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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Kentucky's Highest One-Day Total Yet - 147 Positive, 7 More Deaths ...

Yesterday appeared to show slight decline, but Governor Beshear did say several labs did not report and testing is still spotty in some areas.  Thus, today it jumped to 147 in one day, 7 new deaths.  

Additionally, Fayette County and the City of Lexington itself is now in serious financial trouble,  Mayor Gorton (R) says, with business closings, unemployment, and public healthcare costs, we are unable to meet our budget demands.

However, she did not comment on exactly how far we were off, yet, other than to say it's a "multimillion-dollar deficit" that will affect the final quarter, and that budget cuts will be made July 1 to try to stave off bankruptcy and federal bail-out. 

I realize that this is nothing compared to other states, and we could be a lot worse, if not for our quick-thinking/acting Governor - but it's still significant - because there are still outliers who believe it's a hoax and are minimizing it based on politics. 

For example, Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, told students to return to class last week, resulting in at least 12 positive cases thus far this week.

Also, there's a "Liberty Rebellion" in Idaho planned, where they are trying to rally 1000 people to still attend church services together on Easter to defy what they feel is a government infringement upon their constitutional rights.

I hope for your sakes, you're right, people  ...

And they do have that constitutional right to protest the restrictions (or they could just do a podcast?) - but I am praying for these people, not only for their health, but in hopes they they realize that we really are trying to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

I'm not hoping anyone gets sick, of course - but if people continue to choose to defy social restrictions, then get sick, then perhaps the good that can come of it is people will finally stop putting politics ahead of their own health and safety and that of others (and just good, old-fashioned common sense). 

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