Monday, June 13, 2022

What Do I REALLY Think of Liz Cheney?

 Speaking of congress in my earlier post, this morning, with the Jan 6 committee hearings resuming,  you will recall that I had said, in an earlier post, "Who would've ever thought that I would ever agree with a Cheney?" lol

I mean, hell must've frozen over, right?

HOWEVER - allow me to clarify - she's still a Cheney.

Meaning that I'm well aware that the Cheneys - much like the Bushes, only if they were on steroids - are primarily motivated to take big action by two things  - personal gain or personal vendetta - and in this case, I believe it's the latter, punishment for Trump for dissing them. 

Ya know, like "Don't F**k with the Peaky Blinders..." 

... only it's the Cheneys, so even more morally depraved and far less interesting lol 

IMO, the Cheney's will use whatever rousing social-conscience rhetoric they can as means to that end - ya know, like they did with trying to turn the tide of war towards Iraq, instead of remaining Afghanistan, to punish Saddam Hussein for flipping on them ;)

Thus, I think Liz is an excellent orator, borrowing the social conscience of America, in effort to punish Trump for dissing her family - AND - she was truly horrified by January 6th.

However, at least this time it's actually a factual account and narrative we agree with, if nothing else, she is showing bravery.

Whatever, we'll take it as a means to OUR end - which is not punishment or vendetta, but precedent-setting justice for Trump  - or anyone - who calls upon his followers to insurrect and overthrow democracy  :)

 Okay, okay - and if I'm honest, prevent Trump from being president again, too, but as an added bonus lol. 

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