Friday, April 3, 2020

New Baby Arrival ... :)

My friend's new granddaughter just arrived, born during this craziness, but Mom and baby are both doing great :)

Can't show you a picture, but thought we all could use a little happy news :)

I will say it was no easy task with all the restrictions.  If I understood the texts correctly, there were extra precautions like limited staff in the room, and no one could leave - if anyone left, they couldn't come back (including dad), no one was allowed to wait in the lobby, even close family had to wait for news from home, and nobody can see her yet except mom and dad, just send pictures. What a nightmare!

But all is well in the end :)

New baby's mom is a pharmacist: a doctor of pharmacy, actually, so she's in very smart, capable hands  :)

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