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Friday, April 24, 2020

New FDA Warning Against Hydroxychloroquine Off-Label Use for COVID-19

As I mentioned earlier in this post, hydroxychloroquine has many side effects, some which are fatal.  

As mentioned previously, the French trials that had been done were extremely small (20 patients, 80 patients) and were not randomized or double-blinded.

(That link is the official announcement at the FDA's site).

Specifically, the drug is known to prolong your QT interval - which can be reversed, if caught soon enough - but being that people cannot see the doctor for outpatient visits, right now, that's an extra risk.

In other words, we need to wait for the clinical trials to complete before we push this drug for purposes other than its labeled indication - as a certain politician has been doing.

I'm not really sure why anyone would listen to what a politician says about a drug VS. physicians and pharmacists, anyway.

Again - more evidence of the cult-mentality/ brainwashing we've developed regarding our political leaders - behaving as if they are omniscient.

Instead, these politicians should stick to their area of expertise and listen to/allow educated, trained, and well-researched/practiced experts in the subject to better advise.

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