Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Update: Nope - No Surgery, No Boot, Just a Surgical Shoe :)

Just an update - because a few people asked if I'd need surgery or to wear one of those fun and fashionable boots - but mostly just because I'm a medical geek, and thus find the way the human body works, as well as its ability to mostly heal itself - or at least tries to reroute itself and find homeostasis to function as normally as possible, even before conscious action or intervention -   completely fascinating lol.  

(So I guess I'm in the right career, then lol).

So it's actually an cuboid avulsion fracture, rather than a cuboid "nutcracker" fracture. An "avulsion" fracture is when a little piece of bone literally "chips" off. I've circled the little bone "chip" that came off in red.

Although he agreed that a cuboid fracture is uncommon, he said I was actually the 5th person he's seen, this year, with the exact same fracture, having broken it the exact same way - some older than me, some younger, both male and female -  so more than likely not osteoporosis, but we'll check a bone density scan just to be sure.  

He said the way it happens is, when you try to walk when your foot is numb and fall, the foot goes one way, the toes go another, which yank both the tarsometatarsal ligaments (ligaments between toe bones and midfoot bones) and the dorsal cuneocuboid ligament.

They "snap" like a rubber band, or like a slingshot  - popping off the little corner end of the cuboid bone, and voila - cuboid avulsion fracture (the corner of the cuboid bone chips off).

So I have to wear this fun and fashionable surgical shoe and an Ace wrap all day, and no cycling (or walking) for 4 weeks - arrgh!  

(I was on a roll, indoor cycling 5 days a week on my Schwinn IC-4, having shed 11 of my 15 pandemic pounds in 6 weeks.)  

Ah well, at least I won't need surgery, And I reckon I'll live ;) lol.

Like I said, I'm really good with pain anyway (well, physical pain, not so much emotional), but it only really ached some at night, or when I walked around too much. It was mostly the instability that was the issue.

And hey, if nothing else, I now know that there are at least 4 other idiots like me, in this town, who broke their foot the exact same way, trying to walk when their foot was asleep (totally numb, asleep - not "pins and needles" asleep) lol.

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