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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Dear Family - Regarding The Genealogist and Aunt Elizabeth...

(*edited content added)

Since we're not in contact, and I know that a couple of you sometimes read here, I just want to assure you that the genealogist that contacted me appears to be legit - did you check out the website?

I tested her a bit - she provided all the details about family members that we knew of, going back for some time, and even filled in some gaps for me, after I'd hit some walls while researching years ago.

I also wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that I gave M the phone number of Aunt Elizabeth's daughter, Rita, to give to mom, last week.  

M said mom was initially excited about this, but Mom has yet to call Rita or contact Sharon, the genealogist working on Rita's case? 

Sharon also said she sent letters to each of  you, but no one replied but me - did you get them?

Maybe give it a chance and talk to Sharon yourselves,  and feel free to test her?

I have never spoken with Rita directly, because as I told the genealogist, I really feel it's Mom's place first, since she was so close to Aunt 'Lizbeth and spent much more time with her, plus she met some of our older relatives in person that I didn't and can perhaps help with more details. 

I will be out of pocket for a bit on vacation soon, and will check back with the genealogist after that.

If no one has contacted them by that time, I will then speak directly with Rita and her sister and share what I know, trying to be as objective and fair as I can, but I'm afraid I'll get something wrong - so if you want to provide any memories, insights, perceptions, or help fill in any gaps yourselves, you may want to do so now.

Rita is not well and needs more health information about her biological family, too.

Otherwise, I've decided after today's post not to post any further information on what the genealogist has traced, and I also don't want to put M in the middle and keep filtering information through her.

I will be purchasing the tree she's making when completed, though.

So if you want further family heritage information, then I guess you'll need to contact the genealogist or Rita directly, at either the phone number I provided to M to give to mom or the email address listed in the letter.

I completely understand if you feel conflicted - lots of pain in this family, hard to revisit - and yet the prospect is also exciting, too.

Might be worth the risk, might not be - but we'll never know until we try, right? 

And I do think this woman deserves to know more about her biological family, and Mom is the best person to provide that info - but if you find you're unable to do so, I guess it's up to me to fill in what blanks I can, God help me lol.



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