Monday, June 13, 2022

Bill Barr Testifying that Trump "Had Grown Out of Touch With Reality" LOL


Gee ... ya think, Bill?  

So ...  by "grown" did you mean since birth or-?;)

Because I'm pretty sure the rest of us knew that about him before he ever ran for office -  his campaign and presidency just put his detachment from reality and narcissistic insanity on world display.

Wow, with super-sleuthing skills and insight into the human psyche like that, no wonder he was the U.S. attorney general ;)

Now - here's what's NOT so funny about his statement - it gives Trump an out - because it is essential to the case to prove that Trump knowingly and fraudulently incited an insurrection.

If he truly believed he'd won, then there's less accountability for the crime - kind of like temporary insanity.

Not that anything will come of these hearings anyway, just saying ... 

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