Monday, April 13, 2020

So, My Squirrel Buddy, Gibbley, Now Scratches at My French Door To Let Me Know She's Here for Food :)

No joke - I don't have a picture of it yet, but next time, I'll try to get video before Brookie (our Sheltie) sees it and goes nuts again lol. 

If I'm busy and don't notice my squirrel buddy, Gibbley (picture below of her taken prior, just for reference), hanging out on the balcony banister,  staring at me through our big window and waiting for me to notice her -  she's decided to climb down and scratch at my French door window!  

When I first heard the scratching, I sat up (as did my Sheltie) - and there was her little pretty squirrel face, pawing the through the glass like, "Hello, I'm here - a little food, please? Please, m'um, may I have some more? " 

Just as I was about to grab my camera, Brookie realized what the scratching noise was, too, and began barking at her like a crazy dog lol.

Thus, all I have is this poor-quality cell phone photo of her through the French door glass, after I'd given her seconds of her favorite thing -  townhouse crackers lol.

And here's Miss Brookie in sheperdess position, watching intently while Gibbley eats that cracker lol 

(Gibbley comes to the bottom right pane of this door to scratch).

Aw, how could you resist this precious little face, pawing at your glass door? (Prior picture of Gibbs.)


She's been coming twice a day, now - I guess since there are less people out, less food being dropped, etc., so she's coming more and bolder?

We also have two others that aren't as brave as Gibbley - we know Gibbley because she's the biggest, with the fullest tail and pretty almond eyes.  

Plus, she's the bravest - she practically takes a townhouse cracker right out of my hand now.  She loves the sunflower seeds and the peanuts, but once I set that cracker down, she grabs that first, sits up on her hind legs, and holds the cracker with both hands, gobbling it down lol 

The other two, we've named "Twitchy" (because he's very nervous and tail-twitchy, and his tail crooks over) and Piney - because his tail looks like a pine bough.  We're wondering if they might be her babies, because they're much smaller and more skittish than Gibbs?

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