Thursday, April 2, 2020

FDA Approved the First Coronavirus Antibody Test Today ...

... I was just talking about this with family yesterday, hoping for this soon.  In fact, I also mentioned it at the end of this post, yesterday, after an online interaction as well. (However, I thought it wouldn't come out until they'd also developed a vaccine)

Regardless, they can use these tests to to create vaccines, too - which will be our most likely best and quickest hope.

The FDA just approved the first coronavirus antibody test.

The idea is, like hepatitis B, they pull blood to see if your body has created antibodies to the coronavirus, which would mean you already have immunity, either naturally, because you were already exposed, or you already had had the mild phenotype unknowingly and beat it - because there's a chance some of us already had the mild phenotype the last two months but without testing, we didn't know. 

From those, we can create a vaccine, or deem but it may be a bit. 

This means help and hope are on the way, folks - not sure how long, but hang in there and fasten your seat belts, will be a bumpy ride first ...

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