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Friday, June 24, 2022

Continue to Protest Peacefully, People - Republicans WANT You to Riot/Enter Government Buildings Like Jan 6th, Here's Why ....


... because doing so would undermine the Jan 6th case ;)

So far, brava, ladies, for keeping your protests peaceful - despite cops showing up in riot gear the moment the decision was made - apparently desperately hoping that Democrat women will now riot/break into government buildings/destroy government property over it?  ;) 

Republicans are just salivating with hope that Democrat "nasty" women will riot, enter government buildings, and steal or destroy government property, so that they can appear less criminal/more justified for January 6th, only for different political reasons, aren't they?

In other words,  forget about those mostly white-male, rage-filled nuts that broke into the Capitol Building on January 6th, inexplicably wearing things like bull horns, using flags as weapons, mowing down police, and stealing and destroying government property.

Because apparently, what's even scarier/worse than THAT, according to Republicans, is a group of angry women, of all races, walking down the street with signs, singing or shouting into bull horns  (instead of wearing them) so their voices may be heard! ;)

The fact that they're anticipating women to riot worse than the men, cops showing up in riot gear right after the decision was made, does make you wonder - is this decision really about abortion or is it about a need to control women?

In fact, I strongly suspect that's why both SCOTUS decisions were suddenly made this week and so extremist - because the most damning Jan 6th evidence yet was presented.

They want you to riot and stoop to their same January 6th level, (which is why cops showed up riot gear the moment the decision was made) -  not just as distraction, but because it would appear to justify their same actions on January 6 for different political reasons.

That way, if the Justice Department filed charges just for Jan 6th, without charges for any of the same actions today, it will appear politically biased and undermine the Justice Department's authority  - see whatta mean?


(Not sure if I explained that well, it's late, but hopefully you get the gist - if not, I'll fix it later lol.)

They're playing a game - the only way to win is not to play.

DON'T. DO. IT - they're not worth it.

Take your walk, then walk away - save your fight for another day, the right way - please?




Fox News's website front page calling it a "Night of Rage" and "Chaos in the Streets" and an "Attempted Insurrection." 

Really, Fox News?

Where is this happening?

Because your own pictures and videos show people just marching with signs, and at most shouting LOL

Ooooh, aren't women scary? ;)

We get it Fox News and Republicans - you're terrified of women, especially if they get angry, which is human, and imagine if they do, all hell will break loose? 

See whatta mean, folks?

They're hoping for an insurrection by the left because it would undermine the January 6th, make it seem less criminal  ;)

So don't take the bait, Ladies - it's what they wan.

Plus you know if you step anywhere close to how the men behave, that "crime" will be considered 20,000x worse in public perception, because you don't have a penis ;) 

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