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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Local COVID-19 Update for FCPS ...

As mentioned, my husband works for Fayette County Public Schools.  We already had one 17-year-old student and a teacher test positive, but we have learned today that 17 more staff members  tested positive -  and one has died. 

Though I cannot reveal the identity without family permission, what I can say is what will be released to the press shortly - and that is that all 17 of the newly-positive  staff members are school bus drivers - from two separate bus compounds.

Keep in mind, the children have been out of school for 3 weeks. 

Thus, unless there are other variables to this situation of which I am not aware, this news provides more evidence for 2 of my theories:

1) That this virus has a longer-than-usual incubation period.

2) That although children may be asymptomatic, they can still carry and spread the disease.
Thus why it is NOT safe to still allow children to congregate together in public areas, like I'm still seeing in my city and neighborhood, which frustrates me to no end :/


Update 4/8/2020:  Here is the LHL press article released:

The article claims it was related to a single FCPS bus garage, but ... I'm not sure that's accurate ....

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