Monday, March 2, 2020

My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

First of all, note that I call it COVID-19,  it's proper name, because I work in the healthcare industry and I know that coronaviruses are responsible for everything from the common cold to the flu, and it's important to distinguish what's different about this highly-evolved coronavirus versus other coronaviruses, by calling it by its proper name - and that name is COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Secondly, I've been watchful, observant, but not overly alarmed yet - which is why it was a surprise to me that from Charleston, Friday night, Trump declared the outbreak as a liberal conspiracy "hoax" intended to undermine his first term? 

Because from my limited experience, it is mostly Trump-style conspiracists who are the most panicked, complete with their usual crazy conspiracy theories, that "Dem globalists did it."  


Erm - allow me to speak for all of the Democrats that I personally know and say this: 

Oh, Mr. Trump? 
Erm - we did not cause this virus, nor are we the ones spreading conspiracy propaganda about it without proof - that would be you and yours again - once again, stop projecting.  And if anyone is undermining you, it's you.
Because although we can count on one hand the times where we agreed with you, we were with you on repatriation concerns at first.
However, you have since seemed to do yet another 180, and have found a way to make even virus outbreaks political and all about you ...
But let me just say this - the world is a pretty big place -  and not everything in this world is about you. 
Please stop thinking about yourself, for once in your lifetime, and start thinking about those in your charge? (You know, just for a change of pace for you.)

To be a true leader, rather than a poser, requires a sort of parental attitude that you do not possess. 
It was already clear that you have never been a hands-on type of parent; this is just more proof. 
Because hands-on parents already accept if their kids get it, they're going to get it too, and they're more worried about the wellness and well-being of their children than they are about themselves - ALL of their children - not just the ones that agree with them.

Why don't you try learning how to at least act like a good parent, if you are too narcissistic to actually be one - it's never too late?

Love and kisses!

~Myself and my fellow American Democrats, whom you frequently forget are also in your charge - albeit under hostage-like conditions lol.

PS - You know who you sound like, don't you? President Xi Jenpeng, when he first denied there was even an outbreak. Then the whistleblower physician who tried to warn everyone ended up dying from it.

Not that this is your first time sounding like a communist, but for those who have never noticed this behavior in you before, with all your you-versus-the-press and whistleblowers nonsense, but just saying - this should be the loudest alarm bell yet to his followers that the smeller may be the feller. 
Otherwise, I don't plan on doing anything different than what I normally do, in winter especially.  

I'm not a germophobe by any means  - because you really can't be both a germophobe and a mom - you just accept if your child gets something, you're next, and do your best to prevent and treat infections and keep do you best to keep yourself well in order to care for them.

However, being that my husband works for the public schools and for the first year we were together, we both caught anything and everything that came down the pike, I have gone to Cloroxing (straight out of the bleach bottle with water) anything in the home that hands touch.

I do this at least twice a week, and not just to counter surfaces - I Clorox doorknobs, remote controls, cell phones, light fixtures, thermostats, cabinet handles, keyboards, faucets - and this has at least reduced the amount of illness coming into the home, appearing to keep us from the flu for 9 years now.  

I say this practice has kept "us" from the flu because I always get the flu shot, but my husband never does, but he hasn't gotten it either, despite working for the schools (knock on wood.)

Note that I know this will not prevent everything -  and we've still gotten a couple of episodes of the sniffles break through - but it has reduced much, and it's about all we can do, all that anyone can do, as prevention.  

Because in the end, we have no control over these things - and having survived so much already in life, I finally just accepted things are going to happen that I cannot control. 

However, one of the things I learned is that whatever's going to happen is going to happen, despite your best efforts at prevention - it is what it is - so if it's my time, it's my time, and there's not a dang thing I can do about it - powerless is no stranger to me.  

My only worry would be for those people and animals who depend on me for care :/ 

That's not a defeatist attitude, it's just a realist attitude - and it comes from things have happened in my life that I never would've thought God would allow, as a Christian, but I've come to understand that's not the way God works - he promised he wouldn't intervene in free will, and he  never promised rescue or even justice.  

God and Christ mentioned they see the powerless, poor, and oppressed, and had great compassion for them (encouraging us to do our best to help from our stations in life, as Christians, and though promises them they will be among the first as opposed to the last in the afterlife, note that he never says he will rescue them in this one, promises them justice, or rescue from death or anything else. 

So I never pray for prevention of illness, against natural disaster or death - sometimes for justice, but again, neither God nor Christ ever promised us justice either, just encouraged us to seek it  -  so I mostly pray for strength, wisdom, and comfort, during tough times, for myself and others - and prayers like that have never gone unanswered (though not always in my time frame)

PS - My husband just said to me, "Well, he (Trump) just finally recognized the virus was akin to himself, that's all and explains the 180." 

Ha! True. 

PPS - I am also hopeful that with warmer weather, we will see somewhat of a decline, as we do with other coronaviruses.

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