Saturday, April 18, 2020

What To Make Of This?


As I've said, 99.9% of these videos are clearly fake or could be explained.  However, I found this one interesting - it does appear to be one long continuous cell phone video.  

However, it could still possibly be edited - but it would still be hard to train a wild pheasant to do this, even in spurts, and I never see food reward.  But it's still possible to train it, I guess?  Plus we're not sure if the grave is truly who he says it is. 

Regardless, the man explains that he is filming because he says this is the third day this has occurred:  A wild pheasant stands in front of the man filming, on the main road to the cemetery, then begins walking, turning several times to see if the man filming is following him.  

He does and the bird takes a turn to the right along a little path, which leads ... straight to his mother's new grave.  The bird begins  circling it or walking back and forth to the side of it, several times.

Not sure what to make of this one? 

In researching the video, I see that Christians, Muslims and even Hindu religions have claimed credit for the faith of the woman?  lol. 

If you watch until the end - which I didn't, at first, because I was focused on rewatching the lead-up looking for edits and gestures of wanting food/giving food and listening for verbal cues  - he does pray/quote the Qu'ran at the very end.

However, in IMO, the religion doesn't matter, when it comes to things like this - nature itself is spiritual and significant -  particularly regarding loved ones who have passed, especially with visiting birds, if you pay attention.

(Native Americans and tribal cultures in particular believe this way.) 

Who knows? 

It's a cool, comforting thought, anyway :)


PS - I previously had not listened to the very end of the video - I stopped after the bird arrives and begins circling the grave.

If you listen to the end, the man does mention Allah and prays/quotes the Qu'ran, making it clear he is, in fact, Muslim.

Regardless, I find it interesting that all cultures have some belief about both ghosts and nature sending "signs" through nature of loved ones who have passed on regardless of their religion. 

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