Monday, October 12, 2020

So, Like An Idiot, I Broke My Foot Yesterday ... But Not to Worry, Nurse Brookie is Here!

(*Edited the title to say to "broke" because they just called this morning, letting me know it is a fracture, dangit. )

 ... at least we think it's a sprain.  I just had an x-ray to rule out a fracture, but we won't have the results until tomorrow, because the diagnostic center in the same building as my PCP was short-staffed and behind schedule, today.  However, I'm pretty sure it's just a sprain, and so is my doc ... 

Actually, it looks much better than it did this morning, after elevating it for the last hour.  

This pic was taken at the doctor's office this morning, after spraining it yesterday, then walking here, there, and everywhere first ...

Just goes to show you, you can't always tell by the way it looks - a foot or ankle sprain often can bruise and swell worse than a fracture. 

And I'm really good with pain, so that's not a way to tell, either, at least for me - mostly I can just tell because I can still walk on it. And it really doesn't hurt that badly - it just aches if I've been walking on it too much.  Even then, mostly it's just annoying lol. 

Regardless, not to worry - I have an excellent Nursemaid/Shepherdess Sheltie right beside me, named Brookie ... ;)


(By the way, as predicted, her removed tumors were benign - yay!) 

Both she, and the doctor, said no cycling for a 3 days, dangit.  And I was on such a roll, too. I've been cycling 5-6 days a week for the past 6 weeks, losing 11 of my 15 extra COVID pounds!

Ah well, what are you gonna do?

Listen to my doctor and Nurse Brookie's advice, you see. 

I wish I could say it was a cycling injury, or some other sports-related activity, but it's not - it's so stupid, how I did it.  

Yesterday, I was sitting on my foot on the couch. I got up and my foot was entirely asleep - not the prickly kind of foot falling asleep, the can't feel my foot at all kind, where your foot goes all different ways, when you try to walk? Well, I tried to walk and down I went, hearing a pop or crack as I went.

The good news is, Mark is going to cook for us tonight. Well, more accurately, he's asked for directions on how to cook the meat loaf I had planned.

Hey, my husband and dog are waiting on me  - not such a bad deal, after all? ;)

Just joking, because actually, I can still do everything myself, but it's nice they are so attentive and willing to wait on me. 

And hey, if Mark wants to do the cooking tonight,  I'm good with that :)

PS - So I'm writing this the day after I wrote this post - doctor just called, it is a fracture, after all.  Like I said, I'm pretty good with pain, and I was sure it was just a sprain.  

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