Wednesday, April 22, 2020

PS - Dr. Foxx's Faith AND Science ...

Just an addendum to my below post on the recovery of a very popular local family physician (at the same practice as mine) -  Dr. Foxx was one of 2 patients to receive an experimental plasma transfusion as an immunotherapy boost, donated from a recovered COVID-19 patient - not only with his consent, but at his actual encouragement, allegedly mostly paid for out of his personal pocket, as the treatment is not yet covered by insurance as it is awaiting FDA approval; thus, the extra incentive for applause :)

Dr. Foxx is reportedly a man of great faith - in both God AND science - believing, like me, the two are not mutually exclusive - despite political narratives today asking you to choose between the two. 

IMO, God, faith, and even "miracles" are science that we simply don't understand yet :)

For example, many "miracles" in the bible can now be explained by science that early civilizations didn't understand yet and thus considered "magic"  or "miracles."

For example, Christ healing the lepers - if Christ bathed his hands in sulfur water before he touched them (which was likely, as many wells contain sulfur water), already knowing centuries in advance that sulfur-based antibiotics can cure leprosy?  

Boom, lepers are cured :)

The plagues experienced by Pharaoh Ramses in the story of Moses, can be easily explained today by environmental/atmospheric science.

Does that make them any less "miracles" just because a master scientist knew what we didn't, how to consciously conduct the physical chemistry reactions  - at the exact right moment? :)

Come to think of it,  both God and love itself (which IMO aren't mutually exclusive, either)  - are not unlike this virus.  
Allow me explain ...

powerful "invisible" entity that people have different experiences with, which some still don't believe exists because it hasn't affected them personally yet?  

Yet the rest of us have faith that love, and God, do exist - even if we haven't seen love or God in a lab or personally experienced love and/or God, we still feel their effects, because they're are around us all the time lol

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