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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Our New "Neighbor" - Mr. Gray Tree Frog ;)


So last week, I heard this big "thump" on my balcony, and then this weird sound that almost sounded like a crow, but almost like a croak.  

(In case you are unaware, besides the "caw" call, crows make really weird sounds - which is why the special effects team chose those crow sounds for the sound the alien makes in the movie, "Predator" lol.)

I went outside and was looking all around, then looked up to see my  fairly new neighbor - meaning an actual human lol  - down below me in the parking lot, asking what I was looking for, trying to see up on the roof.

Me:  "LOL, I SWEAR I just heard this loud thump and then like a croak, but I don't see anything, can you see anything on the roof or anything?"


Neighbor:  "No, I don't see anything.  And the only thing we get on our balcony is spiders lol."


Me"Ha!  Just wait until August, I'm pretty sure that's National Spider Month, you won't even want to go out there lol.


I told my husband when he came home, who looked and found nothing. 

And yet every day, I'd hear this weird croaking sound, but saw nothing.

My husband was home last Friday and finally heard it, thinking it was a baby racoon, like chittering.

I was certain it wasn't a baby racoon, I found an abandoned one once, and it didn't sound like that - maintained it sounded like a frog.

Finally, I went out at night and there he was ... Mr. Gray Tree Frog, looking for a lady friend :)

Isn't he cute? :)

I'm not sure where he hides in the day, but I can hear him, a couple of times a day - he may hop from the birch tree to under our balcony, but I hear him at least once a day.

I'm wondering if he's maybe actually in the gutter?  I can't tell. 

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