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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Just A Request ...

I've really been hoping to see more helping each other out, during this time - and I truly have - but I'm also seeing people be more critical of others over really little, petty things. 

I get it.  I think I've even done that myself a time or two during this thing.  Because we're all stressed to the max.  

However, COVID-19 is no one's fault.  

So how about we not blame the guy who bought the last package of toilet paper today at the grocery.  

Or your coworker who left the email attachment report off the email they sent trying to multitask.  

Or your kids playing too loudly 4 feet away from you trying to work, though neither of you can leave.  

Or your husband who left the toilet seat up again. 

Or your wife for leaving the cap off the toothpaste.  

Or a person who happens to be born Chinese or Italian.  

Or that dude on Facebook who tries to peddle politics in the middle of a pandemic.  

Or your boss, the mayor, the governor, or even the president (even if you're unhappy with their response to it).  

Or even that pot-stirring, attention-seeking a-hole - who has always been an pot-stirring, attention a-hole - who doesn't care if there's a pandemic; and in fact, they have ramped up their a-holeishness to critical-mass  - not because they're stressed, but either because they are trying to compete with COVID-19 for attention, are using it to their advantage, or because they can, and get away with it right now more than ever lol.

The virus is still not their fault - they did not cause any of this. 

I get it, it's human nature - everybody wants someone to blame -  but the truth is - there is no one to blame.

Even if we did have someone to blame, that wouldn't fix this problem - the cat's already out of the bag, running loose and wreaking havoc in the streets, and no one can catch it yet.

Thus, taking your stress out on the wrong people or things, for the wrong reasons, may help you feel momentarily better, but it won't last - and it makes the people around you even more stressed (which likely won't end well for you either).

And I promise you, the sun will still come up tomorrow if you, or someone around you, drops a spinning plate they're ordinarily able to spin with ease. 

So ... how about we all at least try to give others the benefit of the doubt we'd like them to give us, because quite frankly, no one is at their best right now - this is affecting everyone's lives in different ways - ways you don't even know about, because people don't share and explain everything.

If someone is bugging the crap out of you -  or conversely, snapped at you due to their stress - forgive them?

Give them a break - we are all doing the best we can and we all handle stress differently and imperfectly.

Unless someone is doing something you feel is unsafe for them, you, and/or others - just let it go, for right now? 

Just a thought ...

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