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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Don't Know Whom To Believe? All You Need Do Is Ask Yourself One Simple Question ...

Note that those pushing to reopen businesses this soon are the same people who played down, minimized, and naysayed the virus and called it a hoax to begin with, until they couldn't anymore, because it affected them or someone they knew who was infected and/or actually died from it -- essentially, greedy/selfish people who chronically put their wallets and own personal power or "freedoms" before public health/others. 

Unfortunately, especially in the U.S.  - where we do not have socialized/subsidized healthcare (so the sky it the limit on healthcare costs and profits) - this may even include a few health professionals.

This is only a tiny handful, because the vast majority of healthcare professionals are socially responsible people, who took their oaths seriously, and they will tell you it's suicidal madness to relax social-precaution standards this soon - especially considering the absence of widespread testing.

But if you're still so naive/politically brainwashed that you're still trying to figure out who to believe anyway - based on politics rather than common sense - then ask yourself this very simple question: 

"Which way would profit the individual saying this more?"

Boom - you have your answer :)

If you're still blinding yourself to good common sense, let me help -  as I've mentioned, one of my two gigs is transcribing for a large university hospital, and I can tell you this - they're losing millions, every day,  because they can't see patients in their offices or perform routine procedures.  

They can telehealth patients in need, but there are no outpatient visits or procedures unless emergent, so both public and private institutions -  and their doctors -  are losing millions by the day - and still, as far as I know, not a single healthcare professional at this semi-public university is recommending reopening/relaxing restrictions - not even close.

Thus, considering we do not have widespread testing yet, and are still experiencing new cases and deaths every day,  in America - I would question the motive of any healthcare provider that says we should "re-open," right now, as potentially putting their wallet ahead of public health and the oaths they took.

Take note of who they are - because if it were me, I would never, ever visit any health professional saying we should relax social restrictions, right now. 

This reminds me of an issue a few years ago, here in Kentucky, where a previously well-respected group of cardiologists got caught by JCAHO performing cardiac catheterizations for patients who did not need them, just to make more money. 

Did they lose their licenses or receive criminal charges?  Hell, no.  

They just received fines and the insurance companies refused to pay them - this is what we call "white-collar crime."

(The doctors were also released from the practice and left the state.)

So the profit question is always an important one, especially in our country, where the sky is the limit on healthcare costs. 

The same question could be asked of whom to believe in climate science:

"Who will profit and who will lose?

"And what will be lost - money or life?"

The short-term financial profit is not worth the long term cost - if nothing else, to human life and the environment.


PS - I will refer you to my post from March 2nd, which contains the following video of Trump at the NC rally, who called the virus a  "liberal hoax" - and touts as his evidence that "we've lost nobody to the coronavirus"  - crediting himself for it, saying the press was hysterical and false.

Now, of course, it's a different story - he's publicly lamenting death of even some of his own personal friends to the virus on Twitter.

However, he is still incredibly somehow crediting himself as a victorious conqueror over the virus, due to his own personal efforts, of course  - despite leaving the responsibility for social precautions up to the states - and now trying to now grasp the power back from them and pushing for relaxing social precautions for business (despite his medical advisors pleading with him not to) lol.

Cu-ckoo.  Cu-ckoo.  Cu-ckoo.

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