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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rocky Start: Be Forewarned if Renting a Car, This Summer ...

 So we rented a car to do some running around, this 4th of July week, to save on mileage.  We rented from Budget Rent-A-Car, whom I've rented from before, pre-COVID.

I rented a "mid-size SUV, Mazda CX-5 or similar, fits 5 people," which looks like this ... 

Instead, we got this little roller skate - a Buick Encore  ...

Cute, but it only fits 4 people, with no luggage space.

Me:  "Okay, so ... our reservation says, right here, "Mid-size SUV, Mazda CX-5 or similar, fits 5 people.  The Buick Encore is a subcompact SUV."  
Ticket counter Agent "Yeah, that's what Budget calls a mid-size SUV." 


Me:  "Okay, question - what SUV is smaller than a Buick Encore?  Everyone else, including Ford themselves, calls it their subcompact SUV." 


Ticket Counter Agent:  "Nothing is smaller, but that's what car-rental companies consider a mid-size SUV." 


Me:  "But ... the name "mid-size" implies there are smaller SUVs - but as you just agreed, nothing is smaller than a Buick Encore.  And it doesn't fit five people. " 


Ticket Counter Agent:  "Technically, it does, but ..." 


Me:  "A 2-year-old in a really skinny car seat?" lol  


Ticket Counter Agent"Lol, true. "


Me:  "Okay, so I know you don't make the policies, but anything we can do about that?  It's not as advertised." 


Ticket Counter Agent:  "Nope, sorry.  I just work here.  Rental car companies call sizes differently than the car companies.  


Me:  "That's funny, they didn't use to, before COVID.  Nice little scam they've got going, way to unnecessarily stick it to people during inflation and COVID. Okay, I guess we'll need an upgrade then."

I had to shush my husband, who was about to blow a gasket, so as not to get extra charges when we brought it back.

Though wrong, I'm not about to act like a Karen, so I just upgraded to a Ford Edge, which is a true, mid-size SUV, for $35 a day more, which is what they are hoping you'll do.

I have never in my life had any problems with renting cars before, this is pure exploitation with COVID and inflation.

So just be forewarned ... 

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