Friday, April 15, 2016

Meeting Doug O'Neill and "Nyquist" (Kentucky Derby Favorite) At Keeneland

Last week, Doug O'Neill texted Mark that he would be in town with Nyquist at Keeneland and we should "huddle up." So this morning, a perfect and beautiful Spring morning in Kentucky, we had the distinct honor of meeting Breeder's Cup Juvenile Winner and 2016 Kentucky Derby Favorite Nyquist...

Nyqyist, getting ready of his bath, in his royal purple Breeder's Cup Juvenile Winner robe ;)

...along with the man himself, Doug O'Neill. (Doug is originally from Detroit so he and Mark are "brothers" :)

Doug O'Neill and my fiancee, Mark/Detroit:)

In fact, the horse, Nyquist, is named after the Detroit Red Wings' star hockey player, Gustav Nyquist ;)

Gustav Nyquist, right winger hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings

He's so laid back and chill, what a pleasure to meet him.

Doug, you are the coolest, thank you :)
And here's a video of Nyquist's this morning gallop at Keeneland...

And one of Doug's mini press conference this morning...

 C'mon Nyquist - you can win that derby - and then the triple crown!

Then we had a good, old-fashion Southern country breakfast at the track restaurant, consistent of scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, home fries and cinnamon apples.

 (We won't be eating at all for another three days, in other words).

What a great start to the perfect day (if only I didn't have to work a bit now).

 Mark and me, Main Gate at Keeneland Racetrack, Lexington, Kentucky - April 15, 2016

But next up today, we won a new car!

Okay, we didn't win the car, we bought it and it finally arrived today - real pic to come later, here's a stock photo for now :)

(I did all of the research on this car via Consumer Reports, JD Power and Associates, etc., so cross your fingers I did a good thing, here ;)

Song of the day,  a brand new song - dedicated to Nyquist:)

 Pink - "Just Like Fire"