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Friday, April 3, 2020

Public Service Announcement? ;)

So, first I read in the NYT that even though the CDC is now recommending wearing home-made face masks when in public (because there is some suspicion there has been genetic mutation from droplet-borne into air-borne transmission?), Trump is not following suit and recommending this, too, because his constituents are afraid of too much government control; thus, he basically said "wear them if you want to; if you don't, don't."

For the first time ever, I actually almost felt sorry for Trump, because it's almost like he's finally at least trying find the right thing to do and who he should listen to - for once in his miserable, selfish life - but it's his own supporters who won't let him!  

Then I overhead a neighbor (whom I otherwise love) talking about martial law again.   

Then I read how Judge Roy Moore - like much of the rest of the American South - are defying social restrictions, encouraging his church to do the same in Alabama, like some kind of repeat, even more effed up, misguided, and egomaniacal Custer's last stand or David Koresh compound-stand-off (which probably will end just as badly).

Then I just read the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I've heard yet - not the post itself, but a commenter underneath, who definitely wins the prize for coming up with the craziest, most illogical, government conspiracy theory I've heard yet (with the least amount of evidence).

It was apparently a Canadian, who commented regarding nothing to do with the post itself, but just randomly about how this virus is no different than other flu, the government is just tampering with the testing, so they can martial law people, monitor them, and make people dependent upon them. 


Allllllrighty, then, that's it - now hear this, people! lol

The reality of this situation is scary enough - let's not make it worse by believing scary stories we just made up 5 minutes ago, like 10-year-old girls at a slumber party, shall we? :)

It is way past time to settle down, take off our political glasses so we can stop looking at everything through political lenses, and just snaaaaappp out of ittttttt :) 

Clearly, we were all ill-prepared for this, it has really exposed the weaknesses in all our government systems, and they are all  bumbling through the process, just trying to plug the leaks in our respective dams as fast as possible (rather than the best way possible, although we honestly don't know what the best way is, yet). 

However, all our governments - regardless of whether they are not socialized, partially-socialized, fully socialized, and even communist - are at least attempting to do something right, for a change, and may finally be doing what we pay them to do  - however misguided, blundering, and inept those attempts may be.

They are at least trying to protect us, not only from the virus itself, but protect our dumb, paranoid butts - from ourselves. 

Thus, I left this comment:

Genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 versus other coronaviruses and adenoviruses (other colds and flus and even the first SARS). 

If you don't like that site because it's a government site, there are plenty of other sites by reputable sources where you can compare the genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 to other coronaviruses, including comparing it to SARS 1.

Also, I now transcribe for a large university hospital in Canada, including for their Allergy and Immunology Department, every day. As you can see from the link above, it its own genotype (with slight variations in phenotype presentations).
There is absolutely no reason in the world that millions of healthcare professionals in every country in the world, of all political parties, would lie about this - they have absolutely nothing to gain.
In fact, both public and private institutions are losing millions daily over this, we've reached maximum financial pressure capacity due to COVID, and some some will likely collapse - because not only is COVID-19 draining them financially, but both private and public hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices rely on outpatient visits and procedures for their cash flow, but they are unable to do them, right now, for fear of contagion.  

Again, I know people are afraid and trying to put their heads together and help, need to connect and talk about it, but please - if you do, be a part of the solution, not part of the problem?

Because we are fighting two things, here - the spread of the virus itself and the spread of misinformation/dysinformation about the virus.
Wild speculation and conspiracies without proof do nothing to solve problems, they only increase fear.

Even though my comment was directed towards the commenter, the blog owner chose to copy, paste, and post it under his own name - mine in italics vs his replies not-italicized, just so that he could try to find a way to argue/one up each line I said - LOL!

I don't think I've ever encountered a more insecure person in my entire life lol.  

I mean, hell, I'm extremely insecure, but I know it - and as a childhoood-evangelical-turned-atheist-turned-Episcopalian/Buddhist -  I have no problem challenging my own belief system and questioning my own beliefs, but I guess I have experienced the value, in doing so, too.

No, I'm talking about the sort of person who is not only extremely insecure, but completely lacking in self-awareness that they are, such that it comes across in arrogant cover, and they perceive anyone who even politely disagrees with them as a threat to himself/herself or their beliefs lol.

Thus, my reply: 

I guess I just don't understand who a few of you are trying to say would gain from a pandemic and why, sorry.

Because it doesn't appear that anyone is profiting, private or public institutions and/or non-socialized, partially socialized, fully socialized, or communist - everyone has lost money.

Now if you're saying no one caused it, but there are opportunists, there may be merit to that, both corporate and government - but I haven't seen any irrefutable evidence of that yet, other than low-level scammers.

PS - My comment was in response to Bxxx's theory, not LS because of course some companies are profiting, of course, as LS points out, but they're also experiencing losses in work crews to work onsite. Otherwise, most are losing millions, both private and public.

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