneteenth Holiday, and Dang ... What The Heck Is In Bolton's Book? LOL

So, first Trump tried to sue Bolton to prevent the book release via lawsuit.  

Now, he called upon Barr and the DOJ to issue a halt order for further distribution of the book - which has already been released to the public - citing "national security" concerns.


Oh wait, they're serious.

NOW they care about national security concerns? 

Sorry, Trump and Barr, but freedom of speech/the press goes both ways, it's for everybody - and Bolton was YOUR pick. 

If THAT doesn't scare the shit out of you about censorship and too much government control/communism fears, Republicans, then I don't know what will. 

This marks, what, the 97th time Trump has used the DOJ to go after his personal critics, when his Twitter bullying doesn't work?

I don't know, but I'm definitely buying the book, now, even if I have to buy it bootleg off the net LOL :)

I've heard people like Trevor Noah read excerpts from it live - and apparently, it asserts that Trump allegedly directly asked President Xi Jinping - of communist China, mind you - to buy agricultural products from the Midwest states to help him win the election? 

A federal judge agreed to hold a hearing today, probably to settle down Tyrant Toddler Trump to at least be heard, but there's not much you can do after the book has already been released and distributed. 

Additionally, when Sean Hannity asked Trump if he watched the George Floyd video, he replied: 

"The George Floyd case, nothing has to be said. I watched that, I couldn't really watch it for that long a period of time, it was over eight minutes. Who could watch that?"

Jaw drop.


In fact, I'm pretty sure my jaw is going to drop off completely, before his presidency actually ends.

So ... what was the problem, Trump?

Are you saying your 5-year-old, gnat-like attention span won't last 8 minutes?

Are you saying most men can't last for 8 minutes?

(Oh, I beg to differ;)

Are you saying that despite your belligerent, bullying, big mouth and threats of violence, you must avert your eyes, due to an actual delicate-flower constitution?

Are you saying you couldn't force yourself to face reality, before you chose to teargas peaceful protesters, just so you could emerge from the safety of your little bunker, to take a selfie -  in front of MY national Episcopal church, filled with mostly liberal Democrats - whom you've vilified as CINOS? 

In your case, I'd bet on all 4 reasons lol.


ANYWAY - speaking of freedom of speech and justice, it is the Juneteenth Holiday - and Fayette County Public Schools has chosen to give the day off as a holiday :)

Thus, I leave you instead with the words of a sane, just, emotionally stable, TRUE Christian man  - an excerpt of Martin Luther's King letter from Birmingham Jail.

(Despite the national right to peacefully protest, a circuit judge in Alabama restricting any "demonstration" of protest, and thus civil-disobedience leader, Martin Luther King Jr., was jailed).

"We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly, I have yet to engage in a direct-action campaign that was “well timed” in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation. For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This “Wait” has almost always meant ‘Never.” We must come to see, with one of our distinguished jurists, that “justice too long delayed is justice denied ...”

... Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds.  "

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Yellowstone Screening/Discussion Panel Was Legit - And Kevin Costner Answered My Question!!!


This is a screen shot of Kevin Costner ANSWERING MY QUESTION!

First of all - God, he's handsome.  

Secondly, I'm not sure if this link will work without the invite (like I said, some friends couldn't access it) - and you have to use Chrome or IE or Edge - but if you can access it, my question is the very last audience question of the Q&A session, which occurs after the show - at about the 1 hour and 14 minute timestamp.

*You have to be using Chrome or IE to open (though Safari from an iPhone seems to work, too) *

(If the link doesn't work, the interview and Q&A session may be up later on YouTube, under the Deadline Virtual Screening/Discussion Panel series.)

Before I asked a question, I had three goals:

1)  Don't sound like a crazed fan and ask a stupid starstruck question that fans ask him all the time, like about Dances With Wolves or something, instead of Yellowstone.

2)  Don't sound like a Kentucky Hillbilly. 

3)  And above all, you should NOT, under any circumstances, mention that you once had THIS poster of him in Bull Durham on your wall in college in 1988 ...


So, I decided on the following. 

If you can't see my typed question, here's a close up - it's a writer mindset question lol ...

If you can't view the video in the link above, and it's too small to read, I said: 

"Hi Kevin - Considering the characters are so complex, and there are no clear "good guys," what do you think the appeal/connection is for the audience?"

There was only a certain amount of characters allowed in the question, so that was it, and the Deadline Interviewer added to it a bit, asking:  "Why is this 'destination appointment' television?"

Kevin's answer was a GREAT answer, it hits the nail on the head and ties into current events as well, I think.

This is my meantime transcription of his answer, as I can still play back the video, at present. 

