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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

PS - List of All Government-Registered Treatment Clinical Trials and Vaccination/Prevention Trials Currently in the Works ...

Below is an exact copy of a followup comment I left, in addition to the one from the post below, which again, I posted twice due to typo lol.

Because, of course, this person didn't release the first one, 'creatively interpreted' it for me, combined it with apparently another commenter (?) whose comment he didn't release, and made it political - though there was nothing political whatsoever in that first comment (an exact copy of that comment is in the below post.)

I'm simply trying to stop the spread of both the virus, as well as the dysinformation about the virus, I'm reading out there, political or not - because both have proven to be dangerous.

Because despite our personal leanings, for those of us who chose a career in healthcare, it's not just our job, it's our life mission, to help heal others to the best of our ability, no matter who or what you are, even if we can't stand the sight of you and you're the biggest douche we've ever encountered lol.

Because it's the right thing to do.  Remember that?

When it comes to healthcare, you are more than your label -  you're a patient needing treatment and deserving of proper care - just like anyone else.

In fact, as much as I don't care for Trump, I would approach his healthcare documentation the same as I would Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Schmo Who Lives Down the Row, or anyone else - because in the healthcare field, we are committed to try and help heal all patients regardless of our personal feelings. 

(Though he might get an earful from me when he felt better, especially after I helped with his treatment, before he left, so much that he might regret we helped him get better enough to have to listen to me lol ;)

That's why I'm in healthcare, but people like the aforementioned person is instead a retired-bicycle-salesmen-turned-paranoid-political-armchair-warrior on the internet.

And that's a good thing - because if the situation were reversed, he'd clearly let die any patients in his charge who were Democrats, black people, Mexicans, Native Americans, Maori, and First Nations, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists, LGBTQ and women, and "insert any other group not white straight male protestant here" -- calling it the Lord's Work and (misguided) Christian duty, attempting to justify it by (intentionally) misinterpreting the bible and Christ's message lol.

Comment ...

Here is the site I use it regularly for my work that lists all P&T (pharmaceuticals and therapeutics) in clinical trials - not just hydrochloroquine.
There's nothing political about this site, other than the government has registered the trial and approved the clinical trial to proceed, but has yet to approve the treatment.

It's a list of all companies, universities, and government institutions who have filed registration with the government to perform clinical trials for any P&T (pharmaceutical or therapeutic agent) before they are approved by the government (here in the U.S., it's the FDA).

This particular page lists those who have registered with the government to perform clinical trials for treatment of COVID-19 that you can follow the process of yourself if you don't trust the media:
There's also an international consortium site that lists all of the international institutions working on COVID-19 vaccines (preventions) that are in the works:
I'm giving you links to the actual studies for you to follow the results of and decide for yourself- I'm sorry you've chosen to make that political.

In doing so, you put your own life, and the lives of many others, at risk.


PS - Many doctors I transcribe for slang/shorten hydroxychloroquine to 'hydrochloroquine' (aka Plaquenil in the U.S. as a brand name) when dictating.

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