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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ahhh, Peace at Last ... :)


I wrote the earlier post this morning (and this one) while waiting for the fog to clear, after reading my emails and the news from Lexington.  

Big mistake - because this place is instant peace when you arrive, I can't explain it - and I need to get back to that  :)

Writing to you from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, which is also a red state, but with a nearby town which is a tiny, bright-blue dot, hippified, college town, proudly displaying their pride flags, surrounded by a sea of red - and of course, the mountains as well - making it rare see the red people (or anyone) or maybe just  makes them easier to deal with lol.

So closing my laptop now, as the fog is clearing (pictures were taken last night) - going to sit on that balcony, now, and eat our breakfast from Melanie's restaurant, listening to the birds and the occasional donkey bray from the farm next door,  up the hill (2nd pic)  - forgetting all about Roe V Wade, Jan 6, for a while - more later  :)


PS - "Hot Tub Rehab "

5+ hours of driving is a killer on bad backs and necks, plus Mark hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago - and the perfect thing for that is a morning that begins at 67 degrees (now 81 degrees at noon, considered unusually hot for June) in a hot tub with multiple jets, with this view ...

Nothing but the the sound of birdsong and bubbles - perfect :) 

Spending this first day just chillin' ... :)

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