Wednesday, April 1, 2020

If You Need Help, Don't Be Too Proud to Ask For/Take It ...

Last week, I wrote a post that I didn't take government assistance after the hurricanes in Florida because it would count as income the next year and I wasn't sure how long it would take to pull up out of that financially (and it wasn't enough to save me financially anyway).

What I meant was, we should be wise in our financial choices, right now, that's true - *However* - if you need help, do not be too proud or political to ask for help or to take it, whether private or public assistance. 

Many people who never thought they'd be laid off in their lifetime have now been laid off.  It is now estimated that 40% of those living in New York City cannot pay their rent. 

I don't care who you are, everybody has received help at least some point in their lives, either publicly or privately, whether it was your parents or government assistance - everybody.  

Just because you took private assistance from family doesn't make you any better than someone who needed public assistance - and asking for/receiving help doesn't mean you're weak, lazy, stupid, or dependent - it means you're doing the best you can, but life is tough. 

And those who know me in RL or have been reading my blog for a long time already know - I've always said we are all just one catastrophe away from living as the poor people we've demonized.

(As I, myself, had to live for a few years). 

Again, do NOT be too proud to ask for help or receive it, if you need it. 

And after you do?

Remember you did, and never forget what that felt like.

Because despite political narratives and uncommon exceptions that makes the news, the truth is - nobody likes to ask for  or receive help - it feels humiliating. 

So stop imagining that you are smarter, stronger, more responsible, harder working, and a better person, instead of just your being very fortunate, until now -  and start being a little kinder to those less fortunate than you - because now, you know, too, what it's like to live in survival mode. 


PS - On that note, though I bought 30 rolls in February (because I just buy like that since the recession), we were starting to get low, but apparently, we got lucky - Mark hit Kroger at exactly the right time and they had some.

You had to choose between two 18-packs of toilet paper or  two 12 packs of paper towels (and they actually have a monitor in the aisle to be sure you only take two, which is a great idea).

We chose toilet paper and now have 36 rolls - if you need a couple rolls to tide you over, email me or text me please.

PPSMake that 56 rolls -  he just found 20 more at a Walmart that just came in. (He was on a quest to find more antibacterial pump hand soap as though we have antibacterial bar soap, we only have one foam pump left). 

Still no antibacterial pump hand soap though, people - sorry.  

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