Tuesday, October 13, 2020

So I Don't Believe in Astrology ...

... but my husband does, because his mom was a big believer in astrology.   Astrology predictions have seriously never even once been right for me, but whatever works for people. :)

So today - my bank didn't process my paycheck deposit as usual - of course on Amazon Prime Day, which only comes one day a year.  I was told because even though banks were open yesterday, federal-level banking wasn't for the holiday, so they're behind. 

Then in trying to check back, my bank's website crashed completely. 

 Okay, all of that could be explained due to overload processing and visits after the holiday, right?

Then my primary care doctor's office (well, the practitioner that saw me in place of my PCP) forgot to send my referral to the orthopedist, and when they finally did, they put down my ankle, instead of my foot.

Then the phone lines went down at the orthopedist's office and I couldn't get through (or when I got through, I was disconnected).  

This took about two hours to fix, and another 30 minutes to sort out with both offices, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my ankle the swelling is midfoot, and the x-ray images I would be bringing on disc would be of my left foot cuboid fracture, not an ankle sprain, as the referral notes said, and there must've been some patient mix-up after I visited yesterday.

So I jokingly just said to my husband, "All righty. WTH is wrong with everyone today, and why is so much stuff crashing, lol?    With all these miscommunications and technology breakdowns, it reminds me of what your 
mom used to say - she used to say technology and communications always went awry during Mercury in retrograde; is that the problem? lol.  Wouldn't it be hilarious - and a little spooky - if it actually was?"

I was totally joking - then he asked me to look it up. 

Sure enough, today is the first day of Mercury in retrograde and goes until November 3rd - HILARIOUS!

I swear, I had no idea because I don't follow astrology.  Other than basic personalities - which are mostly too generalized anyway - they've never once gotten anything right for me, so I think it's mostly crap- so I swear, I had no idea and was totally joking.

He was like, "See, you joke about her astrology, but I told you - my mom was right on that one!'

Okay, Nancey, you got one right - but I'm still not believer!

However, I have to admit, that was a little spooky - and hilarious!

So beware of technology, telecommunications, and technology failures, Mercury's in retrograde until election day - ooohweeooooh! ;) lol

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