Thursday, June 8, 2017

** Security Alert ***

FYI, we have a court case pending at the end of June with 2 of the online trolls (not in this country) who helped impersonate me online & other harassment. They did so initially as a favor to a few someone we know in THIS country who wanted to keep themselves out of legal trouble here. These 2 are currently out on bail & we anticipated retaliation

On blogs, they began by "hitting" friends with impersonations (fake profiles), then me (6x) to make it look like it was me doing it. 

Today, a childhood friend was "hit" in just such a manner and impersonated and also privately sent strange text messages.

What happened today raised flags, but could be random. 

If anyone else receives anything strange, please let us know so we can add it to the documentation. 

Yes, the timing is odd considering discussion about the situation with my daughter & family, but we're chalking this up to random coincidence & observing for now. Thanks

PS The difference between "impersonation" and "hacking."

Impersonation =  Right-clicking on someone's picture and creating a fake profile with it.

Hacking = actually entering your account.