"I think people enjoy watching a level of dysfunction, they enjoy watching really outrageous things coming out of people's mouths at a critical moment. There are moments in time, we wish we were saying what these characters were saying."  
" All of us are confronted with daily issues that we kinda have to walk away from, and it's only in walking away, we decide what we wish we would've said, to somebody who really deserved it."

"And in Yellowstone, we actually get to say things that I think people wish they could say to somebody else. I think one of the reasons why maybe Yellowstone has caught air is that, you know, we live in a world where, when we have problems, people turn to their lawyers to solve it. We turn to our agents to arbitrate a problem, to PR people to try to clean something up, when there's really nothing to clean up; when really, in our own life, I'd like to confront the person who's really bothering me personally."

"I think we put so much distance between being able to find a level of justice that we feel is appropriate for somebody who's really bugging us."

" And to be honest, I think people would really like to arbitrate their own their own problems, so when we see somebody like John Dutton, arbitrating his problems, sometimes we can live vicariously through people like that, and we think, "I wish we could do that" or "I wish I could do that." "I wish I would've said that, I wish I would've smacked that guy myself."

"So, I think that Taylor 
(Taylor Sheridan, creator/screenwriter, "Sicario," "Hell or High Water," Wind River" ) captures that level of escapism, but it's tapping into a nerve, where we wish we could solve some of our own problems, it might feel really good. To tell somebody who's been bothering us, really, what time it is. "

Btw, I realized later they never said "advanced" screening - it WAS just a screening of the Season 2 Finale, rather than the Season 3 premiere, which was fine by me (it was a great finale) - and Kevin Costner answered my question and I can die happy now! 


I still have no idea how I was selected to get an invite, I didn't enter any contests or anything?

I guess it was just random, after signing up to get access to Deadline articles and search terms.

Either that or my brother-in-law, the Senior Accountant for Universal Studios in LA, had something to do with it - but I doubt it - especially because Paramount and Universal are rivals lol. 

I've never won anything in my life (well, besides when I was 12 years old, a bit part in a movie, which ended up being more of a curse than a blessing ) - but never any contests or sweepstakes or drawings - this is a first!

Thank you, Deadline!

Thank you, Kevin Costner!

You made my 2020 :)


Update:  So, after sharing the link to the video with friends, some ladies at my work, and Mark's work -  Fayette County Public Schools, Central Office, where it made the rounds very quickly - the consensus was the following  ...


1.  From the ladies - "My God, he's STILL so hot."

2.  From the men, "How can anyone still look that good, at 65 years old - especially just sitting around his house during COVID?  Bastard." LOL

3.  "That was a great question!"  (Whew, thank God lol.)

4.  "Yeah! Go Kevin Costner! I LOVED his answer!  It's true!"

5.  The cat. walking around in the background, was the real star lol.

Most importantly, anyone who has not seen Yellowstone yet is now going to watch past episodes and watch the premiere on Sunday :)

PS - Deadline Yellowstone Virtual Screening/Discussion Panel: Are We Webcam COVID-Hair Rejects? :)

So ... as you know, I rarely post selfies.  However, I'm not sure if we're going log in for video for this thing or not. I think we just watch this thing? 

I ... really hope not, because we both have COVID hair. With the pictures to prove it!

(No, btw, that is not a bald spot on me - that's my extremely gray roots on top.)

Just in case, we just took these to see what we looked like on Webcam, all COVID-ed out.

Yeah, yikes.

However, I may make the one with Brookie my profile pic, just because she actually held still for a photo - who wouldda thunk it :)

They may be too grainy, though.

Okay, so just logged in - here's what it looks like.  Looks like no video on our end, but you CAN ask the interviewer question to ask Kevin Costner, once they arrive at 8!?!

So cool!

Update:  8:01 - so nothing's happening.  Our friends got a confirmation but can't get in.

God, I hope it's not a phishing scam lol.

Deadline mag does have a legitimate Deadline virtual screening, though. 

 Update - 8:07 - It's started! 

It appears to be Season 2 Finale, I guess a recap before the premiere. (I hope) Hmm ... 

Yellowstone Season 3: We Received an Invitation to an Advance Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion for Tonight?!? :)

So ... I'm not sure how I got this (I must've signed up for access at Deadline magazine, a while ago, and viewed info about Yellowstone there, last fall) - but Deadline just sent me a pass to virtually screen the premiere episode of Yellowstone Season 3 in advance  - TONIGHT - and view a panel discussion afterwards, with a Deadline interviewer and Kevin Costner!

Thank you, Deadline!

(No, you can't ask questions and bug the actors -  you just watch it and and view the interviewer/panel discussion lol)

I thought it was a prank/scam, but it appears we were just confirmed in, so we'll see?

We sent the link to a couple we know that loves the series as much as we do!

My husband is more excited than I am! lol.

