Sunday, April 26, 2020

It's The Last Kingdom Season 4 Day!

Getting ready to watch in 10 ...


(It's okay, my husband knows all about my Uhtred/Alexander Dreymon crush.  I'm allowed a certain amount of celebrity other husbands, and he's allowed the same number of celebrity other wives  lol)

Plus, there's my other favorite characters, the quick-witted/ sometimes foul-mouthed-but-hilarious and bad-ass priest, Beocca ...

Who learns to stop demanding Christianity and hating Uhtred, to love him like a brother despite being a Dane (who has rejected all faith), as well as falls in love with Uhtred's sister, who is Pagan  (Thyra), whom he is protecting at Uhtred's request.

And the initially reluctant (until raped) -  but eventually equally bad-ass -  warrior nun, Hild, who is otherwise the most spiritually enlightened person in the show.

Despite being a Christian nun, Hild believes Christians, Danes/Viking Mythology followers, and pagans can and should coexist - but make no mistake, she can whup some arse if anyone messes with her, after Uhred teaches her how to wield a sword to further protect herself/the nunnery/the church/the village from raiding parties.

If Beocca and Hild die, this season, I'm not watching this show anymore.  Probably.  Maybe ;)

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