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Thursday, April 16, 2020

PS -Yep, I Was Correct - The Kentucky Protest Was Trump-GOP Orchestrated ...

At the end of yesterday's post, I said that the "public political protest" that disrupted Governor Beshear's COVID-19 announcements (including death announcements) actually smelled of political orchestration/organization, occurring on the same day as Easter churchgoers announced suing the governor and the GOP -majority Kentucky House of Representatives preparing a bill to reopen businesses.

Sure enough, the Kentucky House Rep from Northern Kentucky (R-Dry Ridge) Trump pawn, Samantha Maddox - the same rep I posted about that sued the governor  over social restrictions on March 26th - was behind it.

Then Trump tweeted this last night ...

In Kentucky, about 100 people, mostly from Northern Kentucky, protested, did not socially distance, and a few wore masks and gloves.  

I think the ones wearing masks are actually worse.

Because - erm - do I really need to point out the hypocrisy and lack of logic of both holding signs demanding to "Reopen Kentucky" - while you're wearing DIY makeshift face masks? lol

No, I shouldn't - unless you're so politically brainwashed you can't see the logical fallacy, here. 

 And they said things like "It sucks that people die, but they do, we can't stop that." said Allison Atkinson, 44, of Clark County.


Perhaps if you'd stay the f@ck at home and stop spreading it, we could?!?

Though there were a few from central Kentucky, most were from Northern Kentucky (Nick Sandmann territory).

Northern Kentuckians, and Cincinnati surburbanites, are with some exceptions, essentially Nazis -  I grew up in suburban Cincinnati and lived in Northern Kentucky during the recession, trust me - they're worse than Eastern Kentucky in their far-right views, only spoiled/falsely-entitled wealthier and less compassionate. 

This picture lets you know who the Kentucky protesters support - like there was any doubt? lol

Again - you're wearing a mask (with nothing on your hands for droplet-borne illness, mind you) - but you think it's safe for Kentucky to reopen?  Dohkay :)

Meanwhile, as I said below, we still don't have enough testing -  and Mark's coworker's mother clings to life on a respirator :(

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