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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lawyer for (and Member of) Church Advocating Defying Social Restrictions is Hospitalized with COVID-19

As per the New Orleans local newspaper, The Advocate.

The lawyer for the Life Tabernacle Church in Central in Baton Rouge, LA, Jeff Wittenbrink, who is also a church member advocated for defiance of Louisiana state social restrictions -  using (twisting) constitutional religious freedom/freedom religious persecution law - was just hospitalized with COVID-19 and is on oxygen.

The movement was promoted by former avid Trump supporter (and vice versa) Alabama Supreme Court Judge and failed U.S. Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore - who visited the church on April 2nd alongside Wittenbrink ...

This photo was taken by press through the doorway of the church on April 2nd (for fear of entering and being infected).

Note that is ex-Alabama Supreme Court Justice and failed GOP U.S. Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore, on the left.

The now hospitalized lawyer, Jeffrey Wittenbrink, is on the right with the mic. 

The pastor, Tony Spell, is behind them.

You know the drill, by now - say it with me, folks ...

The "God favors us" delusion of American invincibility strikes again.

PS - Is there any difference from these churches and churches that snake handle, at this point? 

I grew up in one, and I can tell you for a fact - not much.   In fact, churches like these are worse - at least snake-handling churches confine these activities to their own church and risk their own lives, not the lives others.

Poor, misguided, self-deluded souls as unwitting pawns for Trump and the new GOP - we tried to warn you this was real  - but you're too politically/religiously brainwashed to listen :(

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