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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

IRS Site to Check On the Status of Your Stimulus Deposit


Here is the site the IRS has just set up to check the status of your stimulus payment. 


(Scroll down to the "get my payment" button.)

It takes a several minutes, as you're placed into a queue.  

For ours, it says our eligibility hasn't been determined yet, which I don't get, because we are within the income range.  The only trip-up that I can see might be the fact that I'm a self-employed contractor? 

But the fact is, we don't know anyone who has received this yet, so who knows?


PS -  Since I wrote this, the IRS link above has since apparently crashed, along with several local bank websites lol. 

Well, duh - what did y'all think was gonna happen?  

Once again, this sage advice courtesy of my IT-guru husband - never announce and launch technology that's either not ready or you don't have the manpower to support the traffic on ;)

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