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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Somebody Please Tell Trump That He's Not Running Against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 2024 (LOL)

Because at the Nashville "Faith and Freedom Coalition" rally - for what reason, no one knows - Trump apparently felt compelled to compare the size of his crowd at the Washington Mall, two years ago, to MLK's for his "I Have a Dream" speech lol. 

I tried to find the clip of just that portion of his long speech to embed here, but I couldn't - so here's a link to the clip.

It's not that I'm not trying to hide the full speech, you can certainly find that anywhere - it's just I wanted to focus on this aspect, because  it's the most narcissistic, craziest thing he said (though it's SO hard to pick just one lol) 

Here's what he said:  

"They were there, and nobody ever mentions that, they never show it, I have never seen it on television where they have a helicopter shot of Washington with numbers of, I won’t say it, because if I say it okay, I’ll get wiped out. You know, it’s very interesting. On July 4, I gave a speech two years ago at the Mall and it was the same Mall ” 
"Dr. King gave a speech and it was great. The "I had a dream speech." It was great. How good was that? But they showed the picture and it was massive, tremendous numbers of people. They said it was a million people, one million people. And then I gave my speech and they showed the same thing. It’s hard to believe, many, many decades later, but it’s identical architecture, identical pools. 
“So his, they said, one million people.  Now, my pictures were exactly the same. But the people were slightly closer together. They were more compact, but exactly the same. But there were more people. They were tighter together if you look at it.”


How can the size and number of anything be "exactly the same, but with, like, more?" 

Wow, no wonder he encourages people to disbelieve science, the poor man struggles with basic concepts.

Okay, Mr. Trump -  a word, please?  

First of all, seriously - what does your crowd size VS MLK's at the Washington Mall have to do with anything?

The size of your - whatever - versus other people is not the point and never has been.

In fact, we are quite tired of hearing about the size of your "whatever" compared to other people.

Secondly, what kind of a person would even feel the need to try to compete with Martin Luther King Jr., and more importantly - WHY? 

It's not like he's facing you in the 2024 elections. 

Guilty conscience, maybe? ;)

Thirdly, if we had to compare the two of you, we would first note that nowhere, at any time, did MLK ever speak about the size of his "whatever" compared to anyone else -  instead, he spoke about his dream for more unity in America.

More unity in America is, of course, something you've never once spoken about, at any time.

Lastly, even if true your crowed was bigger, that only proves that there are more racist white people in America than there are non-racists whites and people of color, a fact which we already knew -  but thanks for reminding us.

Not to mention, this was supposed to be the Faith and Freedom Coalition Rally?

Thus, I'm quite sure Christ was very impressed at your suggestion that size of your whatever was bigger than MLK's ;)

Speaking of which, could you please point me to the verse in scripture where Christ - or anyone, for that matter - values the bigger size of your whatever as being important for the Christian soul? 

Because I can't find it - and yet your "Faith and Freedom Coalition" followers appear to cheer this on, as if it is :)

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