Happy Early Father's Day gift, honey!

(Though I had nothing to do with it lol)

Regardless, the official season premiere is Father's Day, June 21st, at 9 p.m. EST on Paramount (or Amazon Prime pay-per-episode/season after air date).

I wrote a little blurb about this show, last year, for those unfamiliar with the show - it really found its footing mid-season 2, IMO.  

And if you don't have Paramount, you can purchase per episode or full series through Amazon Prime after it airs (which is how we do it, as we don't have cable and Paramount anymore, we stream ;)

Here's the official Season 3 trailer, with Josh Hollaway (Lost, Colony) as Beth's nemesis-potential-love-triangle-problem?

LOL, Beth - "You are the trailer park, I am the tornado."  

Yep, that's probably accurate about Beth Dutton, in general lol.   

(You do NOT want to piss off Beth Dutton lol, she's probably the scariest member of the family.)

Lastly,  the Yellowstone theme song, which IMO, is like the best series theme song out there currently ... featuring Montana itself as a main character :)

Monday, June 15, 2020

A Morning Dove Story :)

Yes, that is a play on words :)

And no, I didn't get a picture, this is just a random picture of a very young mourning dove for reference.

Okay, so ... here's what happened this morning. :)

So, Mark is working and I'm answering an email.  We decided to open up the windows and the balcony door because it's very cool out, perfect weather today. 

All of the sudden, a little young dove flies in and lands on the floor in front of me, happy and calm as you please - just waddling across the room, looking at me the whole time.

I knew if I got up too suddenly, it would scare her out, rather than gently usher; however, my husband had different ideas.  

Before I could get "Okay, not too quickly, you'll scare it and it will bash itself into the glass trying to get out"  out of my mouth, Mark was up and waving his arms in front of it like a crazy man lol.

Well, of course, this resulted in it flying into the bedroom and doing exactly that, trying to fly out the window through the glass. 

I said, "Mark - seriously, will you let me handle this one, please?  I know birds."

I went and got some sunflower seeds and came back in the bedroom.  Nowhere to be found. 

Then I said, "Hello, dahling - it's all right.  We won't hurt you.  I have seeds for you," in a very soft voice.

Out from behind my pillow waddles the little young dove, looking at me.

I sat down on the bed and she waddled over about half way, not sure. 

Then of course Mark comes in, "She's going to get hurt and bash herself, just grab her!"

Well, of course, his entrance freaked her out and she flew first landing on his computer monitor, then to the kitchen to my microwave.

So I said, "Shhh, Mark - no, that's not the way to do this, it will traumatize her more to grab with your hands.  Let me do this, Mark, okay? Stay calm - if you freak out, she'll freak out, then Brookie will freak out and all hell will break loose. Just stay calm and step back - please. "

So I walked slowly into the kitchen, talking to her softly, almost singing - I could see her little heart almost beating out of her chest.

So I reached up very slowly, talking very softly, and gently put my fingers behind her feet to step back on. (Anyone who's had birds knows this is the non-threatened way to get a bird, never go at them from the front, always slowly, gently approach the feet and touch them, they step back on you fingers almost like a reflex.)

So, there she sat on my fingers until I very gently walked her to the deck, sing-song talking to her the whole way - until we were outside and she flew away!

Mark: "Wow ... good job, honey! I mean ... I can't believe I  just watched a wild dove step back onto your fingers and stand on them and carry her across the room and outside, just like it was a trained pet - that was amazing!  You never put your hands on her, she just stepped back on your fingers.  How did you do that? Animals love you." 

Me"Well, it depends on the animal lol.  I doubt I'd have the same effect on lions or wolves, and clearly, certain humans with carnivore temperament lol.  Babies and children, tend to dig me, too, I'm not sure why? I've had birds before, though, so I know how to approach them."
"Birds are smarter than people think, they observe and assess you  with milliseconds, much like a horse or dog does.  Never grab with your hands, any animal, unless they are injured and can't move/fly; otherwise, let them come to you and go/land where they like."
"Animals express affection differently, but they have to trust you before you should even try to touch them, which is something I think we've gotten backwards even with dogs and cats.  They'll show you how to show them affection in their world, if you let them come to you, and actual petting is a gift of trust."
"Until then, as with all animals, they need to observe you first - your smell, then whatever sound you're making, then movement - frantic and frenzied VS. calm and casual - and THEN finally touch, IF they trust you." 

"So it's all about keeping soft voice, almost sing-song, moving slowly, no sudden movements, see where your hands are and are going at all times - to let them know you're not a threat.  "

I'm not sure what the Native Americans might say about this dove home visit, but I'm pretending it's a good omen?  lol.

Scripturally, doves mean peace or hard times past, or even the Holy Spirit.

Amen :)