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**PLEASE NOTE** - I use no other social media and my comments are closed due to persistent harassment and impersonation by one individual - sorry :(

Thursday, April 16, 2020

FYI: I Just Added This Note to My Sidebar ...

"Please Note: In addition to my comments remaining closed due to persistent harassment by 1 individual, please be aware of ongoing impersonations of me by this person, and that this person has multiple online personas. I rarely comment anywhere, but "Chrysalis" (or my real name - see correct spelling in my profile) is my 1 and only ID and blog and I use no other social media."

PS:  Due to a recent spike in activity from said person above - as well as to avoid further confusion, considering this person's multiple online personas and impersonations - note the differences. 

I live in Lexington, Kentucky, and I am a natural-born U.S. citizen.  

I work remotely from home on contract as a medical transcriptionist/editor for a large university hospital in Canada, as well an independent marketing research firm based in NYC, who does marketing research on behalf of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Conversely, the above-mentioned person was born in the U.K., but fled to Canada to avoid prosecution for cyberstalking, terroristic threatening, and calling false allegations to government agencies in both the U.K. and the U.S. as harassment of myself and several other people (and their family members, to include even their minor children).

Said person lives in a completely separate province from the province from the university hospital and clinic that I transcribe for. 

From what I understand, said person has been "leashed" in Canada as well, due to multiple cybercrimes and terroristic threats since their relocation.

However, if they still find that they are still unable to control themselves and escalate their crimes, imagining they are above reproach because of COVID-19 ?

Well, there's always actual jail time after COVID-19 for proven escalated cyberstalking :) 

Why does this person persist?  

Revenge - because out of their 22 victims, I came the closest to having this person prosecuted, as I had the best documentation evidence of cyberstalking and terroristic threatening- which was the reason said person fled the U.K. to Canada ;)

In other words, in true criminal-mind fashion, it's the same mindset of a convicted criminal who pledges revenge on the cop who had them convicted

However, no worries - all is well :)

Just the same ole sh*t, different day, from the same bored psycho -  apparently extra bored with the COVID restrictions, I guess lol :)

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