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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bored? How About Some Fake-But-Fun Ghostie Videos :)

So I'm a very amateur ghost-hunter, and I'm convinced that 99.9% of these videos are fake or made by amateur filmmakers - and this one is no exception.  I could go into why I'm certain they're fake, but I'll let you figure that out for yourselves.

In fact, of all the ghost videos I've seen online, there have been only maybe 4 that were difficult to sort out (which I've posted before).  

Usually, they're not the ones picked up by the mainstream ghostie people, they're usually people that don't have a lot of views or who normally don't ghost hunt, but just caught something strange one day.

The good rules of thumb are ...

If your first reaction is to spit your coffee out from laughing?

Yeah, not real :)

If they give no explanation as to why they're filming their woods or in the middle of dark country road in the middle of the night?

Not real.

If something funky is going on on their side of the door but they refuse to open it and see what's on the other side?

Not real.

If they have no reaction to whatever's going on and rush in to see what it is and keep filming, without even a moment's pause? 

Not real - staged.  

If the video gets fuzzy or skips right before the "reveal" of what it is?

Not real - edited.

If it features that same lame girl in a white dress with long black hair over her face?

Not real.

If the "entity" is clearer than it's surrounding environment? 

Not real. 

If the borders of the supposed anomaly are either overly irregular or overly geometric? 

Not real - Photoshop, tech filter/overlay, or CGI.

Otherwise, if you can think of 12 other reasons as to why the anomaly is happening rather than a ghost?

Likely not real.

*Speaking of the last 3 points above, all videos from Asia or Southeast Asia should be suspect and considered tech ads rather than true ghost videos.  

There are  many tech companies in these regions - and in fact, many have come out later saying they did them as an ad for their company.

One good tell-tale sign it's fake is the lack of tremulous voice/tremulous hands - which should not be overly pronounced.

Though it's true, some people find the paranormal comforting instead of scary, as proof of spirituality or an afterlife, so it's not a fail-safe method. 

It's also true that we all have different reactions to fear  - for instance, when startled, I draw in my breath, swallowing the fear internally, instead of scream or speak it out externally (unless it's a spider on me, then I squeal, or I'm consciously screaming in fun lol) -  and we've discovered there are conditioned, psychological reasons for why I do that :)

*HOWEVER*-  a true, tremulous, weakened voice and/or hands is a nearly universal neurological reaction to scary stimulus and indicates true fear. 

That is because tremulousness of voice is an autonomic nervous system response to fear (meaning it's not consciously directed). 

This can be affected by neurological and/or psychological disorders, of course, but still a good general rule of thumb. 

Even Oscar-winning actors have a hard time delivering the tremulous quality that comes with real fear, it's very hard to manufacture consciously, because again, it's autonomic nervous system reaction.  

(You can try to manufacture it, but it's usually overdone and non-believable.) 

Thus, if the viewers have that slightly shaky quality to their voice or breathing that's not overdone?

It's a good chance that at least their fear is real, even if what they're viewing isn't  ;) 

Also, some people tend to stutter and stammer when they're truly frightened, but not everyone. 

So if they suddenly stutter and stammer, there's a good chance that they're afraid, regardless if the stimulus is truly paranormal. 

If you're lucky enough to get a close up video of the filmer's eyes, which is rare - look for dilated pupils - also an autonomic response to fear.  

Your pupils dilate somewhat in dark, while trying to find light, that's true, but they will get super big when afraid because they're at maximum alertness, trying to catch all information.  

Having said that, some of these people really do believe they've caught something, but in this day and age, we can't tell.

The Reddit ghost thread is sometimes a good source for people who legitimately believe they've caught something and want feedback/ are asking to be debunked because they're not sure of what they found, but there are fakers-a-plenty on there, too.  

And most orb videos are such BS lol.  (These are usually explained by dust, bugs, spider/spider webs reflected.) 

However, if someone did catch something, in this day in age, we wouldn't believe them because there is always a tech explanation someone watching could give/so many things faked, we likely would not know the difference lol.

Thus, if you do find something that's hard to explain, you still really would have to know the person personally to be able to tell, I believe. 

Keeping that in mind, they're still spooky fun to watch, if you're bored :)

Having said that, I believe this first video is made by amateur filmmakers/tech gurus.

Fake, but well done special effects,ans kind of hilarious/intentionally funny (read the subtitles)  - it's like the Chinese version of Abbott and Costello's "Hold That Ghost."

What thus far has not been fake - as less paranormal and more creepy people doing weird shit in the middle of the night (or just catching weird shit in the middle of the night) - are the doorbell cam/Nest videos. 

People are starting to stage them, now, but the originals were pretty weird.  

In fact, they've been able to identify and help some people being followed/abused/attempted kidnappings use them, or be alerted that their house caught on fire, which is a good thing.

Other times, there are just surprising creatures at your door in the middle of the night triggering the motion sensor - like a mountain lions, bears, alligators, and snakes!

Other times, I think it's just confused people at the wrong house (in one of these, I'm convinced the reason several different people showed up at different hours of the night, for several nights, is people had the wrong house, it was their weed dealer), people with Alzheimer's, people off their meds or on meth, but still - weird.

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